10 Most Powerful Mutants In X-Men History

in the Marvel Universe there is a

clearly defined scale accounting for the

power levels of the various superheroes

villains robot mutants and aliens that

bum around because of course there is us

no need something tangible to hang out

terrible arguments about who would win

in a fight on which is exactly what this

scale does at the lower end of the

spectrum you have the everyday schmoes

the comic book equivalent of us

civilians and at the very top of the

scale is where you'll find the so called

Omega level super people let's have a

look at some x-men shall we I'm Ben from

what culture and here are the 10 most

powerful x-men of all time number 10

Emma Frost

how did Frost become such a ruthless and

powerful member of the x-men world-class

breeding according to the lady herself

but like our other Omega level peers her

abilities were earth-shattering from day

one throw in the secondary mutation

where she can turn her skin into an

impenetrable diamond like substance and

you have a serious contender for one of

the most powerful mutants currently

serving on the x-men one of the team's

many powerful telepaths there have been

times where Emma manages to trump even

Professor Xavier with her mental

abilities like most mutants her powers

manifested in her teens and were mainly

limited to readings thoughts as she got

older and more disciplined however she

found herself able to control the minds

of not just one but hundreds of people

at a time to switch her brain with

others and be able to cause people great

mental anguish from a single touch

number 9 storm there's only one ex man

who's ever been worshiped as a literal

goddess and that honor goes to storm

better known as that character Halle

Berry hates playing but makes a lot of

money from good for her

like the Hulk or Emma Frost storm has

never had her whether manipulating

powers pushed to their limits but it's

possible they don't even have limits or

control over the elements is based in a

sort of telekinesis which lets her do

almost anything

storms thunder lightning rain flash

freezing of enemies flying on the wind

making other people fly on the wind she

can control the temperature even on


planets storms powers even work on a

micro-level if she's been shown to have

control over the air in someone's lungs

and can herself separate the oxygen from

water this personal electrolysis allows

her to breathe under the sea number


Iceman another character who's only

recently been discovering his potential

as an omega-level mutant is Bobby Drake

one of the original team of x-men the

hero better known as Iceman was mainly

using his powers to freeze people or

create a slide of the cold stuff that he

serves to cross you see Iceman doesn't

just produce ice and snow out of nowhere

technically he can absorb and dispel

heat energy within a mentally controlled

area and all the cold stuff is just a

byproduct of that since honing his

abilities a little more Bobby has found

himself able to create ice formed

clothes of himself that can exist and

think independently of him build entire

buildings or cities adjust by

concentrating and it's pretty much

invincible when he's in his ice form he

can reconstitute any part of his body

that gets injured and can even survive

as water or vapor number seven

Quentin choir this funky spunky young

students is maybe one of the most

powerful skill sets of anyone in the

Xavier school including the students and

the teachers a constant troublemaker and

thorn in the side of every authority

figure that crosses him kid omegas

psychic powers are more subtle than most

mainly allowing him to think at

superhuman speed which makes him able to

resist any sort of mental probing or

mind control he's also able to exert his

influence over those around him either

secretly or overtly as evidenced by the

riot at Xavier storyline when he turns

the whole school on its head it's

several thousands brilliant thoughts a

second that initially boosted by the

mutant drug kick but even after he

managed to quit that bad habit Quentin

has retained his Omega level abilities

and then some adding some crazy

telekinetic skills which would let him

bust out of containment heal all wounds

on his body and even exist that doesn't

need for a corporeal form number six

Legion the only thing that has kept

David Charles hauler from tapping into

his full range of mind-boggling powers

is that he suffers from multiple

personality disorder and each of his

abilities has split

to each of his distinct self that sucks

especially considering he should by all

rights be the preeminent mutant in the

x-men universe what was being Professor

Xavier son and that before starting to

cope with his mental health problems

david was something of a wild card

he threw off the whole marvel timeline

by traveling back to kill magneto before

he had a chance to do well all the bad

stuff magneto would later do apparently

the multiple personalities thing is down

to his ability to absorb people's minds

either by being next to the person when

they die or by using his incredible

telepathic powers in fact legion is

taking in or otherwise created thousands

of personalities each with their own

mutant abilities super speed flight

x-ray vision heat absorption

super-strength mater animation and sonic

screams to name just a few

number 5 Magneto even though technically

his powers simply grant him mastery over

