Who Is The Messiah?

what then is the role of the Messiah so

traditionally we've always thought the

Messiah is the savior he will come and

fix all our problems that's not the


God didn't create us with problems and

then send somebody to fix our problems I

mean what look what kind of plan is that

and fixing our problems is not a worthy

goal purpose for creation we exist in

order to fix our problems don't create

me I won't have problems I'm gonna have

to fix up when earth becomes what it can

be it will be holier than heaven which

literally means that all the souls in

heaven will come back to earth because

this is the place to be in fact in some

sense anybody who thinks that heaven is

a better place than Earth is a potential

terrorists right I mean if you can go to

a better place

you're dangerous there there is no

better place and when this world becomes

what God wants it to be or needs it to

be it will be much greater than heaven

now heaven is eternal when earth becomes

godly er than heaven earth will become

eternal so there will be no death there

will be no suffering there will be no

pain it will be heavenly but more

heavenly so once the world achieves its

purpose it will become eternal it will

last forever and the closeness to God is

also endless infinite and forever you

can get closer forever because he is

he is without end

so we can get closer know more about him

infinitely so I guess the question is

similar to your dating and you're going

out and you're meeting and you finally

get engaged and then there's a wedding

and you're and now you're married so now

what now what that's the whole purpose

now you're married we'll have to learn

and I think this is the primary role of

the Messiah as a teacher we're gonna

have to learn the excitement of a world

already good today we get excited when

we can fix something something needs

fixing something you have to fight the

good fight and for cause and for what

what if everything was good did we just

be bored you wake up in the morning

everything's fine you meet somebody how

are you fine so boring we'll never be

able to say pretty good but my back is

really enough you won't be able to say

that anymore what are we gonna talk

about if we can't catch about our pay

aches and pains what are you gonna talk

about so we will have to learn a whole

new way of challenging ourselves to be

as excited to go from good to better

as we are excited about going from bad

to good

today we get excited about going from

zero to 60 after the world is fixed

there'll be no zero no zeros allowing to

be from 1 to 10 or from 1 to 60 or from

1 to 100 so it will only be an increase

in goodness how inspiring is that today

it doesn't sound so inspiring if I'm

good enough why bother

but when the world really achieves its

perfection getting better will be more

exciting than getting good and for that

we'll have a whole new study it's like

there's I think is a subject in college

how to live in a peacetime economy how

do you run a country when you're at

peace that's very few countries know

what that's like so how are we going to

live when the world is at peace that's

when we're really gonna need to know our

purpose so the savior role of the

Messiah is a little exaggerated of

course he'll make war he'll make the

world better but primarily it's our job

to make the world better what are we

doing sitting around waiting for

somebody else to make the world better

the primary role of the Messiah is an


what do we do once our purpose is

fulfilled for this we need a great

teacher but to solve our problems it

would be nice because if we didn't have

problems we could attend to our purpose

more fully but you can't make solving

your problems the goal in life it's

depressing the harder you try to solve

your problems the worse they get you try

to do something for God's purpose

you're already happier and healthier and

better off like this guy who's suing his

parents for giving birth to him you've

heard about the guy right he's on to


he really is saying something that needs

a little thought he's saying I didn't

ask to be born you decided to give birth

to me and now you're telling me that I

have to pay the mortgage that doesn't

make sense I'm not paying anything you

gave birth to me

you paid a mortgage does that make sense

now apply that to God God creates you

doesn't ask you and now you have to

worship Him excuse me what how did that

happen how did it become my

responsibility when I didn't ask for it

that a scary thought where is that

liberating it can't be that I am here to

have my needs satisfied because I didn't

need anything you went ahead and created

me okay without even asking me so I

don't need this I don't need any of it

so it can't be that I exist to solve my

needs I had no needs you went ahead and

created me obviously whoever created me

has the need not me so you see we turn

everything upside down we're used to the

idea that human beings are needy and

depend on God for everything true yes

but not interesting depressing and the

more you focus on it oh you're so needy

or in such trouble you and you need help

you need to be saved you need to I

didn't ask for this this is not fun on

the other hand if he created me

doesn't he have a need

and that make more sense so the guy

suing his parents they threw it at a

court because that's not a good argument

he said I didn't ask to be born so you

paid a bill you know the parents said so

grandpa should pay the bill and Grandpa

says I didn't ask to be born so we can't

sue each other we got to go back to the

source God created us that's his problem

and you know what the Torah says but the

Bible says the Bible is basically God

saying I have a problem can you help me

I need something can you can you help me

how can we help him he gave us seven

ways not to worship idols not to be

blasphemous to disrespect God not to

murder not to steal not to commit

adultery not to be cruel to animals and

to have courts of law