Top 10 American Male Stand-Up Comedians of All Time

these men get the biggest laughs I got

finance from all over the world walking

up going any move it Jim

welcome to and today we're

counting down our picks for the top 10

male stand-up comedians I used to do

drugs I still do but I used to - for

this list we've chosen those male comics

who defined and refined the art of

stand-up comedy lucky guy I got a lot

going for him I'm healthy relatively

young I'm white which thank God for that

[ __ ] boy

fred is huge leg up are you kidding me

number 10 Louie CK Louie CK is the

biggest name and stand up today

mastering the balance between quality

and quantity they got their phone

they're like ah it won't give it a


give it's going to space after building

his rep in the 90s writing for shows

like Late Night with Conan O'Brien Louie

truly found his down-to-earth

razor-sharp comedic voice when he became

a father I walk in the kitchen she's

talking to my wife she says uh mama

I saw a doggie today and I was like

really where did you see a doggie and

she's like I'm telling mom and not you

I'm like hey you I'm just asking to be

nice anyway since then he's dominated

and transformed the art form with a

stand-up based TV series and by changing

the way people consume comedy or you'll

meet the perfect person who you love

infinitely and you even argue well and

you grow together and you have children

and then you get old together and then

she's gonna die

that's the best-case scenario number

nine Chris Rock his inauspicious run on

Saturday Night Live and middling film

career taking nothing away from Chris

Rock's preeminence as a stand-up

throughout his HBO specials he's shown

himself to be insightful brazen and

often the voice of reason in America you

know what cuz if a bullet cost $5,000

gonna be no more innocent bystander not

only is rock unafraid to tackle

political hot potatoes he also covers

romance music relationships and you

guessed it race using his sometimes

controversial and n-word Laden style

who's more racist black people are white

people black people you know what we

hate black people too number eight Eddie

Murphy Christie welcome cool I heard you

just I'm talking about me no you did

maybe I didn't

after decades of barely passable family

fare it's hard to remember how

electrifying and hilarious Murphy was in

the early 80s just back voltic it was it

his turn as an SNL star got him noticed

and his film career made him famous but

it's his 1983 concert delirious that

showcased the real Eddie Murphy a father

stand up in the middle of cookout say

it's my half

note it is and if you don't like it get

the [ __ ] up profane politically

incorrect and full of impersonations it

remains one of the greatest stand-up

films ever made when Murphy was only 22

it look Steve I get too much mother

flack over this impression I don't like

doing I ain't doing the [ __ ] no more

Stevie said what I feel you that that's

a [ __ ] number seven Jerry Seinfeld may

be the purest comic on our list Seinfeld

is so proficient an observational

comedian he's now emblematic of the

style do the people that work in these

little shops in the airport have any

idea what the prices are every place

else in the world

yeah $14 tuna sandwich we think that's

fair even without the use of expletives

or any particularly racing material

Seinfeld became the top earning comedian

in the world making Nothing hilarious

and becoming the master of his domain he

may have become a household name as a

sitcom star but he's always carried

stand-up comedy in his bones women have

two types of orgasms the actual ones and

the ones that they make up on their own

and I can give you the male point of

view on this which is we're fine with it

number six Robin Williams thank you for

the standing ovation you made the orgasm

up front let's have a cigarette let's

relax Juilliard educated and coke-fueled

for the first part of his career

Williams ripped his way to the top of

the renowned Comedy Store in the 1970s

before breaking big on Mork & Mindy oh

no not again

he's something serious just the world as

we know it it's coming to an end

Williams is a virtuoso performer of

stream-of-consciousness banter and

impersonations no one beats Williams

quick wit improbabilities and

versatility and because of his

wide-ranging themes no one beats him in

universality either they make porn

movies of my movies they made good will

humping it's okay

what dreams may come all right

snatch Adam that was scary number five

Bill Hicks since his career was cut

short after his death from pancreatic

cancer at age 32

Hicks never reached the heights of the

other comedians on this list you know if

you play New Kids on the Block albums

backwards they sound better yes but his

Legend and legacy have grown as his

social critiques on the stupidity of

daily American life have remained

relevant though his material got him in

trouble at times

Hicks is the smart honest and nearly

forgotten genius of stand-up by the way

if anyone here is in advertising or

marketing kill yourself

number four Bill Cosby

while his contemporaries used their

soapbox for risque routines Cosby's

accounts of growing up in Philadelphia

marriage and fatherhood painted a

wholesome but hilarious portrait of

American life and my children think that

my mother is the most wonderful person

on the face of desert and I keep telling

my children that's not the same woman I

grew up with without cursing using the

n-word or discussing race Cosby proved

Universal comedy exists which is why his

TV series are so successful who's in


Theodore oh good because I thought it

was me through his stand-up he became

the fatherly voice for the nation that

almost no one can impersonate well you

don't want to say that your jobs are you

sensing yourself and you sound like an


so wake up get your Oh put on

get out of my face number three Lenny

Bruce after starting out cleaner

Bruce broke barriers in comedy and

ensured the art form was never the same

but guys can have head-on collisions way

home buses disaster areas fifty P Blaine

get on the highway on the way the

hospital EMS guy makes pay for the nurse

she's having a good thing at I my dad I

get hot

he's act combines sex politics and

religion at a time when sex politics and

religion were not fit topics for mixed

company the result was a lifetime of

legal troubles for Bruce with several

charges of obscenity but his legacy

paved the way for the next comedians on

this list Catholic [ __ ] [ __ ] I don't

see the yarn and in the park and tits

and [ __ ] and Catholics and Jews and [ __ ]

that's about all I remember it so that's

what the general tenor of the act number

two Richard Pryor fire was a prophet he

translated personal experience into deep

truths about the human condition and

reached a wide audience with his profane

and colorful examinations of race and

racism you ever notice how nice white

people get when there's a bunch of


right they get outside they stop to

everybody right Izzy hi hi how you doing

I don't know you but here's my wife

hello bye as Bill Cosby once said

drawing the line between comedy and

tragedy as thin as one could possibly

paint it Pryor became both a

counterculture icon and a mainstream

success who influenced all who followed

women gets a heart broke they cry man

don't do that [ __ ] man hold that [ __ ] in

like it don't hurt walk around and get

hit by trucks didn't he see that truck

well he wouldn't have seen a 747 number

1 George Carlin if Bill Cosby is the

fatherly voice of America George Carlin

was the bristly uncle my job is thinking

up goofy [ __ ] Pryor was a prophet but

Karlin was a workhorse scrapping an hour

of material every year to start from

scratch quite the accomplishment

considering his career spanned over 50

years you don't want to be sitting in

your doctor's office and hear this well

Jim there's no reason why you shouldn't

live another 20 to 30 years however you

will be bleeding constantly from both

eyes another comic who pushed the

envelope far past its breaking point

Karlin made dissecting language the

status quo and everyday life his

profession and became the ultimate

stand-up comedian in the process it's

called the American dream because you

have to be asleep to believe it you

agree or disagree with our list that

[ __ ] ain't funny mother which stand-up

comedian Rivini your top ten that's a

story my life no respect they're gonna

respect it all

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I'm not into that one night thing I

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