The Most Powerful Character In All of Star Wars

what if I told you there was a character

in Star Wars that far outweighed the

strength and power of any Jedi or Sith

who have ever lived what if I told you

there was a being that could drive

stable minded Jedi to insanity from

light-years away and prompt them to do

their bidding what if there was an

entity that the likes have even the

expanded universes grand master Luke

Skywalker stood no chance against even

by his own assumption today we will be

discussing the most powerful Star Wars

character of them all the queen of the

stars and bringer of chaos a bôla' to

fully grasp the full potential of a

Balazs power we first need to explore

her origins a belief was once a human

similar to you were me AB Allah was a

female who found herself stranded on the

planet of the ancient force entities the

ones because she could not leave the

world she formed a connection with the

entities being the son the daughter and

the father and took on the mother role

for the children and for once in the

history of the ones she United the son

and daughter together and their endless

warring ceased years and years passed

however and the woman grew old and

eventually the fighting between the son

and daughter began yet again seeing her

children fight for the woman up inside

and she decided to take desperate

measures in ensuring she would never

lose her family and could be with them


the woman had known of to exponentially

powerful force Nexus is on the planet

which she was forbidden to go near but

seeing her children slipping through her

fingers drove her to desperate measures

the woman to ensure she lived forever

not only engulfed herself in the energy

of the light Nexus but / took in both

the dark and light side Nexus present on

the planet bathing in the pool of

knowledge and then drinking from the

font of power this action did indeed

grant her immortality but it also

changed her and drove her mad AB Allah

now a creature of death ventured to

where her children were fighting

subduing both of them and laughing at

the immense power she now held the son

and daughter crumbled to their knees in

utter shock as they had never been

purely dominated in such a manner just

before a belief destroyed her once

beloved children the father stepped in

gathering his children and fleeing the

planet together with the power of the

son daughter and the father they trapped

Avila on the planet but every few

thousand years a tremor in the force

would occur and a belief would be

temporarily freed at which time

the son and daughter would venture back

to their home world and entrap her once

again this cycle continued for millennia

until Anakin Skywalker found the ones on

mortis and his presence inadvertently

resulted in the family tearing each

other apart from within ABBA lots since

the death of her family from across the

stars and mourned her loss but was also

overjoyed that one day she would be free

and she could finally destroy the galaxy

decades past and abbath waited until one

day she sensed the disturbance she had

been waiting for the nephew of Luke

Skywalker Jason solo now the Sith Lord

Darth Titus had waged war on his family

attempting to forcefully bring the

galaxy together but as a result caused

great Death to sweep many worlds the

breaking apart of the Skywalker family

and the state of the galaxy was enough

to finally break abalos chains and she

escaped her prison avila thought this

time to exceed the tumultuous state of

the galaxy and destroy it in its

entirety thinking if she could not have

a family

no one could following the death of

Cadis Luke sent something within the

force beckoning him to follow through

the shadows Luke saw avila but not as

she truly was as a beautiful woman

Luke refused to follow in fear of what

the being actually was as even he could

not see past her disguise this was

though a mistake on a blouse part as she

had informed Luke of her existence

together Luke and his son searched for

her encountering many body she inhabited

discovering she could be several people

at once

Avila also gained control and influence

over a portion of the Jedi Order

including Jaina solo causing a break

among the Jedi Luke hunted avila through

space destroying several of her avatars

until abbath grew tired of the game and

confronted Luke in her true form keep in

mind this is Grand Master Luke expanded

universe Luke who according to George

Lucas is the most powerful Jedi to have

ever lived during Luke and a bilasa

ensuing fight Luke stabbed abbath with

his lightsaber and she simply reformed

Luke also severed her arm and leg from

her body then knocked her into lava at

which point she crawled out and attacked

Luke seemingly on her she was also much

faster than even Luke launching attacks

before he could react

Avila actually blasted through a soldier

in order to electrocute Luke with Force

Lightning when a blaster bolt was fired

at her she caught it in her hand and

twirled it in between her fingers she

did this again later

with force lightning Avila 3 CH 3 the

forsen C's Glueck by the throat at one

point and it was stated here the avila

was roughly a dozen times more powerful

than Luke was in the force a quote says

this it was no good

Avila had a dozen times the force

strength Luke had and he could do no

more than keep her from crushing his

throat Avila could also teleport through

space maneuvering around a battle field

forcing soldiers to inadvertently kill

their comrades at the end of her push

for the galaxy she took control over a

senator and was elected chief of state

the loss could be anywhere and only the

most powerful could resist the will to

serve her with even some of the

skywalker lineage praising her for her

power Avila was finally hunted down

within a realm of her own creation

called beyond shadows were together Luke

Skywalker United with several other Sith

including the rising and prestigious

Darth krayt finally defeated her once

and beyond shadows a below tormented and

tortured the Sith destroying all but

crate together both Luke and Darth krayt

banded together to launch one more

advance on a velov

they fought long and hard and eventually

they seemingly vanquished the demon but

this concerned Luke

although avila had brought him to his

limits he realized she could have killed

them both but yet decided not to whilst

the rest of the galaxy rejoiced Luke was

left troubled and informed the rest of

the Jedi that although all the known

avatars of ávila were dead he believed

she would return Luke told his Jedi

ordered the abbé loss return was an

eventualities and that although it was

likely it would not be during his time

and even could perhaps outstretch the

Jedi themselves they would need to be

ready Luke then began a search for the

dagger left on mortis which was said to

be the only weapon capable of killing

the ones and he thus assumed it would be

capable of vanquishing abbath but even

of this he was unsure at the end it was

left unclear whether or not Luke or his

family ever retrieved the dagger and

where abbath was a velocimeter Lee threw

everything he had at her with his best

only slowing her down Luke even says the

abbath is beyond human comprehension and

is far more than a Sith or Jedi because

they are alive and made out of flesh and

blood the avila was something beyond a

be' loss could be anywhere and take

control of nearly anyone on top of all

this there is only a single way to kill

her and even that isn't 100

a sure thing Avila was so powerful she

actually constructed her own warped

reality to cope with her grief in all of

Star Wars she is absolutely one of the

most insane characters she is also

unique because she is constantly warring

within herself not only did she obtain

the power of one force Nexus but - and

on top of this one was light and the

other dark meaning there's a literal war

of power within her the ones are shown

to be insanely powerful and nearly

untouchable and Avila manhandled them

it's also important to know we don't

know the true extent of all of a bilasa

bilities and she is likely capable of

even bigger feet maybe even potentially

planet-destroying ones the most

important thing here though is that we

know a belief not only Beats characters

throughout star wars are claimed for

being insanely powerful but absolutely

mops the floor with them so there you

have it the most powerful Star Wars

character is a Jedi or a Sith it's a

literal light and dark side entity who

according to Luke himself is 12 times as

gifted with the forces he is so tell me

down below how do you feel about Avila

and are you sad we will likely never see

an end to her story also tell me down

below what characters you think

potentially stand a chance against her

thank you so much for watching may the

force be with you and have a great day