What is a mathematician?

I mean being a mathematician is like

trying and participating to get the

problem so you don't have to be the best

at math yeah to be a mathematician I

agree and also it's like yeah even if

you like don't get it right you're

learning from your mistakes that's also

how to be a mathematician and like if if

you don't get a right answer you know

that your magician because you know that

you tried and if you don't try that's

very good really good part for them

because like mathematicians go through a

lot of trial and error and they don't

give up if they get it wrong the first

time they keep trying and they're not

afraid to ask questions about something

I know I've been successful at math when

like when you're even if you don't

person like it's another people have

other strategies that are like yours or

different strategies then you can like

learn from them and in your strategies

reflecting off my work disagreement and

it just you won't be successful because

you'll be fighting then you'll make a

bigger problem and then you won't get

anything done you have to try get the

problem done even if it's not right you

don't get the right answer as long as

you know you've contributed and you have

an answer and you've actually tried to


as long as you're listening you still

can be like success the only time that I

don't feel like I'm successful is my

don't participate I know I'm successful

when like I've helped somebody get

through something or I've been helped or

something I think a good day in math is

when the kids leave a smile on face it's

not dread that you know that common I

hate math and for me that's the that's

the big thing when they can leave here

happy and excited or when the bell goes

and they're still working that to me is

it's been a good day in math that

they're not you know trying to get out

the door there continue to work even

though the Bell has gone and they're

still focused on the job that they need

to do