Mother of "The Sons of Zebedee" - the Priest and the Servant

pom pom hey guys good morning it's

Tuesday morning that our class is

tonight so they're always my best time

so I just finished doing our class for

tonight we're gonna be painting hogfish

and I painted in a way where we get to

run through all the colors purple red

green yellow orange all the colors wind

up in these funny little paintings this

core did one already last night but we

have people coming to class today that

went there last night some brought their

children we had a great time I get about

25 people or so to come in here and and

we just we just have a good time it's a

it's a boot camp I teach people how to

paint and it's real fun and it's always

got some new people in there and opening

the eyes of people all right this is a

being being a creative person being an

artist and then being a teacher and what

we do here is open eyes we are we are we

are healing the blind and that's what

that means it's giving people you know

the ability to sew for themselves all

right and and then this that's about it

you know my art class works off of three

phases of painting you know it's it

represents the color and the color has a

good side and a bad side and when it all

comes down to it that third phase when

you interject light into the painting

which is the white color you know once

you interject that into the first two

phases which is the dark fades and the

middle phase which is you know which

would be you you know it only takes that

little bit of life to make everything

else but there's a whole lot of darkness

the whole whole lot of darkness all

right and so you know that's how I teach

we teach that you know there's there's a

big pancake of darkness in our world all

right and then between the second phase

number two is is

just the color and the color itself you

know sits the top of that darkness you

know and then a little bit of light in

the third face a little bit of light

sits on top of the tube sits on top of

the second phase leaving something

behind so it's just a really wonderful

story which is the type of intervention

okay and so when you are opening the

eyes of the blind and Jesus opened up a

lot of eyes and we're gonna learn this

again this idea of the wayside gonna

show up I'm gonna agree it's a quick

little lesson about chapter 20 in

Matthew all right so you know it's a 20

that's gonna be about two so they're

gonna be talking about pairs all right I

can just say that right now because I've

read it and I know what it's gonna say

but I'm trying to show you that as far

as the numbers are concerned the number

20 represents two two represents God's


you are God's creation all right and in

the spirit of the word Elohim the right

and left sides of our brain are the

image of God in us the father of courses

the carnal mind and the mother of us all

is our spiritual side okay now we

represent both where the physical side

of the father and we are the spiritual

side of the soul the spiritual side of

us is the mother

so our soul has two images it has the

physical and it has the spiritual one

you see and one who don't see that they

are still the sons alright so when the

male mind decides to judge itself his

father his father is gonna judge you

right you are gonna be sitting down into

a meditation pose a posture or something

whatever it is that you do to do it and

believe me the simpler the better

you've got some crazy thing going on

that's just crazy you may never get

there it's a simple procedure that

requires a little darkness so that your

pineal gland does not operate in

daylight hours when it's a daylight

situation it vibrates and hums

differently so it needs to be darkened

the world around you means to be in

darkness because the day of the Lord is

darkness when you get to the sixth

ladder its darkness complete quietly no

one's eating anything no one's thinking

anything no one's talking about nothing

unleavened bread nothing Rises

everything is the carcasses lay by the

wayside and the Eagles come no matter

where those carcasses lay but anyways

and and they call them carcasses because

in their line of light until you make

this journey within you're just dead you

know now so what we just did so so

you're alive and well and chicken eaten

and screaming and up stormy out

just one dead dead beast in their minds

all right

because it's about a state of mind and

when someone is just living out of the

lower mind their lower their rights on

the left side of their brain then

they're called you know considered like

sodomizer feeding from the lower you

know and the idea of taking on a

or prostitute or someone that's standing

in between something that's real and the

one that is stand-in for the real mother

then we find that you know she is

representing religion or any other God

that you put before yourself before you

before you put before the Lord and mote

basically what that means is shirking

her taking taking the right side of our

brain of where we are told to toss our

Nets over for fish you know we get this

high 9 we get a 153 fish there's another

number that not

means consciousness so you know once you

do this you it's with the right

reference that's a great thing to have

all right but when someone's gonna start

bad talking this other side it's usually

those brethren you know God comes up in

assists well how long am I gonna have to

put up with those wicked brethren know

that with them wicked this is their skin

it's always gonna be this way

the it's funny yesterday in the story

would be that Calif was ready to go you

know because he's representing the

spiritual side of things and that the

brethren the men in the group with the

world's no clothes no things we can do

it it's too scary this big man and

they're awful and they eat each other

and stuff like that you know and of

course that's as far as anyone on the

outside world reads these scriptures but

if they went to the next one they would

find that God said you know anybody talk

about me them

you know bring them up there I'll take

care of it you know so anyways what we

have here that's a failure to

communicate let me knock this down and

do some reading on I found another girl

for us to talk about she's in Matthew

chapter 20 I do have it here yes her


Zebedee she's the wife of seventy wife

is a good name did a good name for it

that's all she they're gonna have a name

for it in this epic poem alright and

what she winds up doing is see in these

stories she has the two children she has

two sons she comes before Jesus since he

has so she says I would like for my sons

to sit on the left hand and your right

hand you know it's just really funny

because in reality that's that's not

funny because when we go under it's

talking about the right and the left

science of our brain and when I say

right side when achieve this this

brother is supposed to represent her

she's in there but this is your soul

this is the when when the person goes

under this is all this is all so your

two witnesses

