20 Most Beautiful Kid Models From Around The World


to make it in the modeling industry you

have to do two things

start out young and be blessed with

unimaginable beauty because if you're

planning on competing with thousands of

other potential models you better stand

out fortunately these kids have nothing

to worry about their facial features are

so pretty they kind of look like dolls

Mia Afflalo shanem Mia Afflalo shanem is

a 5 year old little girl with

unbelievable hair the young Israeli

models lion mane has everyone in the

modeling industry gushing about her she

already has more than a hundred thousand

followers on Instagram but that number

is bound to grow as big as her hair the

little girl is so charming she even

appeared in British Vogue and is winning

the hearts of people all over the world

with her adorable personality and

according to Israeli hairstylist soggy

Tahari she's super easy to work with and

never complains

well the modeling Jean clearly runs in

her blood huh Farouk James

seven-year-old Farooq James from London

is a total Spitfire full of sass body

positivity and a lion mane that will

make most adults green with envy little

Farooq is encouraging everyone to

embrace their natural hair and love

every curl his mom Bonnie handles his

social media posts and their message is

clear they want boys and little girls to

love their hair and their unique

heritage and now he's winning over the

modeling world with his colossal hair

and shiny personality and as you can

imagine everyone's obsessed with him on

Instagram already besides earning the

devotion of his more than 250,000

followers he's also walked the runway at

London Fashion Week and impressed

everyone with his massive hair and


Anastasia Anaya Ziva little social media

Queen Anastasia Naya's ava is from

Moscow Russia and she has the loveliest

crystal blue eyes we've ever seen this

little girl is so impossible stunning

that the British media culture the most

beautiful girl in the world and who

could possibly deny that right Anastasia

first caught everyone's eyes when she

began modeling in 2015 she was only 4 at

the time but everyone could see she had

incredible potential ever since then

she's at

on a number of billboards and

collaborated with Russian brands like

EPL diamond and chubby kids and with a

whopping 1.4 million Instagram followers

Anastasia has become one of the world's

biggest little social media stars

Violeta antonova Violeta antonova is a

little Russian beauty that's making

heads turn and according to the amo mama

site she's only four years old do you

even remember what you were doing it for

neither do we

and yet in her short life she's done a

bunch of fashion shows and appeared in

children's clothing commercials but all

you have to do is take one look at

Violeta x' big deep blue eyes and shiny

blond hair and see this she's a freaking

living doll if we didn't see her move on

camera we'd probably think she's not

even real no wonder she's got a massive

number of over 300,000 followers on

Instagram grey Lemoore okay is there

anyone more adorable than little grey

Lemoore this three-year-old beauty was

born to work the camera with her

expressive eyes and stunning smile and

in the world of child modelling that's a

major plus little by little she's taking

the modeling industry by storm with her

flowing dark hair and hauntingly

beautiful eyes and as if this little

beauty couldn't get any more perfect she

also has a pair of captivating dimples

that pop up whenever she smiles

Jarra each Alana get ready to get wowed

because the Internet may have found the

most beautiful girl in the history of

everything we're talking about Nigerian

mini model jar EEG Alana and it's easy

to see why so many people describe her

as an African Barbie she's got the face

of an angel and seems to be super

comfortable in front of the cameras

wedding photographer Muffy balmy Uwe

took photos of little jari when she was

only 5 years old and those photos caught

the attention of the world when they

posted them on their site Oh what we've

give to have won the genetic lottery

like Jerry Cooper lund Cooper lund is

the embodiment of what good genes can do

the young model is visually striking and

he's only six years old but he's got the

confidence of someone who knows they're

ready to take on the world with his

thick eyebrows long lashes and porcelain

skin he made a lot of people wonder if

he was even real but little Cooper can

thank his South Korean mother and his

Canadian father for his beauty Cooper's

mixed heritage has given him a truly

unique look and fashion designers are

definitely feeling it but he also has

some stiff competition from his big

mr. Laurence well families who model

together stay together right

Liza toma cava some fans believe that

Liza Toma cava kind of looks like a mini

Angelina Jolie I mean the resemblance is

truly uncanny isn't it little Liza is

clearly taking her few steps in the

industry with her charming personality

and gorgeous deep blue eyes but when

she's not busy dancing singing and

performing she's doing photo shoots for

catalogs and participating in different

competitions only time will tell if she

has the talent to become a full-time

model when she grows up or if she'll

become the next Angelina Jordon Rhino

although her exact age is unknown little

Jordan rhinos started working with

big-name brands like The Children's

Place simplicity patterns and kid pick

at a very young age and now she has over

31,000 Instagram followers who can't get

enough of her all-around cuteness but

don't let her youthful appearance fool

you this tiny model has been taking over

the industry by working with Kohl's

monden kids and even appearing in Vanity

Fair Italia we're definitely impressed

but sometimes she even impresses herself

like the time she spotted her photo in

an ad at a Target store can you imagine

being so young and realizing basically

you already made it Ava Marie and Lea

rose we're used to seeing gorgeous

