Allah is pagan Moon God


hi remember growing up as a Muslim kid

we grew up in the Middle East we


you know Islam we would go pray

especially on Fridays I remember going

to the mosque on Friday it was sort of a

big deal we practice five times a day as

well so everything that we did was

pretty much centered around our beliefs

and I remember growing up and that

culture wanting a relationship with God

but knowing that this was it that this

was a religion that you go through that

Allah was the God that I served and that

Muhammad water was his prophet and the

way to reaching Allah was to follow the

teachings of Islam and follow the

sayings of Muhammad which are the hadith

growing up I was they used to Hindus

Sikhs even Christians Catholics I had

friends who were Hindus close friends

and so we talked about religion but

pretty much I was settled in my mind


I was born and raised a Muslim I would

always remain a mission I'd heard about

Jesus and sort of the gospel and what he

you know dead but I was really not

interested because you know to me at the

time Islam was not just a religion it

was sort of a nationality that's who I

was and so it would be ridiculous for me

to even consider changing my nationality

even though you know I didn't have

reservations about certain teachings the

thing about Islam is that read

discourages questions questions and

doubts are you know not having faith and

so that was discouraged my brother was

in college and so he would come you know

in summer vacation and he started

talking about

we brought a Bible home and we started

to have you know several debates on it

most of his friends were saved and had a

personal relationship with Christ and so

to being talk to me about it and I was

very defensive and really did not care

about it while that was going on I was

also attending a weekly meeting with my


they show a movie by the rapture who's

really intrigued me and they end the

night with prayer and as they close I'm

sitting in the back and I flippantly say

a prayer which is pretty I don't know

bold maybe ignorant and arrogant I

pretty much said listen I don't know if

you're really true or I don't believe

this garbage but if you're so true why

don't you just come down and gentlemen

that was my prayer well several nights

after that I was in my room and it was

about 11:00 or 12:00 at night and I had

just finished reading a novel and

putting my foot the book down and

stretched just stretched on my bed and

as I was stretching all of a sudden I

noticed the good room was getting just

dark but not really physically dark he

was just getting weird and evil and

I was like what's going on and as I'm

thinking these thoughts something

grabbed me from my shoulders and drags

me and pins me to my pillow I mean at

that point my body begins to react and

finally the door opens up and I'm

thinking it's my brother

that's gonna walk in to rescue me but in

walks this figure which later on I found

out was a demon and as it walks to my

bed it's sort of communicating that it's

going to kill me and I I'm convinced now

that if it gets me I'm dying that night

you know at that same moment I think I I

just going through her head about okay

Allah is there's a God of Islam is this

can he help and I just mean for some

reason this was beyond him and

so I thought Jesus did I can he help and

so as I'm thinking these thoughts this

figure is coming towards my bed it

reaches my bed and then disappears I

can't see him anymore

whatever was holding me down there you

know get to release man I can move again

so I got up from my bed and ran out of

the room woke up my brother my mood and

asked him you know told him what had

happened and and he first said did you

ever dream and I said no this was real

this was real I remember still saying

listen my shoulders are hurting from

whatever was holding me down here and so

he began to talk to me about the whole

experience and I was like you know

that's this is great but I am terrified

so help me out here what's going on and

I said you know I really believe this

thing is gonna kill me and he said well

there's only one person that has

authority over demons and angels and I

said he said it's Jesus and I said okay

I'm I'm praying to him

whatever you know sign me out pretty

much and so that night we prayed

together and my prayer was I don't know

who you are

Jesus I don't know if I can call you

Lord but I need your help


and I've heard that you're the only one

who can save me from this to keep me

from this and so I'll give you my life

give you ever happy and then my brother

prayed for me and so after the prayer

you know felt better but not you know

totally well and so he said okay well

we'll see in the morning you know and my

thought was move over because I'm

sleeping with you tonight and he said no

why don't you go back in that room you

crazy I'm going back in that room and

you should go back he said you're gonna

trust Jesus to go back again so I go

back to the room and Tom all the lights

take this Bible that my brother gave me

and so I'm reading it it's you know they

told me to read John so I'm reading John

but all of a sudden my body begins to

shake uncontrollably and I'm going oh no

I was waiting to get pinned down again

and you know I just find myself sitting

on my bed with my eyes open staring into

one corner of the room where it was just

lit up with this glow of this presence I

believe it was the presence of Christ

just introducing himself to me and I

remember just looking in a corner of

that room and it was amazing to me

because it was just it there was so much

peace I think the best way to put it is


peace was so aggressive that it just

took over every thought feeling emotion

that I was feeling at the time and it

just there was utter peace I don't think

I've never felt like that sense just an

amazing amount of peace and I remember

just staring and what it actually did as

well as it put me to sleep I just

remember just looking at it and I think

I said cool or something like that and

and I fell asleep after that night

I you know I didn't know what to do I

knew that I had just experienced Christ

and so I remember talking having

conversations with my brother about

salvation you know and saying the prayer

sort of you know going through the

Romans Road or the prayer which talks

about you know believing and accepting

and confessing with Jesus Christ Lord

and so we kind of did that together and

then I remember even on TV when I would

watch shows and talk about accepting

Christ I would do it again so I think

I've prayed the salvation prayer about

10 times or so trying to make sure but

it's radically changed my life I think

my life has been different but my

thoughts have been different now to the

my views on God have radically changed

in the past you know God was far off God

in Islam not really relational because

just we did the the deeds and your hope

for the best

even now if you ask a Muslim you know

he's going to heaven he would say he

doesn't know you know it all depends you

know and they just say you know in sha

allah which means you know in God's will

by God's grace Oh happen and but now

it's very different I know I have the

assurance of faith now

before I thought that you had to do a

certain a lot of things to get closer to

God now I don't have to do I cannot get

any closer to God now my intimacy with

God can grow and my love for him can

grow but as far as he's concerned he's

as close to me as he's been again I

think that people along to be intimate

and law and long to have people to know

them and really really know them and it

is amazing to see a God who really

really knows you and we can be so

intimate with you and give you a purpose

I think the biggest thing for me has

been the fact that since I've met Christ

I have found what I have been created

for I have found a purpose and I know

the purpose of life now is to get as

many people to experience the love that

he has