How Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani Says He Would Fix New York City | NBC New York I-Team

former new york city mayor rudy giuliani

says he has a plan to revive the five

boroughs in just two years

today he gave a scathing review of mayor

de blasio the mayor as you can imagine

fired right back government affairs

reporter melissa russo joins us from the

newsroom melissa i understand

you talked with giuliani today well

natalie i asked him if he's plotting a

comeback as mayor since he took the

unusual step

of calling a news conference this

morning to call de blasio the worst

mayor in history and urged new york city

voters to elect a republican replacement

in 2021 i have democrats to come up to

and say to me

we loved you you were a great mayor we

started hating you when you represented


but we take you over to blasia former

mayor rudy giuliani

unloaded on bill de blasio today saying

de blasio

is reversing all the progress that was

made in the city

in recent decades out of control with

his budget

completely unable to administer anything

it follows every stupid crazy insane

progressive policy giuliani pointed to

spiking crime

rising homelessness and failing schools

unprepared during this pandemic he

painted de blasio

and his school's chancellor richard

carranza as communists

he has a chancellor that belongs in cuba

running their school system and maybe he

should go back to cuba

giuliani insists the city needs a

republican mayor

to right the ship but he says it won't

be him

i said i'm not running for mayor i think

he's out of touch with reality

i think we've seen more and more rudy

giuliani become


that's a great compliment from him

i mean being called unhinged by the

worst mayor in the history of new york


i would take as a badge of honor i

haven't changed at all

what has changed is the city has become

more partisan left wing

one candidate who is running as a

republican is curtis sliwa

of the guardian angels and coming up at

4 30 we'll take a look at the lack of

social distancing at that republican

event i just told you about

and by sliwa in particular who rides the


to help protect new yorkers but the

i-team found he doesn't always follow

the rules

about wearing his mask