Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of All Time ✔


most beautiful women in the world of all

time number 10 Audrey Hepburn born May

4th 1929 in Belgium Audrey Hepburn lived

a privileged life her father a banker

and her mother a Dutch Baroness

Audrey lived through the difficulties of

World War 2 while she and her mother

lived in London after Hitler ransacked

the city after the war she attended

ballet school on scholarship which led

to a career as a model she was

discovered by a producer in 1948 in

Europe without much success she later

went to America to find a more receptive


in 1953 her first movie for an American

company was Roman Holiday it not only

brought her fame she won an Oscar for

Best Actress number 9 Gweneth Paltrow

Gweneth Paltrow had a good foundation to

prepare her for a life in show business

both of her parents were in the business

born in Los Angeles California on

September 27 1972 Gweneth or gwynnie

went to school at Huck's Santa Barbara

to study art history she immediately

realized that her passion was acting her

first movie was in 1991 with John

Travolta in the film shout she received

an Oscar nomination in 1999 for the

movie Shakespeare in Love she had been

considered for the leading lady role in

Titanic gwennie's Beauty can best be

described as simple and graceful

number eight Angelina Jolie one of the

most recognized faces in the world

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to the

film industry

her father is actor John void of

midnight cowboy and deliverance Fame

born in los angeles california to march

align bertrand on june 4 1975 edge as

she is often known as studied acting at

the Lee Strasberg theatre Institute by

age 11 her subtle and elegant good looks

can probably be attributed to her

ancestry of English French Canadian

Iroquois and check her versatility as an

actress along with her beauty makes her

one of the most sought-after actors


number seven Charlize Theron growing up

in a farm in South Africa Charlize

Theron is an only child she was born on

August 7 1975 to German and French

parents at the age of 16

Charlie's won a modeling contest in her

hometown she had gone to New York and

Europe to work as a model in 1994 her


Gerda Theron got her one-way ticket to

Los Angeles an agent gave her his

business card during one of her drugs to

a bank in Hollywood and that was the

start of something good for her later

she starred in movies like Hollywood

confidential mightyjoyoung Cider House

Rules Italian Job monster and Aeon Flux

number six Nicole Kidman born of

Australian parents in Honolulu Hawaii

Nicole Kidman is known to be one of the

top imports from Australia in Hollywood

she is best known for films such as Days

of Thunder far and away Moulin Rouge and

Eyes Wide Shut just to name a few

like most actresses of her time her

first love is the ballet

she later learned mime and drama growing

up she used acting as an escape she won

an Australian Film Institute Award in

1987 in the miniseries Vietnam this

elegant redhead is all about family

growing up in Australia current events

would be the topic of discussion at

their dinner table number five Allie

berry a former Miss Teen all-american

winner in 1985 and in 1986 was first

runner-up in the Miss USA contest Halle

Berry was born in Cleveland Ohio on

August 14 1966 she gets her good looks

from her african-american father Jerome

berry and Caucasian mother Judy after

the Miss USA pageant in 1986 Ali became

a model that led to a role in 1989 in

living dolls she is best known for her

roles as storm in the x-men movie and

the starring role in Catwoman she

received an Oscar for her role in

monsters ball in 2001 number 4 Juliette

Binoche Juliette Binoche was born in

Paris France in March of 1964 Roger

Ebert of Siskel and Ebert Fame once

spoke of the beauty of Juliette as

almost ethereal in her beauty and

innocence her movie career are few and

far between one another

among her most memorable films include

the English Patient and chocolate for

which she won an Oscar for Best

Supporting Actress number three Grace

Kelly Princess Grace as she would later

been known later after her Hollywood

stint was a recipient of an American

Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award

Grace Kelly began her acting career

through theatrical productions in New

York at the age of 20 in 1950 she won an

Oscar for the movie the country girl her

beauty can only be described as royal

elegance this became true later in her

life while filming in the French Riviera

she met Prince Rainier Grimaldi of

Monaco following year in 1956 they

married she retired from being an

actress at the age of 26 and became a

full-time princess number two Monica

Bellucci Italian born actress Monica

Bellucci did not start out in show

business she was intent on pursuing life

in the legal profession as most students

she needed to earn money to get through

school and so she got into modeling she

got involved with the fashion industry

full-time in 1988 when she moved to

Milan Europe's main fashion Center she

has been considered as one of the

world's top fashion models among her

American film credits include Bram

Stoker's Dracula and Matrix Reloaded and

revolutions perhaps her most memorable

role was that of Mary Magdalene in The

Passion of the Christ

number one Natalie Imbruglia growing up

on small beach called Berkeley Vale in

New South Wales Australia natalie jane

Imbruglia began dancing at the age of

two she was enrolled in a special school

and was dancing six days a week while

the rest of time she was surfing she was

one of many australia's well-known

actresses she was named as one of the

most naturally beautiful women in the

world in 2004 as you can see it is

difficult to refute that claim natalie

is also an award-winning singer and

writer which has garnered her

recognition in the music industry both

in Australia and the United States