models pretty much everywhere but just

when you thought these kids couldn't get

more perfect you stumble into Ava Marie

and Lea Rose these two beauties are only

eight years old but they're already

being called the most beautiful twins in

the world

the California natives are ridiculously

pretty but having a cute smile and big

beautiful eyes not only made them famous

on social media but also in the modeling


the twins are signed on with two

modeling agencies and earned contracts

with various magazines and children's

clothing brands most recently they had a

blast modeling for big names like air

fish CO and the brand crux era Marie

Brown little nine-year-old model era

Marie Brown was destined for modeling by

the time she was - she was called the

living Barbie doll a nickname that

seriously doesn't need an explanation

era loves doing commercials fashion

shows and photoshoots and if modeling

wasn't impressive enough she can add

acting to her resume this pint-sized

real-life Barbie doll appeared in the

2015 film The Longest Rider

Anup avaya on a pavada who's only nine

years old was born in Saint Petersburg

Russia and her beauty really knows

no bounds just ask her 513,000 Instagram

followers who can't believe someone can

be this pretty her straight blonde hair

and beautiful green eyes have graced the

cover of magazines like Elle and

Harper's Bazaar Anna is clearly on her

way to become a total superstar as she's

also the youngest model at ten Model

Management will little on a get to walk

fashion week someday because we can

definitely see it in her future kiyah

kiyah kiyah kiyah is a seven-year-old

modeling sensation that's about to take

on the modeling industry she's signed on

with the V pirate agency who keeps this

little beauty busy but key akka is

beautiful from head to brains she

actually speaks English and French being

bilingual will definitely come in handy

when she meets designers and goes on

casting calls but when she's not posing

in front of the cameras Kyoko likes to

chill at the beach is it bad that were

kind of jealous of a seven-year-old

Colin and Cameron Scott twins Colin and

Cameron Scott are giving the modeling

industry double vision these two

beautiful kids are signed on with

Bensimon models of California now

modeling is a tough gig but it's always

easier when you have your identical twin

brother and bestie to lean on for

emotional support right although their

exact age is a mystery these boys are

taking on some pretty amazing job

opportunities like promoting the

orchestra indigo Beach collection with

their stunning good looks and talent

they've managed to stand out and we're

sure there's seconds away from

skyrocketing into stardom

Talia Burke little Talia Burke is a

stunning seven-year-old girl with

perfect features and we're not

exaggerating one bit

her natural big lips would have made

kylie jenner cry before she discovered

lip fillers she's promoted the e dressy

collection and worked with big names in

the fashion industry like Oscar de la

Renta and Ralph Lauren she also has a

massive Instagram following of over

26,000 followers and as if she weren't

busy enough she just recorded a video

shoot for Zara kids which she nailed

like a pro Megan and Morgan Boyd little

twins Megan and Morgan Boyd have earned

the nickname true blue twins the eight

year olds mom came up with that nickname

because they have the most amazing set

of blue eyes anyone has ever seen to

make things even more unique one of the

twins has a condition which turned her

eyes to different colors and with more

than a hundred and forty thousand

Instagram followers fearless good looks

and incredible moves these two little

beauties are on their way to become

America's next top models anastacio of

Abu eight-year-old superstar a Nastasia

of our booth has been dubbed the most

beautiful girl in Israel and fans around

the world have no issues with that aside

from acting in movies the daughter of

Israeli Olympic athlete Alexander averin

buck has worked with tons of Israeli

children's clothing brands this little

busy bee has also worked on a campaign

for Emporio Armani Junior Italy and

rocked a whimsical photoshoot for Little

Miss Aoki we know she's eight but where

does she find so much energy Lara and

Mara Bauer

Lara and Mauro Bauer are not your

typical child models the 14 year old

twin sisters have redefined beauty with

their albinism a rare genetic condition

the beautiful Brazilian sisters have

already signed on to model for top

brands like Bazaar kids and Nike and

everyone wants to work with them

they've even participated in an

inspiring campaign by can-can

accessories to promote diversity

uniqueness and love Hayley Vasquez

Hayley Vasquez started out as a baby

model since then the ten-year-old

stylish New Yorker has appeared in

national ads for AT&T and motts she's

also quite the Instagram star in fact

style caster named her one of the 20

most fashionable child stars of

Instagram in 2015 with this young

Spitfire dreams of becoming a fashion

designer and she's off to a great start

she enrolled in a school for designers

and became 20 17th youngest student

there and as part of her schoolwork

Hayley worked on a clothing collection

for boys and girls alongside the giant

corporation target Lilly Chi

15 year old Lily cheese Beauty didn't go

unnoticed by Wilhemina models while she

was out shopping one day ever since she

was spotted she's worked with major

brands like Target and old Navy and in

2016 she finally added actress to her

resume by playing a young Elektra on the

Netflix series daredevil Lilly loves

staying busy as she also appeared on the

Bratz web series zoe valentine and

chicken girls does she ever even take a

break we need a moment to breathe

whatever this talented Beauty is up to

next she's clearly on her way to

becoming a world-class superstar do you

have your very own beautiful kid living

at home let us know in the comments

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