6 Minimum Wage Workers vs 1 Secret Millionaire | Odd Man Out

hey guys he's Evan she's Kendra and this

is odd-man-out

6 minimum-wage workers first one Secret

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Asian American bills make the highest

median income following white males oh

that's it I don't know what we brought

together 7 minimum-wage workers I am a

minimum wage worker I am a minimum wage

worker I am a minimum wage worker

I am a minimum wage worker I have a

minimum wage worker I am a minimum wage

worker I am a minimum wage worker one is

a liar if the group discovers who the

liar is they'll split a cash prize if

the liar survives he or she wins the

entire prize


what live in Orange County rent Asst hmm

it's hard it's hard but I'm hanging

there rich City the bad side he was just

like hesitating so much and it just

looked like he was lying I love my

parents also so zero rent and I live

downtown may focus when I get my

paycheck Pokeball and my rent I'm 23 I'm

43 and you still live with your parents

yeah because I'm twenty one thousand in

debt it's just an opportunity to try

it's hard I'm a uber driver and I have a

van and like I got the van because I

thought I'd be able to make more money

but instead I'm paying so much in gas I

wish it would I got a Prius I feel like

you're trying really hard to make it

sound like you're broke no I'm not broke

I'm twenty thousand in debt so that's

like the same thing though what do you

do for me I'm art consultant an art

consultant yeah so art work at a

different hotel that's big money no

artists and art dealers are not rich at

all unless they're like one of the top

ones how much per month would you say

you get in commissions I've only sold

two pieces my entire four years how much

did you get for them the piece I saw was

like $2,000

you said you sold two pieces and you've

been there for how long four years yeah

that's my well because we're like a

luxury it's really hard for a young

person to develop like a client list

where they can call and stuff and like

all my friends cannot you know I wish my

parents can purchase that kind of

paintings but so I'll go by like

demographically I know how things work

you know like oh I know Asian and Asian

American males make the highest median

average income following white males oh

that's a I don't know what just by what

I think I know it's hard even though

maybe statistics may say that it doesn't

really apply to a smaller group like us

do you shave your legs you don't shave

your legs so when I saw the basketball

shorts and the unshaped Lake I was like

okay that's one of the signs do you

shave your legs no okay so see that's a


okay he just seemed kind of stuff so

like get him out oh that makes me sad we

think you're a millionaire Oh oh thank

you oh I'm kind of surprised that other

people didn't vote out Kevin and David

like the first round I look poor

Jesus oh how about this I feel like

everybody has this on the arcade like

what would you do if you were a

millionaire it was the first thing you

do I would well honestly like invest it

into like businesses get more money I

have a business right now an online

business but I just started it two

months ago

how's it doing so it's going like okay I

just started it two months ago and I'm a

full-time student so it's like hopefully

grow so when I'm out of college I click

you know I've want to start my own

business be what is it's just an online

boutique she was a little bit suspicious

because she does seem like a very

intelligent woman who is capable of

being a millionaire I wouldn't doubt

that you majoring in the internet or

what I'm hearing in my online classes

which is accounting where do your

parents live my parents live in Eugene

Oregon did you say you live with them

well they lived in Eugene and then they

moved to he said that he lived with his

parents here and then he was like oh my

parents are from Eugene which is an

organ so I was like ooh he messed up his

story you said where my parents from no

where do they live oh they live in LA

like West Side East Side no they live

downtown where do your parents live you

living in an apartment with your parents

I am yeah I mean you're judging me for

living with my parents for some reason I

feel like hitting her the most honest I

don't know if it's the smiles of what

but rich people to let the are twisted P

Diddy don't live rich


sorry buddy sorry when I got voted out I

felt alright I mean it kind of sucks if

you'd get voted I was like survivor I

feel like they were like putting out my

flame and it was just like the end for

me I don't know that kind of sucked

she's an influencer where you're you're

an entrepreneur trying to a boutique you

have to be I feel cheap going about

looks in this game isn't really gonna

get you far if I'm being honest that's

not my strategy if that's how you want

to pinpoint people that's totally fine

so the clothes aren't gonna matter looks

aren't gonna matter who is the mole

I was really suspicious about Kevin you

were my next suspect all going into

really I feel like it might be a girl

that's why I raised my hand it's not

gonna be who I think it is so it might

be one of the girls like I hate to say

that but that's like kind of the way the

world is like you wouldn't suspect the

girl but I don't think that way I think

like you my mom's always been a boss

like ever since I was a little kid you

know I know what you're saying I see

women as leaders can we have 35 seconds

so what's the most explosive someone

asked you a question I can't what do you

like to do what are your hobbies

what are your how what did your parents

do yeah well my mom didn't work but my

dad worked in construction for 30 years

your dad just worked would you say

anything oh I was just like okay I have

to vote him out just to get him out of

the way because he was starting to look

suspicious to me gots on there I mean I

knew I was out I could have you know I

could have wrote down Jesus on this on

the card and nothing would change you

said you have your own business online

yeah I just started like at the end of

July I kind of wish I didn't mention my

business like I said I just started it

two months ago it's fairly brand-new of

course I'm not a millionaire because of

it so how much do you make

I mean well okay I've made so far maybe

like not even though like 700 do you

YouTube channel

I don't have a lot of subscribers on

there but you do say last time I made a

video was like 5 months how many

followers on Instagram just like about a

thousand Instagram followers equals

dollar signs

how many Anscombe followers 2,000

something are you wait how many job

because she admitted that she was an

entrepreneur I had to vote for somebody


I'm sorry

send me the link to your clothing

probably I don't know I honestly like I

don't think you seem like you're hiding

something but I just can't tell I don't

write honestly like I'd have no

suspicions about you yeah at the

beginning like I didn't really suspect

him but if we're gonna vote someone out

right now it's like I watch hustlers the

other day and like all the men they're

spending all this casually exactly

you're trying to point fingers makes me

think that it's year I know what else

are we supposed to do like I have to

pick out someone you're trying to point

at me so am I just gonna take it they

call got kind of aggressive and anytime

somebody gets aggressive it seems like

they're lying and so at that point I'm

just like oh maybe one of them are the

wool I don't know I said we go 50/50

dude do you guys have health insurance

if they're my mama same for all of you

she was going for girl power I'm all for


I mean if you are a millionaire you

don't need that money no I would be so

mad if the millionaire won the money so

I'm feeling pretty confident I swear if

these lights turn it's Ari guys I mean

you got the like alligator shirt on

though I don't know I knew it was the

shoes and the organ thing I said Eugene

cuz that's where I'm actually from you

know once I started my youtube channel

and then things really started to like

kind of take off you know things change

for me monetarily but I'm still the same

dude like I still wear these shirts I

still wear these you know dirty Nike

shorts everyday like seven days a week

and I still wear flip-flops like 99% of

the time like nothing's changed besides

you know some random numbers in my bank

uh honestly I didn't think I was gonna

win I don't know why I just thought

something would happen I'm going to

match the winners the amount of winners

one and I'm gonna give it to every

single one of the losers - so you guys

all walk out of here with cash

thank you yeah thanks to Kevin we are

we're all winners today congratulations

on catching them all

yeah oh such a nice gesture at the end

give me the money it was really sweet

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