Top 10 Most Powerful People in the World in 2020

i haven't seen even once any direct


of russian interference in the

presidential election

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mojo and today we're counting down our

picks for the top 10 most powerful

people in the world

2020. we should be building great things

that don't exist



may i wish you and all of us on this

path the best luck for this list we're

looking at politicians

philanthropists and other powerful

figures who had an enormous

impact on 2020 for better or for worse

who do you think was the most powerful

person of 2020 let us know in the


number 10. mark zuckerberg facebook

remains one of the most prominent social

networking sites

and its co-founder slash chairman ceo

has cemented his status as a big tech


big tech in general has raised concerns

about fake news

data mining and the fate of humanity in

general granted facebook did provide a

platform for people to connect

during a year dominated by social

distancing unfortunately

many continued to use facebook to spread

baseless conspiracy theories

stating that there is a proven cure for


when there is in fact none might

encourage someone to go take something

that could have some adverse effects so

we do take that down

in response to twitter's decision to

introduce fact-checking labels

zuckerberg stated in may quote i don't

think that facebook

or internet platforms in general should

be arbiters of truth

um so there are lines and we will

enforce them

but but i think in general you want to


as wide of a voice as possible and i

think you want to have a special

deference to political speech

in september however zuckerberg

announced that facebook would take

quote additional steps to quote fight


number 9. narendra modi india is the


second most populous country and its

prime minister is one of the most

popular politicians

that's not to say narendra modi hasn't

received criticism especially when it

comes to his relationship with muslims

has been accused of pushing a hindu

nationalist agenda making him a divisive

figure to say the least

despite once again making time

magazine's list of the 100 most

influential people in the world

the outlet wrote quote almost all of

india's prime ministers have come from

the nearly 80 percent of the population

that is hindu

only modi has governed as if no one else


nevertheless modi's approval ratings

remain high and in 2020

he officially became the country's

longest serving prime minister

outside of the indian national congress

number eight larry page perfect search


as ahmed mentioned is a star trek

computer right

and understand exactly what you meant as

of november 2020

larry page's net worth is a towering


billion dollars making him the seventh

richest person in the world

being the co-founder of google and

former ceo of alphabet it's no secret

how paige made his vast fortune

although google has been a go-to search

engine for over two decades

it was especially significant in a year

like this according to tech jury

quote in 2020 there are 6.9 billion

searches on google

every day and you know our mission

that we defined a long time ago was to

organize the world's information

and make it universally accessible and


and people always say is that really

what you guys are still doing

that just goes to show how much paige

has changed the information technology


and in due course the world while he

might not be as charismatic as tony


paige is one of the few real-life

figures who deserves to be used in the

same sentence

we should be building great things that

don't exist number 7.

bill gates with a net worth of almost

120 billion

dollars the microsoft co-founder has

transformed the tech world

as well as the world in general

technology aside gates has been one of

2020's most talked-about individuals for

several reasons

and if you get a lot of young people

infected eventually

they will infect old people again and so

you'll get into

the nursing homes the homeless shelters

the places where

we've had a lot of our deaths he was one

of the most high profile figures who

predicted that the world wasn't prepared

for a pandemic

which came to fruition this year we've

actually invested

very little in a system to stop an


due to his 2015 premonition gates has

been the target of numerous bizarre

conspiracy theories

in reality the self-made billionaire has

actually done a lot of good during this

difficult time

while gates wishes that he'd taken

greater measures to prevent the pandemic

his foundation has dedicated 300 million

dollars towards combating kovid

number 6 jeff bezos if there's one

person who can give bill gates a run for

his money

quite literally it's the founder slash

president ceo of

amazon back in 2017 he became the

world's first centre billionaire

the world's richest person jeff bezos

also owns the washington post and blue


bezos was especially prominent in a year

where many consumers did their shopping

through amazon rather than flock to a

crowded retailer

according to forbes bezos's net worth

skyrocketed by over 70 billion dollars

during the coronavirus pandemic

that said bezos was also the subject of

much controversy

given how amazon reportedly treated its

warehouse workers through this strenuous


when management tried to come out and

kick us out and intimidate us and

threaten us

uh we try to deliver our demands and

tell them you know

that we're here because uh we're serious

about it bezos has also been accused of

being quote

stingy in the past although he did give

100 million dollars to food banks via

feeding america in the midst of the




number five donald trump in 2020

u.s president donald trump faced the

crisis of his political career with the

covet-19 pandemic

the fate of the nation wrote on his

response by november

the u.s had surpassed 11 million cases

trump has given himself an a-plus while

critics have accused him of politicizing


and undermining health recommendations

this is going to go away without a


amid civil unrest over racial injustice

he's also been accused of deepening


american voters subsequently chose joe

biden as america's next president

we've won with the most votes ever cast

from presidential ticket

in the history of the nation however

trump has continued to make headlines

refusing to concede and spreading

conspiracy theories online

even when he leaves office on january

20th 2021

he certainly won't disappear what with

his massive following

there's already talk of a trump tv

network number 4.

pope francis in an era when many are

resistant to change

pope francis is the relatively

progressive leader that the catholic

church has needed

ever since his papacy began in 2013

francis has pushed for the church to be

more accepting of women

and the lgbtq plus community he even

expressed support for same-sex unity in


when the coronavirus pandemic hit

francis encouraged others to be

considerate of the needy

discussing a potential vaccine the pope

stated quote

if anyone should be given preference let

it be the poorest the most vulnerable

those who so often experience

discrimination because they have neither

power nor economic resources

given the worsening effects of climate

change francis's second encyclical

laudato si is especially relevant when

it comes to inspiring a better tomorrow

number 3. angela merkel angela merkel is

the chancellor of germany but she's so

much more than that

being the european union's de facto

leader merkel is undoubtedly the world's

most powerful woman

several media outlets have even dubbed

her quote the leader of the free world

during her tenure she's spoken up for

renewable energy humane immigration


and something that's become increasingly

scarce in the modern political landscape

compassion in the wake of the

coronavirus pandemic

merkel called the crisis the european

union's quote biggest test

since its foundation merkel has

generally been praised for her honesty

calm demeanor and knowledge of science

throughout the pandemic

serving as a role model that other world

leaders could take notes from

number 2. vladimir putin putin is a

towering figure in international


outside of his native russia his

political reach extends into europe the

middle east

and of course u.s elections numerous

outlets including cnn

newsweek and the atlantic have accused

putin of being a threat to american


i haven't seen even once any direct

proof of russian interference

in the presidential election in the

united states although his legendary

bromance with trump wasn't enough to

secure the u.s president a second term

putin however is still very much in

power between 2013 and 2016

the russian president was consecutively

voted the most powerful person

in the world he might have gotten our

vote for 2020's most powerful person if

it weren't for one other figure before

we unveil our top pick

here are a few honorable and

dishonorable mentions

muhammad bin salman al-saud the crown

prince of saudi arabia

rupert murdoch the media mogul behind

fox news and hundreds of other outlets


emmanuel macron the president of france


jerome h powell the chair of the federal


elon musk the future ruler of mars


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number one xi jinping if china becomes

the world's number one superpower

it'll be thanks to xi jinping as the

president of the people's republic of


the chairman of the central military

commission and general secretary of the

chinese communist party

he's at the forefront of the world's

most populous country

and its second largest economy with a

firm grip on power

she has been the driving force behind

the nation's aggressive foreign policies

and domestic reforms

in fact his thoughts are now part of the

party and state constitutions

he's also significantly expanded china's

influence abroad

oh and he's not afraid to enforce


so in the event you ever meet she in

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