11 Most Beautiful People on the Planet

hi everyone do you know this feeling

when you just can't stop looking at

someone in the crowd because they're so

beautiful their beauty might be

unconventional but still amazing

magnetic and tempting sometimes one look

is enough to fall in love touch it

move it play with that give me a flip

like that eyes big now sparkle sparkle

like an anime character a sparkle needs

work in each of the heroes of our video

for today is unique in their own way

well let's take a closer look at the

people with unconventional and

irresistible beauty

Ekaterina Mironenko not always people

with unique looks choose modeling

careers a Katarina mineral Nico from

Moscow is not a model at all she's a

journalist and a photographer very often

these people stay behind the scenes but

not Ekaterina her amazing looks make her

an Instagram celebrity she already has

more than 450,000 followers and this is

clearly not the limit it's all because

of her unusual eyes so bright and

expressive it's like you are looking

right into the cold northern sea coral

Quay it's hard to believe some people

still think that freckles are something

you should be ashamed of some compare

freckles with acne or even consider

themselves to be ugly because of these

little specks well we hope you are not

one of such people because freckles are

amazing after all they are called the

Sun kisses for a good reason the British

model Coral Quay is a living proof of

this beautiful bright cheerful with big

eyes and long eyelashes the word sunny

describes her the best she says that the

Sun makes her happy and it's easy to

believe her coral is like a little Sun

herself ready to share her light with

everyone around she lives to be happy

because life is too short to be sad in

between model auditions the girl watches

documentaries she cannot imagine her

life without tea with milk and two

spoons of sugar and her favorite movie

is Charlie in the Chocolate Factory

Sean Ross at one point people with

albinism were considered sorcerers and

everybody tried to stay away from them

thankfully these times are long gone and

humanity has finally learned to

appreciate the beauty of albinos after

all albino people are unique in the

fashion world there are many albino

models and the most famous of them is

Sean Ross Sean was born in the Bronx and

his childhood can hardly be called happy

Pierce simply didn't want to talk with

him all because of his distinctive

appearance for some time sean aspired a

career in dancing


and after that he decided to try his

luck in the modeling industry and he

made the right choice he became the

first African American with albinism to

succeed in the modeling business Sean

turned his unusual appearance into his

advantage and became a real legend Sean

was featured in fashion magazines

including British GQ Italian Vogue id

magazine paper magazine and another man

he also participated in the fashion

shows of many famous designers and

starred in music videos by the way some

believe that it was Sean who inspired

people with unconventional beauty to

embrace themselves tondo Hopa becoming

the first woman with albinism to be

featured on the cover of the world

famous vogue magazine is a really

outstanding achievement Fanta Hopa is a

model and activist from South Africa the

entire world knows her now but at one

point she didn't even think about

catwalks and photoshoots the girl

finished a law school and worked as a

prosecutor when she was discovered by

South African fashion designer Gert

Johan coit see he invited her to work as

a model and made the right choice thanks

to her gentle amazing beauty the girl

quickly became really popular today she

works to raise awareness about albinism

because in many African countries

albinism is still considered a curse

fill the largest number of albinos in

the world live in Africa up to this day

people with albinism are mistreated and


that is why activists such as Sandow

Hopa are so outspoken about the problem

of African albinos while international

organizations are trying to bring this

issue to the global level

knocking got--we she is often called the

queen of the dark and knockin seems to

like this nickname the girl was born in

South Sudan but lives in Minnesota USA

napkins unusual look draws a lot of

attention but it took a long time for

her to gain self-confidence haters often

left toxic comments under her posts

ruining her mood and self-esteem but

thanks to the support of her followers

on social networks 460 thousand of them

in her Instagram alone now can manage to

accept herself the girl proves that

everyone is beautiful in their own way

Cassandra nod when Cassandra nod was

born it became clear right away that the

girl would be different from her peers

the thing is Cassandra was

with the Becky's Navy on her face a

large brightly colored and hairy

birthmark of course the doctors offered

Cassandra's parents the new surgery to

remove the birthmark but they refused

and not because of simple reluctance or

cost nevus is buried deep in the skin

and its removal could leave a large scar

in addition there was a risk that

Cassandra's I would be affected the girl

was growing up and her looks caused

different emotions among her peers when

she was in high school

Cassandra persuaded her parents to let

her have an appointment with the plastic

surgeon however the doctor could not

reassure the family at that time surgery

techniques were still not advanced

enough to remove a nevus without

consequences the girl had to learn to

accept the way she looks and she did it

it took some effort in time but she did

it now the nevus has become her

distinguishing feature that helps her

stand out from the rest and we must say

this mark does not make Cassandra any

less beautiful she's a great-looking

girl with the peculiar feature that

makes her appearance really unique

Ralph's so front ralph's affront has

many freckles so many that he could even

share them with someone if it was

possible 24-year old Ralph took the

fashion world by storm

get me out of there


he worked with world famous brands like

adidas Yeezy diesel and sport his

secret is hard work and of course

unconventional looks but it's not about

the freckles only ralph also has red

hair these two traits not typical for

African Americans make him truly unique

ralph was born in Haiti when the boy was

9 years old his family moved to the

United States in Brooklyn New York as a


Ralph wanted to focus on sports but in

the end he decided that he wanted to

turn his body into a work of art we

think he did it with great success

Gaddafi Emond if Emmy you might have

heard of a condition called vitiligo

Winnie Harlow was one of the best known

models with this feature you go Theo

mondo Febby is a South African model who

like Winnie was born with the skin

pigmentation disorder but the girl

didn't perceive it as something ugly and

instead decided to proudly demonstrate

her unique appearance to everyone the

fashion world noticed her and now she is

a successful catwalk model her modeling

debut happened in 2017 during the

mercedes-benz Fashion Week in South

Africa by the way many of her fans say

that the spot on her face is very

similar to the outlines of the African

continent they say this must be a good

sign that should bring her luck and

success let's hope that this is true

Steven Thompson unusual looks is it an

amazing gift or a drawback everyone must

decide for themselves

however the heroes of today's video are

definitely proud of the way they look no

matter how difficult it was to accept

themselves it's simply impossible not to

notice Steven Thompson that's because he

is a tall man almost 2 meters tall and

his skin like his hair is snow-white

Steven was born with the condition

affecting melanin production and this as

you know is the pigment responsible for

the color of skin hair and eyes in other

words Steven is an albino if you know

the world of fashion you have probably

seen this American partaking in the

Givenchy spring/summer 2011 show in 2007

Steven released his own music album he

is blind in one eye so he works in the

Center for the visually impaired to help

those less fortunate yes he is all that

an actor model jazz man and a man with a

good heart

Becky lucky el aunty

Prison is a terrible place that changes

a person's life and often ruins it


however our next hero was the exception

to this rule a couple of years ago

Michiel aunty was serving his sentence

in prison and today he has made his way

into the world of fashion and is

becoming more successful every day his

amazing eyes one brown and the other one

blue helped him get a pass into the

world of fashion when the model agencies

noticed his photos Mickey's life has

changed dramatically today he asks to

call himself lucky because he managed to

sign a contract with a major modeling

agency and even take part in New York

Fashion Week akin Cavalcanti our last

model for today also has to live with

vitiligo a skin pigmentation disorder

although to be honest akin is very proud

of the way he looks in the end his

appearance is what made him so popular

and helped him become a model we are

very happy that Akeem has managed to

gain Fame because he tries to raise

awareness about his condition and also

because there are more women with

vitiligo than men perhaps many people

are still ashamed of having this

condition but Akeem believes this is

something to be proud of well this is it

for today see you soon