Top 10 Most Hated People

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so you guys don't have to

and today i'm going to be talking to you

guys about the top 10 most hated people

of all time

now hating people isn't really a healthy

thing to do and i don't encourage you

guys to do it but sometimes people do

such awful things

there really isn't any other words left

to use about them let's see if you guys

are green now as we jump right into this

with our number 10

which is osama bin laden bin laden was

the founder of al-qaeda the terrorist

organization behind the september 11

2001 attack on the united states

which killed just under 3 000 people

despite other al-qaeda attacks before

and after this event it was 911

that brought global hatred against him

in an open letter to america the

following year

bin laden included a number of reasons

for the attacks including america's

support for israel and suppressing

muslims across the globe

he was killed by u.s special forces in

pakistan on may the 2nd

2011. but now we're going to move on to

our number nine guys and we've got one

of the most

famous criminals in u.s history it's

charles manson

charles manson was the head of the

manson family a cult from the

californian desert in the 1960s

they numbered around 100 people many of


impressionable young girls and they

indulged in all manner of hallucinogenic

drugs it was these factors that made

manson able to convince them

that he was jesus and that a race war

was coming he persuaded four of his

followers to kill people in hollywood

in brutal fashion by breaking into their

homes and stabbing them to death

including the stabbing of a pregnant

woman in her stomach

manson was sentenced to life in prison

for directing the cult murders

and that's where he remains to this day

he's hated by a lot of people but he


fascinates a lot of people so if you

guys want to know more i suggest you go

and check out his parole videos they're

on youtube so if that kind of thing

interests you

check them out but we're going to move

on to our number eight now and talk

about saddam hussein

hussein was the dictator of iraq from


until 2003. he was well known for his

iron grip on the country and brutal

treatment of anyone who he thought might

oppose him

during his reign he oversaw the killing

of between 250 000

and half a million iraqis saddam used

secret police

torture mass murder rape deportation

forced disappearances assassinations and

even chemical weapons

to control iraq and its people he is

hated throughout the world his

extermination against the kurdish people

living in northern iraq

these are just a few things on the long

list of crimes he committed

saddam was found guilty of crimes

against humanity by an iraqi court

and was hanged on the 30th of december

2006. all right for our next one guys

we're going to be jumping

way back in history at number seven

we've got a guy called vlad the impaler

vlad the impaler ruled romania for just


years between 1456 and 1462

but in that time he gained a reputation

as one of the most brutal historical

figures of

all time he got his name from his method

of punishing criminals and enemies

by impaling them on a wooden stake

reports from the time said this was his

favorite way to punish and kill people

because it was specifically designed to

prolong suffering the stake will be

driven through the anus

and eventually emerged through the mouth

and witnesses said some people suffered

like this for hours on end

some historians think the death toll

under his reign could have been as high

as 100 000 people so he was the guy that

inspired the creation of count dracula

although now you've heard about vlad the

impaler i think you might agree with me

that he's actually more terrifying but


we're going to talk about our number six

which is joseph mengele joseph mengele

was a doctor at the nazi concentration

camp of auschwitz where an

estimated 1.1 million people were killed

during the holocaust

although to call him a true doctor would

be an insult to all the people he

murdered he was known as the angel of

death and was appointed by nazi leaders

to be responsible

for selecting victims to be killed in

the gas chambers or be subjects of

deadly human experiments he tortured and

experimented on countless numbers of


to pursue his own twisted fascination of

racial genetics he was also obsessed

with twins and would sew them together

or operate on them for reasons we may

never know now the documents that

describe what joseph mengele actually

did at that camp were destroyed after

the war

so we might not actually know the full

extent of the horrors and he actually

fled from the country and escaped

imprisonment but the hatred that people

still feel for him will remain for a

long time to come but now we're gonna

move on to our number five

we're gonna talk about francisco franco

franco became the dictator of spain in


after staging a military coup against

the spanish republic

when he was a general in the army this

started the spanish civil war

franco had close ties with other fascist

groups such as nazi germany and use his

newfound support to wage this vicious

war that tore the country apart he

oversaw a series of violent attacks on

his enemies

including concentration camps forced

labour and executions

that was known as the white terror and

led to an estimated 200

000 to 400 000 deaths after the civil

war ended franco continued to rule the

country as head of state

until his death in 1975 aged 82.

now although spain has moved on from

that dark time in their history there

are still

many people who harbor a deep hatred for

what franco did to their country

now though guys we've reached number

four on our list of most hated people of

all time and we're going to talk about

pol pots pol pot was the prime minister

of cambodia from 1975 to 1979. he wanted

to create what he called a purified


where all foreign influence would be

extinguished and replaced with an

extreme form of peasant communism he did

this by evacuating all of cambodia's


including pan on pen where two million

people were evacuated into the

countryside at gunpoint he essentially

enslaved his own country over those four

years and the death toll

was simply astounding pol pot killed an


one to three million people throughout

his collective farm and forced labor


at the time that was 25 of the entire


25 of the population was killed under

his rule i can't even

get my head around that but he was

actually inspired by our number three on

this list

which was chairman mao chairman mao was

a dictator of china from 1943 to 1976.

he led the country's communist

revolution and established the people's

republic of china as we know it today

but this did not come without a struggle

in 1957

mao launched a campaign called the great

leap forward that aimed to industrialize

china and make it self-reliant

however it instead caused a great

chinese famine resulting in the death of

an estimated 18 to 45

million people historian frank dicator

put it simply

by saying it motivated one of the most

deadly mass killings in human history

many within china and those who watch

from around the world have a deep hatred

for mao for what they saw

as a dictatorship that destroyed chinese

culture and led to the abuse and death


tens of millions of people at number two

now guys is a name that comes up in

any conversation about the most evil or

hated people in the world

it's joseph stalin stalin was the

dictator of the ussr from 1929

until his death in 1953. his centralized

form of communism transformed russia

from a country based on peasant farming

to a modern industrialized nation

but for many he will instead be

remembered for the reign of terror he

inflicted on millions of people

stalin ruthlessly crushed anyone he saw

as a threat with methods such as purges

labor camps and even manufactured

famines after the collapse of the soviet

union in 1991

records showed that stalin was

responsible for the death of 20 to 60

million people he once said one death is

a tragedy

one million is a statistic now when you

take all that into account it's not hard

to see why he's one of the most hated

people of all time

so who could possibly be hated more than

that well we've looked at the likes of

bin laden

joseph mengele and saddam hussein but

our number one it's someone that some of

you guys might have already guessed

it is adolf hitler it says a lot about a

person when they almost need no

introduction for why they are the most

hated person ever

hitler was a dictator of nazi germany

and a central figure when talking about

the atrocity of the holocaust

after rising to power during the 1930s

hitler imposed his racially motivated


on those in germany and then to other

countries with the outbreak of world war

ii this culminated most notably in the

holocaust where at least six

million jewish people and other victims

were killed in a mass genocide there

were also

19.3 million prisoners of war killed

under his leadership

as well as 29 million german soldiers

and civilians hitler is blamed for both

the holocaust and the start of world war

ii and when you put it like that

it's not hard to see why a lot of people

think he's the most hated person of all


well guys did you agree with the list do

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