Top 10 American Idol Winners: Where Are They Now?

we're checking in with our favorite

winners from this popular singing

competition show

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counting down our picks for the top 10

American Idol winners where are they now

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this list we're taking a look at former

American Idol winners and what they've

been up to since appearing on the show

however we're excluding superstars like

Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood

because let's be honest everyone knows

they're killing it number 10

Phillip Phillips ever since he took the

crown on the 11th season of American

Idol Phillip Phillips has been hard at

work spurred by the enormous success of

his coronation song home the

best-selling song of any Idol winner to

date Phillips released the pop rock

albums the world from this side of the

Moon and behind the light in 2012 and

2014 respectively

the former is gone gone gone and the

latter's raging fire both achieved

moderate degrees of success with raging

fire being used for the 2014 NHL Awards

this is one Idol winner who has yet to

show any signs of slowing down


number nine Candice Glover to say that

Candice Glover is an American Idol

veteran would be a serious

understatement the South Carolina native

was eliminated in seasons nine and

eleven before battling back to win

season 12 in the aftermath of her

victory flubber signed a record deal

with 19 Recordings Interscope and

proceeded to release her debut studio

album music speaks the following year


the album was a critical success but

only managed to sell 19,000 copies in

the first week a record low at the time

for an American Idol winner not to worry

though as Glover is working on a new

album and in 2017 appeared in the

Broadway musical home for the holidays

live on Broadway number 8 Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson's road to American Idol

success was a bumpy one having been cut

from seasons 10 and 11 before finally

breaking through and winning season 13

unfortunately his post idol career

hasn't been much smoother

his debut album testified was recorded

faster than any other American Idol

debut in the competition's history but

unfortunately failed to generate much

buzz with critics or fans and didn't

perform well on the charts hopefully

things will pick up for the North

Carolina rock and roller in the future


number seven lead to wise this former

paint salesman from Mount Prospect

Illinois has kept himself busy ever

since winning American Idols ninth

season DeWyze who'd already released two

albums as a member of the lead a wise

band before appearing on the show has

released four solo albums since with the

first peaking at number 19 on the US

Billboard 200 how do you look me in the

eyes and tell me much like many other

Idol winners the wise didn't stay with

his initial major label for long leaving

RCA in 2011 and signing with Vanguard

Records two years later since appearing

on the show DeWyze has performed all

over North America gotten married and

won a Teen Choice Award so he's

essentially done it all


number six Chris Allen

while he's perhaps best known as the man

who upset fan favorite Adam Lambert on

the eighth season of American Idol Chris

Allen has nevertheless continued to

produce music at a frenetic pace ever

since his unlikely victory back in 2009

the Arkansas natives self-titled post

idol album made it to number 11 on the

US Billboard 200 chart and he followed

that up with additional albums in 2012

2014 and 2 in 2016 an enthusiastic

philanthropist Allen has used his

musical talents to raise money for a

variety of causes since his big win and

continues to give back whenever he can


number five David Cook David Cook

started off his post idol career with a

bang as just one week removed from his

win over runner-up David Archuleta

he saw eleven of his songs debut on the

Billboard Hot 100 the most for a debut

artist since the Beatles dropped 14 back

in 1964


he followed up the record-setting feet

with a self-titled album that produced

the hit singles the time of my life and

light on before going platinum in the

u.s. two albums and a world tour later

cook tie the knot with his longtime

girlfriend and in 2016

made his last American Idol appearance

when he performed a tribute to the late

David Bowie number four Taylor Hicks

since managing to steal the hearts of

fans and judges alike on route to

winning the fifth season of American

Idol Taylor Hicks has been a busy man

after making the usual post idol victory

rounds of releasing a solo album and

appearing on talk shows

Hicks landed the role of teen angel in a

Broadway production of grease he then

followed that up by becoming the first

winner in American Idol history to score

a long-term Las Vegas residency


a year later he appeared in an episode

of Law & Order Special Victims Unit

where he played get this a judge on a

fictional reality singing program oh and

Weird Al Yankovic parodied him number

three Fantasia Barrino if you don't know

what Fantasia Barrino has been up to

since winning the third season of

American Idol then ya haven't been

paying attention now professionally

known as just Fantasia the North

Carolina natives debut album was

nominated for three Grammys and its lead

single truth is held the number one

position on the Billboard Hot adult R&B

airplay chart for 14 weeks she later

landed a role in a Broadway production

of the color purple taking home a

theatre World Award for her performance

of course she hit the big time when she

won her first Grammy in 2011 for her

song bittersweet


success seems to follow Fantasia

wherever she goes

number two Scotty McCreery country

singer Scotty McCreery has seemingly

done it all since winning American idols

tenth season from dropping chart-topping

albums and scooping up Academy of

Country Music Awards to raising money

for various humanitarian causes and

attending university it's clear that the

singer is quite the chameleon the

youngest male winner in Idol history

mccrary's musical pedigree has continued

to expand in recent years and to date he

sold upwards of two million albums

seeing as how he still in his mid-20s it

would appear that McQueary has only

scratched the surface of his musical



you've never seen

number one Jordin Sparks few Idol

winners have achieved the level of

success that Jordin Sparks has her post

idol debut album sold more than a

million copies and peaked at number 10

on the Billboard Hot 100 her

collaboration with Chris Brown no air

earned her a Grammy nomination and is to

date one of the all-time best-selling

songs released by an American Idol

winner sparks is also an accomplished

actress having appeared in a handful of

films and TV shows since her 2007 win

Sparks has toured the world

dated Jason Derulo and even appeared on

Broadway seeing as how her last album

dropped in 2015 though here's hoping she

gets back in the studio ASAP do you

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