Top 10 Best Marvel Superhero Teams

each and every one of these teams has

their own mighty heroes but which team

is truly Earth's Mightiest of course

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we're counting down our picks for the

top 10 Marvel superhero teams before we

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content for this list we're looking at

our very favorite superhero teams

appearing in Marvel Comics and ranking

them based on popularity longevity and

significance number 10 the guardians of

the galaxy we all know and love them as

the loveable rogues from the hit film

series but this team has been around a

lot longer than you might think

originally appearing in 1969 the first

team to use the name were a group of

freedom fighters from the distant future

who stood up against the evil baboon

space Empire which by that point had

conquered earth but the team that went

on to inspire the movies were first

formed in the wake of Marvel's

annihilation events two galactic crises

which cemented the need for a team of

cosmic heroes to keep the space way safe

a task they were more than up to number

9 x-force being an x-man isn't glamorous

at the best of times what with the whole

defending a world that hates and fears

you think

but when Marvel's marry mutants need to

get their hands a little dirty this is

the team they assemble featuring

characters like cable Deadpool Wolverine

and phantom X this is the x-men's black

ops team for missions that may get just

a little bit murdery of course they get

to wear awesome black and grey variants

of their traditional uniforms so I think

we can agree it's a fair trade-off the

x-men are generally the good guys but

even the good guys need to get rough


number 8 runaways

if you think your parents are mean spare

a thought for this collection of

teenaged heroes who find out that their

folks are part of a secret cabal of

super villains including aliens time

travelers and warlocks naturally the

teens go on the run to try and do

whatever they can to stop their parents

nefarious schemes and cope with the

trauma of losing their homes at the same

time first appearing in 2003 this team

and the comics they appear in have

become a cult hit

thanks to their relatable and nuanced

characters and besides who doesn't love

a team with a pet Velociraptor number 7

Alpha Flight


the great white north isn't all poutine

and moose burgers Canada is no stranger

to supervillain threats and when the

True North strong and free is under

attack it's up to this homegrown team to

protect it led by the super suited

Vindicator and featuring sasquatch

Aurora puck shaman Snowbird and a whole

roster of others this team has been an

underappreciated Marvel staple for years

and was even Wolverines first team

affiliation before joining up with the

x-men they've had a storied history

spread out over a number of ongoing

series in miniseries and we're always

happy to see Canada's finest superhero

team gracing comic store shelves number

6 Heroes for Hire so please will you

take the case sure but we'll need half

our fee up front Hey superheroes gotta

eat - originally formed by the

enterprising duo of Luke Cage aka Power

Man and Iron Fist this group is sort of

like what you get if you cross the x-men

with the xviii a group of super-powered

heroes who will help out anyone who can

afford it of course the team often works

pro bono to help out those in need who

can't afford their fees with a rotating

cast that included everyone from the

Black Knight to Deadpool the team is

quite the formidable force and has gone

through a number of iterations since

their first appearance in 1978 number 5

the inhuman royal family millions of

years ago the alien career ace came to

earth with the intention of using the

indigenous population that's us to

engineer a race of super soldiers to aid

in their war against the shape-shifting

scrawls the plan didn't quite work out

in the Kree abandoned the project but

the descendants of those genetically

altered by the Kree retained fantastic

abilities leading to this powerful group

led by a royal family from a secret city

on the Dark Side of the Moon called a de

LAN there are some of the most powerful

super humans around they've come to

Earth's defense before so long as we

stay on their good side number four the

defenders you may be familiar with the

street-level team from the Netflix

series of the same name but in the

comics this team has included some major

heavy hitters originally consisting of

dr. strange

Namor the Hulk and later the Silver

Surfer the group has since gone on to

expand its roster to include a number of

heroes like Valkyrie and Hercules

yes B Hercules they're often considered

one of the most powerful teams in Marvel

and with a roster including

mythical champions and a former Herald

of Galactus it isn't hard to see why

this is one team of powerhouses you

definitely don't want to mess with

number three the Fantastic Four we know

we know Marvel's first family haven't

been treated too well when they've

attempted to transition to the big

screen say that again but there's a

reason the team has stuck around for

over 50 years

granted incredible powers by a dose of

cosmic rays the family of adventurers

isn't just about fighting supervillains

and street crime they've traveled to far

off galaxies had time-traveling

escapades aplenty and even met God no

really the roster has had a few shake

ups over the years with heroes like

spider-man and she-hulk occasionally

joining the team but the true FF will

always be Reed sue Ben and Johnny number

2 the Avengers that's what we call


sort of like a team Earth's Mightiest

Heroes x we assembled to fight the foes

no single hero could withstand this

iconic team is the frontline of the

Marvel Universe the creme de la creme of

the superhero scene led most often by

Captain America and featuring some of

the Marvel Universe's best and brightest

there are the kinds of heroes and

legends that popular film franchises are

made of first brought together when

Thor's brother Loki took control of the

Hulk's mind the group really found its

footing when Captain America was found

frozen and took over leadership of the

team after a little defrosting since

then they've been the standard bearers

for the Marvel Universe through thick

and thin

not too bad team not too bad yourself

Ironman number one the x-men what is

this place true they aren't as shiny and

mythic as the number two entry on our

list but let's face it any team with

this much Wolverine as automatically

number one in our books a group of

outcasts forced to defend a world that

hates and fears them this team has been

one of the dominant forces in comics

history setting industry trends since

their first appearance in 1963

their roster is in the hundreds and they

face down robots aliens not terribly

good film installments gods and

everything else the universe could throw

at them and if you need any more

convincing what other team has a theme

song this good


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