TOP 10 Most Powerful GREEK GODS

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gods number 10

Hermes Hermes is a God of transitions

and boundaries and is described as quick

and cunning he could move between the

worlds of the mortal and divine

he's also portrayed as in a mystery and

messenger of the gods the conductor of

souls into the afterlife he's basically

the flash made into a Greek god he's

super fast and even moves between

dimensions as he's been in the

underworld and Olympus in some myths

he's a trickster and outwits

other gods for his own satisfaction or

for the sake of humankind number 9

Aphrodite Aphrodite is the goddess of

love beauty pleasure and procreation

identified with the planet Venus

according to Hesiod Theogony she was

born when Cronus cut off Uranus's

genitals and threw them into the sea and

she arose from the sea foam because of

her beauty other gods feared that their

rivalry over her would interrupt the

peace and lead to war so Zeus married

her - he Festus he Festus was

friend-zoned due to being extremely ugly

and was not seen as a threat number 8 he

fists this no not the liver disease

hepatitis he fists us is the Greek god

of blacksmiths metallurgy fire and

volcanoes in Greek mythology he fist

this was the son of Zeus and Hera in

another version he was rejected by his

mother because of his deformity and

expelled from heaven and down to earth

as a smithing god Hephaestus made all

the weapons of the gods in Olympus he

served as a blacksmith of the gods and

was worshipped in in the industrial

centers like Athens he Festus symbols

our Smith's hammer anvil and a pair of


number seven Artemis Artemis was one of

the most widely venerated of the ancient

Greek deities a Roman equivalent is

Diana Artemis was often described as the

daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin

sister of Apollo she was a Hellenic

goddess of the hunt wild animals of

virginity and protector of young girls

as a virgin

Artemis had interested many gods and men

but only her hunting companion Orion on

her heart

Orion was accidentally killed either by

Artemis or by Gaia in later Hellenistic

times she even assumed the ancient role

of ilithyia in aiding childbirth number

six Aries Aries is the Greek god of war

he's one of the twelve Olympians and the

son of Zeus and Hera in Greek literature

he often represents the violent aspect

of war in contrast to his sister armored

Athena whose functions as a goddess of

intelligence include military strategy

the Greeks were ambivalent towards Ares

although he embodied the physical valor

necessary for winning wars it was

considered to be a dangerous force to

count a part of Ares among the Roman

gods his Mars who was given a more

dignified place as a guardian deity

number 5

Apollo now you know where Apollo Creed

got his name it was one of the most

important of the Olympian deities Apollo

has been variously recognized as a god

of music truth and prophecy healing the

Sun and light plague poetry and more

Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto

medicine and healing are associated with

Apollo yet he was also seen as a God who

could bring ill health and deadly plague

Apollo also functioned as a patron god

of music and poetry

Hermes created a Lear for him and the

instruments became a common attribute

of Apollo number four Hades Hades was

the ancient Greek god of the underworld

and God of the Dead and riches in Greek

mythology Hades was regarded as the

oldest son of Cronus and Rhea he Anna's

brothers Zeus and Poseidon defeated

their father's generation of gods

Hades received the underworld Zeus the

air and Sidon the sea the solid earth

along the province of Gaia was available

to all three concurrently Hades was

often betrayed with his three-headed

guard dog Cerberus and later associated

with the helm of darkness

number three Athena Athena is the

goddess of war strategy the arts and

skill and ancient Greek religion and

mythology Athena is known for her calm

temperaments as she moves slowly to

anger she is noted to have only fault

for just reasons and would not fight

without a purpose according to mythical

lore she competed with Poseidon and she

warned by creating the olive tree the

Athenians would accept her gift and name

the city after her in history the

citizens of Athens built a statue of

Athena as a temple to the goddess number

two Zeus Zeus was the sky and the

Thunder God the rulers came off the gods

of Mount Olympus Zeus is the child of

Cronus and Rael the youngest of his

siblings to be born though sometimes

said to be the eldest as the others

required disgorging from Cronus stomach

Zeus was also infamous for his erotic

escapades these resulted in many godly

offspring including Athena Apollo

Artemis Hermes Heracles Helen of Troy

and many others he was respected as an

All Father who was chief of the gods and

assigned the others to their roles and

number one Poseidon

Poseidon is the god of the sea and is

often referred to as Earthshaker

due to his role in causing earthquakes

in some tales were saved by his mother

Rhea who concealed him among a flock of

lambs and pretended to have given birth

to a Colt which was devoured by Kronos

beside on was a major Civic god of

several cities in Athens he was second

only to Athena in importance while in

Corinth he was the chief god of the

polis in his benign aspect Poseidon

Mussina's creating new islands and

offering calm seas

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