Mayor Explains Why He Will Never Camp Out for Sneakers

I don't know what a campout is now I

would never in my life get online for

issues now I put so much into this game

call that the talking again

you know I'm saying no hell no and I'm

never gonna install a bot on my computer

to win a raffle and the day that they

did the day that these shoe stores that

hold me down I'll try to get him

somewhere else

I'll go build it up relationship and if

that doesn't work I don't get the shoe

she's strong possibility I'm not gonna

get this LeBron championship pack that

comes out next week I'm okay with it if

I get it plus I've made my phone calls

I've been on the phone with unknown I've

been on the phone with other people that

I know I get it now I'm like hey I'm on

it's my phone call is yo this is mega

ain't beating around the bush you know

what I'm calling for call me back about

getting out of here

so I got this bag coming out and is an

is an idea that I was sitting on for

about six years

and I want you to flood I want you to

flood up south to flood watches I wanted

a flood office for me and my man Doug Co

flood he called me one man was a your

mayor you have an insane watch

collection which is number thing that I

love I love watches

here's a yo you wanted to sign a watch

so flood you know we could do something

to be cool to be a nice little thing you

know I'm saying oh my god you know let

me a consult some work and get it

checked no problem so I go there to do

the better to the to the watch and we're

going over watches I look to my left

yeah you do bags he said yeah we got a

nice bag lobby got a nice spring book

bag Lima oh yeah I've been sitting in

this idea just six years he's like

really I'm like six years be and he's

like what is it I was like well I'm

gonna try to draw it out for you I'm not

artists so I drooled I was sketching out

a little bit and his response was oh

we bought a spot in a melon now seeing

it I was like oh sounds the oh

let's do this he was like you know let's

do it and and it's funny that's the last

the way I work man we just shake hands

and they came back with samples in five

weeks and the sample came back home we

worked on it again we worked on it again

and and like their enthusiasm was just

as strong as mine so I was making it


and according to the numbers I got like

twenty two hundred bags pre-sold already

we debuted at magic and and it's coming

out either August 15th August 30 if I'm

not sure yet I'll know in a couple days

what's the retail it's gonna be 75 to 80

dollars and the bag is dope I got a

radio hey this is nothing one that's

coming out now this is actually holiday

one but I have regular denim coming out

regular camo and you know bag is a

regular you know regular carry-on bag we

put a horse a horse collar zip on it the

horseshoe zipper and it has Mia print

inserts and you insert your shoes in it

and you close them back up because like

you like you put it in just like you

would put a piercing so I can put shoes

in a box if you put them in there just

like a pen shoes like you will put a

pair of shoes in a box

zipper it up do the same thing put all

three pin there put your clothes on top

couple pair of jeans couple pair shirts

it's the perfect carry-on bag one plane

PU I've got the old PU one just got

shoulder strap I think it's a sick

invention a lot of watches times mega

available and to august second legal

august end of August I think it's

something that I am I gonna love and

enjoy and the fact that it was received

so well I know right now that foot

action picked up today sort of been a

lot of food actions across the country

which is a blessing for me and a

blessing food I'm glad that I was able

to push something today I'm not done yet

because like I said I got another one

coming it's gonna be crazy but uh no

this is my first real project and all

the years that I've been in this game

this is my first real project and I'm

very proud of it and I stand by it on a

per Center I think it's gonna be doing

maybe he saved up a little money I found

the kid he had she meant this whole

story about he how he had a friend who

had a store at connect and I go upstairs

I'm like you know we're a miner and I

look and I'm looking the shows that I'm

seeing but I have some new sneakers I'm

thinking oh I must have put him

somewhere else why I feel rapid

come and go I think because they're fans

of the consumer you know when your fans

are the consumer when your record is

hanging on by it

when your area does not have gone by