People are calling her the 'World's Meanest Mom'

welcome back 642 now when mother is

doing something so drastic that has

people calling her the world's meanest

mom boy that's pretty big title it CBS

19's Jacqueline sarkeesian is back with

the story so how'd she get this tag okay

what's one thing you want when you're

about to turn 16 a car exactly so this

girl had that but then she quickly lost

it which is goes with why the mom is

being called world so the Dodge Ram

parked at the end of Amy Adams driveway

no I'm not talking about the actress is

a Teen Dream jacked up on 35 inch tires

which definitely takes a certain kind of

girl to drive a truck like this that

girl was Amy's 15 year old daughter

whose learner's permit next month will

change to a driver's license

just as her truck changes ownership fed

up with her daughter's behavior Amy

listed the truck on Craigslist

while advertising the reason why she's

doing so she was on her one more chance

and the truck was getting sold and she

blew that one more chance on Monday when

she decided to skip school

Amy explains in the ad that she's doing

this because she's the world's meanest

mom but in reality

Amy hopes one day her daughter will

appreciate her tough parenting and when

she learns those lessons Amy says the

money made on this truck will buy her a

new car so I think this is an example of

tough love wouldn't you guys agree I

would is anybody else really calling her

the world's meet his mom or just no

she's just doing it she's had about 400

people responding for the truck and then

a reason why she's doing this as well is

challenging the idea that parents should

be friends with their children instead

of acting you know like a parent if you

want them to act the way you want them

to you can't reward them for bad

behavior that's very true

all right thanks so much Jacqueline

thanks Jacqueline