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Marvel characters number 10 Galactus

Galactus was created during the union of

the sentience of the universe and Galan

of tock Galactus maintains his existence

by devouring planets with the potential

to support life this has resulted in the

elimination of entire civilizations on a

number of worlds Galactus wields a type

of cosmic energy known as the power

cosmic and has appointed a number of

beings as his heralds giving each a

portion of the power cosmic this power

cosmic replaces the souls of its holders

causing each wielders physical form to

adapt to store it number 9 had a Morlock

Adam warlock originally known as him

first appeared in Fantastic Four issue

66 as him the character possessed the

superhuman strength speed stamina

agility and the ability to manipulate

cosmic energy for energy projection

flight and recuperation

however him sacrificed the majority of

his powers by prematurely emerging from

his cocoon in order to defend the High

Evolutionary from an assault by the

man-beast in compensation the High

Evolutionary gave him the soul gem which

possesses a consciousness of its own

number eight me Kobashi

a Mutsumi Kobashi is usually depicted as

a demonic God who is best known as an

enemy of Hercules and Thor macabre she

possessed the conventional abilities of

one of the comi the order of Japanese

deities such as superhuman strength

speed durability agility endurance and

recuperative abilities you can also

wield potent Japanese dark magic a brand

of sorcery that seems especially

effective against the Olympian deities

his physical strength is much less than

that of Zeus or Izanagi however Kobashi

can project energy on a scale at least

rivaling that of Zeus and Izanagi

number seven cyttorak the cyttorak is

the deity that powers juggernaut through

the artifact known as crimson gem of

cyttorak cyttorak

exists as a deity with enormous magical

power he's provided power to the Titanic

juggernaut as well as provide

indestructible bands to Doctor Strange

in regards to the ruby it's withstood

being thrown into orbits by the

juggernaut as well as reentry when it

was bumped out of orbits by nova sitter

axe created an entire race of elves out

of magical energy simply so he could

have them worship Him

number six Phoenix this entity is bonded

with characters such as Jean Grey and

often uses the alias Phoenix the Phoenix

force has the ability to manipulate

cosmic energies and tap into the life

force reserved for future generations it

can wield this energy to project beams

of immense destructive force it can

transmigrates throughout time and space

by folding its energy back on itself it

can directly absorb energy such as

cyclopses optic blasts or even the

entire energy of a Sun as it is the

nexus of all psionic energy it has

mental abilities of cosmic scope

including telepathy and telekinesis

number five

Franklin Richards Franklin's as Omega as

they come with reality-warping powers to

rival Scarlet Witch Franklin's abilities

to change reality allow any thought of

us to come to life which can affect the

whole cosmos for a period in the 90s he

created a pocket dimension that

contained his family along with the

ability to do absolutely anything

Franklin's telepathic and can see the

future he may also be immortal

he's even survived the collapse of

reality in other futures he's tamed

Galactus as his own bodyguard and has

lived on in people's dreams

number four eternity eternity is the

leader of the abstract entities known as

the cosmic powers of the Marvel Universe

as a tremendously powerful abstract

entity eternity has no physical body but

exists everywhere simultaneously the

entity can manipulates the universe and

is immortal eternity can warp space and

matter into a manifestation that can be

perceived by lesser beings or form

avatars from another plane of existence

known as the dimension of manifestations

Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet

ranked eternities power above Lord chaos

but below that of the Living Tribunal

number three Living Tribunal the Living

Tribunal is a powerful cosmic entity

whose existed as long as the universe

itself its function is to safeguard the

multiverse from an imbalance of mystical

forces it may act to prevent one

universe from amassing more power than

any of the others the Living Tribunal

was the embodiment of the Marvel

multiverse it also stated that it

represented a force that Dwarfs the

Infinity Gauntlet but less than the

beyonders The Living Tribunal was

created by the one above all to watch

over the multiverse number two the


the Beyonder first appeared in secret

wars issue one as an unseen apparently

omnipotent being in the original secret

war storyline

it was the be-all and end-all of the

beyond realm that took human form to

better understand the nature of human

beings his power was millions of times

greater than the entire multiverse

combined and it was stated that a

regular universe was a drop of water in

the ocean compared to the Beyond realm

despite his omnipotence the Beyonder

showed his very own moments of possible


a number one the one above all

undoubtedly the most mysterious

character within the Marvel multiverse

and the most powerful the one above all

is omnipotent all-powerful on missions

all-knowing and omnipresent everywhere

his power is unlimited incalculable and

immeasurable his strength is unlimited

he cannot be damaged in any way and he

has control over all forms of energy

because he's omnipotent he wields every

power the one above all is often

unofficially cited as Marvel's creators

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

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