Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on the city's reopening plan

Chicago saw its largest spike in

coronavirus infections in May now the

city is seeing a leveling out in cases

and it's looking ahead to its economic

recovery this morning the city is out

with a comprehensive plan on its path

forward and joining us right now to talk

all about it is Chicago's mayor Lori

Lightfoot mayor Lightfoot thank you for

being with us today it's my pleasure

before we talk about the economic plan

to help revive everything let's let's

just talk about where you all are right

now I realize you guys are I think in

stage four of reopening things are

starting to come back but there are also

a number of important Chicago employers

that are looking at additional layoffs

and furloughs to come including United

Boeing and Hyatt so where do things

stand on the ground right now how are

you all doing well I think from a

managing the public health crisis I

think we're doing pretty well we were

very very cautious and conservative and

starting to slowly reopen we called it

turning a dimmer switch and not flicking

a light switch so I think that's served

us well but we were certainly conscious

of areas all around us where we're

starting to see they're starting to see

an uptick in cases but on all the major

indicators hospitalizations ICU beds

number of people on ventilators we are

headed in the right direction but daily

we continue to preach diligence but look

our region's been hard hit just as other

regions across the country have been

hard hit so that is why we needed to get

ahead of this and really take control of

our own destiny when it comes to

economic recovery so we spent 10 weeks

really digging deep into looking at our

region strengths not just from an

economic standpoint so this recovery

task force report and recommendations is

about how we bring more people into the

workforce that we focus on our key

strengths in areas like manufacturing

transportation and logistics and life

sciences and really start to think about

what we need to do to create a vibrant

economy that is much more inclusive and

workforce development of course is key

amongst them this is a pretty ambitious


it's trying to take a take a stab not

only at fighting everything everything

that happened into the economy during

Kovan but also long-term problems that

you've identified in the city in in

terms of inclusiveness in terms of

racial disparity what are the main

overreaching goals with this what are

the three things that maybe you think

you can do as a result well one is build

a much more inclusive economy and you

hit the nail on the head we've been

investing in areas of our city

particularly in our south and west sides

that really haven't seen much in the way

of development in decades we know that

the only way that we grow the economy

and grow our population is making sure

that we create real pipelines to

good-paying jobs for black and brown

Chicagoans who have not been a delta

into the economic success that we've

seen in years past that growing of our

workforce means that we have a ready

willing and able workforce to really

focus on our strengths like tech we're a

tier 1 tech city but we need to tell

that story better and we made to make

sure that we've got the workers for a

lot of these startup businesses

Manufacturing has always been one of our

strengths we need to make sure that

we're creating new markets for a

manufacturing industry and life sciences

we've got a collection whether it's a

pharmacy whether it's hospitals science

and research we are really second to

none in this area and we want to build

on those strengths but then again match

up the workforce with the jobs so that's

really what this report focuses a lot on

and healing the trauma that people have

suffered in our city you are talking

about some major investments things like

infrastructure investment healthcare

investment training initiatives and and

trying to lure of things like film and

TV productions but I would assume

offering them tax incentives to do that

those are great plans but most cities

and states are facing a severe drop and

their revenue that they've taken it

where do you find the money for all of

these investments well look I think we

we have resources and we have a lot of

things that are attractive in the

Chicago region and yes you're right

everybody is facing a resource

challenges revenue challenges but that's

the whole point

if you don't grow the economy if you

don't learn new businesses if you don't

expand existing businesses then you're

not going to have the revenue stream to

be able to support vital services that

the government provides we're not we're

looking to grow and not just simply tax

the existing infrastructure and economy

we've got to give our businesses some

relief and we do that by growing the

economy and focusing on our strengths

and you mentioned television look when

television productions restarts a new we

have a plan and a pitch that we're going

to take to folks in New York in on the

west coast because we've got the

infrastructure here we've got a great

trained workforce and we need to make

sure that the Chicago story is one

that's on the lips of every booking

agent and that's what we're prepared to