magnetism Magneto's abilities have been

interpreted and extrapolated by creative

teams over the years to the point that

he's near omnipotence able not only to

control the stuff made of metal but to

affect the magnetic fields of the earth

and rip adamantium from Wolverines bones

there seems to be no limit to Magneto's

powers allowing him to levitate

everything from a submarine through a

fluffing asteroid he can create force

fields that render him all but

invulnerable to any sort of conventional

attack and it's a leopardy blocking

helmet deals with all the unconventional

assaults he might suffer one time the

fields even blocked multiple nuclear

warheads from even touching him

so yeah step quite powerful as if all

that wasn't enough Erik Lehnsherr is a

bona fide genius in the fields of

engineering particle physics and genetic

manipulation which in tandem with his

magnetic powers means he can do well

almost anything he wants to do really

number 4 Professor X the de facto leader

of the x-men is also amongst their most

powerful members with a control over his

telepathic and telekinetic abilities

that has in ranked amongst the most

influential and important members of the

Marvel Universe as a whole when he

hasn't got his diplomatic hat on Xavier

can be seen boosting his mental

abilities even further with the

from cerebro a bucket he sticks on his

own which let him track down and

physically speak to mutants anywhere in

the world and possibly the cosmos not

that he's a weakling without his magic

helmet though since he can read thoughts

or project his own after 250 miles by

himself he can pick up languages within

seconds of tapping into a foreign person

cerebral cortex control your perception

of time white people's memories and even

suppress other mutants powers entirely

like Magneto his natural mutant

abilities are boosted with a

genius-level intellect it's just not

fair having earned his doctorate in

genetics biophysics psychology and

anthropology and psychiatry okay that's

all of them I think I'm probably more

number three Jean Grey Jean Grey psychic

powers are so great that they manifested

themselves when she was still a child

and it's only with the help of Xavier

blocking them but she didn't turn

herself and possibly the rest of

existence inside out when she got hold

of her full powers again Jean could do

anything XIV occurred and more to boot

she can read minds control minds boost

other's abilities has a perfect memory

can talk to animals and project herself

through the astral plane that would have

been enough to get her on board with the

omega-level mutant anyway but it was

coming into contact with the celestial

Phoenix force that pushed her to the top

of the most powerful mutants ever list

and it was her abilities that got her

the attention of the forth in the first

place which considering it scours the

galaxy for people worthy of its power is

pretty impressive in itself

number two Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff

definitely counts as one of the most

powerful of all time even if she cheated

a little bit by stripping the majority

of the world's mutants of their powers

and was never technically a member of

the x-men but she hung around with him

enough so were counting her so storm was

worshipped like a goddess right and all

she can do is make it drizzle a bit when

you need it

Scarlet Witch has been literal power of

a god when she first started her

abilities were limited to manipulating

probability with hexes which had a short

range and letter like flames deflect

attacks make forcefield and exploding

still rather impressive but by no means

Omega level power

as time went by wonder got stronger so

that she had control over powerful chaos


now what's chaos magic we don't know but

it sounds cool all you need to know is

it made her able to change reality in

lasting ways like resurrecting the dead

and the ability to rewrite the entirety

of reality and she indulged in that

power a lot number one Franklin Richards

okay so this might be a little

controversial technically the first son

of Reed Richards and Sue Storm better

known as mr. fantastic and The Invisible

Woman of the Fantastic Four has yet to

become part of the x-men but as a grown

man he's a huge part of the Days of

Future past storyline helping Rachel

summers evade the mutant hunting

Sentinel so we reckon he counts

especially because Franklin is Omega as

they come with reality-warping powers to

rival Scarlet Witch and he has them

permanently no magical mumbo-jumbo for

him this is a tween who can change the

world just by thinking about it

Franklin's abilities to change reality

allow any thought or desire of his to

come true from the lowest level right up

to affecting the whole cosmos for a

period in the 90s he created a pocket

dimension that contained his family Iron

Man Captain America and the Avengers the

Celestials the Marvel Universe's

equivalent of gods consider Franklin

their equal and along with the ability

to do absolutely anything

Franklin is telepathic telekinetic and

can see the future he may also be

immortal in fact Franklin is so powerful

that in one glimpse into what's in store

for the Marvel Universe he survives the

collapse of reality and becomes the

creator of the new one so he is actually

God man and that's our list are there

any other Omega muties we missed uh let

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