Top 10 Classic Disney Animated Characters

it all started with a mouse

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counting down our picks for the top 10

classic animated Disney characters for

this list we're limiting it to animated

characters that appeared in the Disney

canon prior to 1989 and the Disney


so that means iconic characters from

movies short films and more from that

year on won't be here but you can look

for them on our modern list

we're also excluding villains because

we've already got you covered there

number 10 Winnie the Pooh I'm the only

reason for making honey so I can eat it

created by a a mill in the 1920s Winnie

the Pooh is just about the cutest honey

loving bear you'll ever see it began at

the tip of his nose and trickled all the

way down to the soles of his feet after

the character was licensed to Disney in

the 1960s the stories of poo and Friends

were quickly adapted into cartoons on

this summer day gloomy old Eeyore being

stuffed with sawdust had lost his tail

again but it was the 1977 musical

feature the truly transformed the kind

brave and loyal bear and his forest

friends into a media franchise yes we

are yes well it's a do Bertie do number

nine Lulu do I mean a do bee do bee do

bee do bee do bee dee doo loosely based

on Rudyard Kipling's character Disney's

Baloo made us forget all our worries and

our strife look for the bare necessities

the simple bare necessities forget about

your worries and

stress while enlightening little mowgli

about the ways of the jungle in the

process I'll learn him all I know he's

so laid back yeah and oh so caring that

you can't help but love him

hey kid you need help an old blues gonna

learn you to fight like a bear and we

weren't the only ones in fact Baloo

inspired multiple characters with

similar names and personalities in later

Disney Productions number 8 Tinker Bell

thanks to Disney's adaptation of JM

Barrie's play Tinkerbell went from being

a Peter Pan supporting player to the

film studios unofficial mascot don't let

her size fool you tink is a strong and

passionate fairy who gets her point

across with facial expressions body

language and pixie dust yep

just a little bit of pixie dust with a

fiery temper and unwavering loyalty to

Peter it's no wonder she's got her own

franchise built around her how do you

like that giving him the cold shoulder

number 7 Dumbo he may not do any talking

you mean

Dumbo but this endearing young elephant

didn't need to

with his expressive eyes and ears too

big for his body just look at those no

II a are ass

Dumbo toyed with our emotions and we

couldn't help but loved every minute of


as the world's only flying elephant he

also made us believe in ourselves while

cheering for the underdog at the same


let's show up come over prove yourself

brave truthful and unselfish and someday

you will be a real boy number six

Pinocchio cute little fella

based on the Carlo Collodi conceived

character hey Nucky this wooden puppet

knew just how to tug at our heartstrings

while he starts off innocent and

happy-go-lucky I can talk I can walk

Pinocchio soon learns it's not gonna be

easy to become a real boy I was going to

school till I met someone a two big

monsters whose big green eye fortunately

he's got the wise and cheerful Jiminy

Cricket by his side and eventually

proves himself brave truthful and

unselfish making us believe wishes can

come true to your heart in your


number five snow white as the

protagonist of Disney's very first

animated feature film magic mirror on

the wall who is the fairest one of all

this fairy tale princess used her

hopeful tone and innocent longing for

Prince Charming to entrace the Seven


though she's not as complex as

subsequent Disney heroines I feel

strange we're still as entranced by her

purity and sweetness today as we were

back then to top things off she's the

first fictional female character to earn

a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

number four Minnie Mouse what's a mouse

without his girl by his side with her

delicate giggles bubbly personality and

sweetheart Minnie is the ideal female

companion to Mickey Mouse and though she

has played the damsel in distress a few


she's also a unique and adorable

character in her own right with her

trademark polka-dots hair bow and

musical talents

Disney truly wouldn't be the same

without her number three goofy clad head

to toe and bright attire this clumsy but

lovable dog stands on two feet and calls

Mickey and Donald two of his closest

friends here's a party line while he's

not the brightest of the pack he

certainly knows how to make us laugh and

boy can he holler

aside from appearing in many Disney

shorts goofy has also spent time on the

big and small screens often alongside

his son max well how about Hawaii not

now dad you want to get her number too

Donald Duck easily annoyed and sometimes

hard to understand there's just

something about this sailor suit wearing

duck that we can't help but love

unlike his friend Mickey he doesn't wear

any pants

but he sure knows how to rock a bowtie

sparked up night come on swelling slob

Turkey I'm stir with over 170 movie

appearances Donald has never failed to

tickle our funny bone thanks to his

mischievous nature and distinctive

quacking let's not forget his girlfriend

Daisy Uncle Scrooge and his nephews Huey

Dewey and Louie before we unveil our

number-one pick here are a few honorable

mentions because I had to grow up

tomorrow go waa tonight's my last night

in the nursery but that means no more

stories no I won't have it

wooo second chorus it was brilliant

oh it's a beautiful job number one

Mickey Mouse I'm off compared after

making his debut in the 1928 Steamboat

Willie short this little mouse quickly

stole our hearts with his cute voice

friendly demeanor Wow well Pluto was

your plan and adventurous side this big

eared gloves and shorts wearing rodent

has appeared in over 130 movies and in

many other media ha ha yeah children we

must wait for Tiny Tim the sweet

charming and funny Mickey isn't only

Disney's mascot but also one of the most

well known cartoon characters on the

planet get my ball for the baby you seen

you all this money it'll be a real

rootin tootin show do you agree with our

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