'Mother of Satan' explosives found in Volusia County

explosives were found at a home in Lake

Allen the man living there was booked

into jail overnight and is expected to

go before a judge in the next few hours

and we just got these pictures from the

sheriff's office showing some of the

items deputies pulled from the man's

home you can see some cleaning supplies

and fireworks and what appears to be a

modified nerf gun let's get right out to

News 6 is Lauren corn live at the

Volusia County Jail for us so Lauren are

investigators saying what that suspect

may have been planning with all that

explosive powder

well deputies say that he told them he

was using those explosives to make

fireworks but what we're learning today

is that he also told deputies that he

has a passion and his hobby for o'the

explosives the Volusia County bomb squad

spent hours last night detonating three

ready-made explosive devices in an open

field near 37 year old Jared Coburn's

Lake Helen home now this is after they

say someone tipped them off about a

reported homemade bomb that was under

his bed deputies say they found a mason

jar full of an explosive chemical known

as mother of satan that's used by

terrorist groups and is not common in

the United States authorities also say

Coburn's told them he got into

explosives when he found a love for

model rockets and when those weren't

exciting enough they say he used YouTube

to learn more about explosive materials

and make them in his backyard this guy

is pretty intelligent and pretty savvy

that he's able to produce this and not

have blown himself or anything else up

accidentally now after searching his

home deputies say they also found large

amounts of Tanna night several firearms

large amounts of ammunition and a few

suspect items that they say quote could

be portrayed as hoaxes destructive

devices or easily converted into one he

has first appearance today at 1:30 this


Justin Lauren corn live for us Thank You