‘Most Hated Man in America’ Martin Shkreli Accused of Fraud | NBC Nightly News

last time you heard the name Martin

shock relly on this broadcast it was

because of a huge uproar over the young

pharmaceutical CEOs decision to

drastically raise the price of a

life-saving drug he is a brash self

promoter who's called himself the

world's most eligible bachelor but this

morning he was in handcuffs accused of

duping investors out of millions of

dollars what the feds called a web of

lies and deceit that could land him in

prison for 20 years Shakur le has

pleaded not guilty and NBC's Stephanie

Gosk has details just before his arrest

32 year old Martin shkreli broadcast

live for three hours on YouTube playing

chess the guitar and surfing OKCupid

hours later the FBI movie at his door

all the way over the Pharmaceutical

exact dubbed by some the most hated man

in America for wildly inflating the

price of a life-saving drug now stands

accused of a laundry list of securities

fraud charges

now these charges in today's indictment

highlight the brazenness in the breadth

of shirk le schemes and the outrageous

web of lies and deceit the charges have

nothing to do with Jacques rellies

decision in September to hike the price

of daraprim five thousand percent from

1350 a pill to 750 at the time he argued

the price increase would fund important

research and development and doctors and

patient groups saying they can't access

this drug are you going to change the

price no later his company said some

hospitals and patients would be eligible

for discounts now Jacques relly is

accused of creating an elaborate Ponzi

scheme among other things stealing more

than eleven million dollars from his

former pharmaceutical company to pay off

investors in another one of his

businesses a failed hedge fund shock

rally is already so widely despised he

actually United Hillary Clinton and

Donald Trump in a common cause that guy

is nothing he is zero he's nothing and

he got to be ashamed of himself I am

announcing a detailed plan to crack down

on these abuses she Crowley is the son

of Eastern European immigrants raised in

Brooklyn his parents worked as janitors

this is the

he recently spent two million dollars

for the only copy of a hip-hop album and

told the magazine I'm the most

successful Albanian to ever walk the

face of this earth now he's well on his

way to becoming the most infamous as

well Stephanie Gosk NBC News the NBC

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