you physical self physical self you go

in to meditation this is the witness you

know that you're going through this

judgment you know one day you're gonna

make it

but anyways as to witness and because

you're sending up your messenger it's a

messenger this is the child within your

first mail all right is from the mind

that's why it's baby Jesus or something

like that but it's always from the monk

from the male side of our brain from the

male side my dyslexia remember when it's

Lexi but what we bring out to do this

job for us is our soul that's what we

set free so this these are the two boats

on the shore this is the two sons that

the mother of you present you know to

Jesus and Jesus comes and says you know

hey do you think you can drink from the

same cup I'm drinking from are you

prepared to do are you able to you know

be baptized the same way I'm baptized

and they say yes of course and he says

yeah you're right you can drink the same

place I'll tell you that

and I I can also I'll deliver you you

know but as far as like you know saying

that you could sit on my right hand and

my left hand you know that's not for me

to decide that's for father you know but

I'll take you up there and you take it

up with him

all right and so at the end of this

story see I'm not even reading I'm even

gonna read it chapter 20 towards the end

of the story Jesus says you know he's

leaving this place wherever this place

is that we have here I guess I'm gonna

have to pull it up wealthy twin

number 26 you know what we say is who

who is who of you can't stand before the

line you know and of course we all care

we have it in us whoo-hoo and of you

like inside of you there's gonna be a

servant there's gonna be some body but

it's gonna do this six seven eight so

here's number 26 which represents eight

it should be some control but it should

not be so among you but whoever will be

great among you let him be your Minister

and whosoever will be chief among you

let him be your servant 28 even the son

of man came not to be ministered unto

but to minister and to give his life a

ransom for many

number 29 and as they departed from

Jericho a great multitude follow him 30

which is 3 remember this is all about

bringing two together and they're gonna

give him one I forgot to tell you that

at the beginning of this is all these

people go by the wayside remember

anytime Jesus is travelling and stuff

like that he's in this out he's in

meditation mode remember you can't talk

to Jesus can't talk to God unless

they're in spirit that's how it works so

you have to be in spirit so he's just

traveling from place to place you know

as these five different places to go to

on your body you know in the countryside

it's all in this move mode so if they're

traveling there they're going from a

Jericho and as they're going along they

met these two blind men two blind guys

by the wayside and what he was walking

was they hollered out you know come save

me oh it's right for me so let me read

it it says and behold two blind men

sitting by the wayside and they heard it

Jesus passed by and they cried out say

have mercy on us O Lord thy son David

I'm 31 and the multitude rebuked them

because they should hold their peace and

they cried the more say have mercy on us

O Lord my son David and Jesus Stood

Still and called them and said what will

ye that I shall do unto you number 33

which is 6 right they said unto Him Lord

that our eyes may be opened number 34

just 7 so Jesus had compassion on them

and touched their eyes and immediately

their eyes receive sight and they

followed him you can only save someone

on number 7 that's where it always the

saving and the healing and all the

wonderful stuff happens on number 7 so

that's why they would say that they

would have killed this Jesus is because

he was working on the Sabbath and Jesus

would say you know if my father were

from what are you talking about so Jesus

is thought like talking to them like you

should already know this you guys and

you say that you're the chief would to

choose and you don't know what it means

to be reborn this is the second time I'm

trying to bring this and the first one

was I'm not kidding you there was like

five airplanes it came from when I was

talking just air pollution and he was

this should be addressed but at the

beginning of the story they're talking

about while they're in this way by the

way by the road it's like a man who

opened up a vineyard here let's see what

the very verse verse is in our minds on

this Matthew 24 the kingdom of heaven is

like unto a man that is that is an in

the household is an is an householder

which means you know

you who have their own cell which went

out early in the morning to hire

labourers into his vineyard remember

because you're asking for help when we

are going under to find this place with

the vineyard is your is the Kundalini

it's just the idea of the vine the

curves and the swoop enos and all that

the way the fruit the meat this is where

we go to meet it's where we get our fill

from of the higher conscious and when he

had agreed with the labourers for a

penny and day he sent them into his

vineyard all right and then there's

people standing idle they look they said

someone that go ye after the vineyard

and whoever is right I'll give it to you

all right so this is the first time they

say that and they say it like three

times so anyone that goes that so we

went up again found some people standing

still they says hey once you come over

here because that's what it is when

you're in this situation and in

meditation you know these people on

these things they're just sitting there

like the two ships on the side of of the

of them on the bank of the river or

something the two it's our two sides of

our brain again in this situation and he

promises them you know I'm going to give

you a penny for a day's labor you know

and so there was people that were found

earlier in it and then there were people

that were found later in this meditation

because they're gathering is that it's a

gathering of the self as you're doing

this and and the ones that will appear

the first one it's a kind of complaining

you know I've been here all day long and

the last guys they only been here for

just a few days there are a few hours

even or minutes even and they got paid

and then the hour came when the eleventh

hour came boom remember the eleventh

hour is that how it worked then it came

about the eleventh hour they received

every man a penny eleventh hours - all

right that penny is is that every party

that goes into this gets one that's just

interesting talk

that deals with that's what you came

here to put your two brains your two

halves of your brain together and this

is bloody kids it says and this is where

you know just like the earliest ones and

the latest ones it doesn't matter you

get the same thing you know nobody's

going to get more because you've been

here for a longer time you know and even

in that story when the prodigal son

one of the sons says I've how come

you've given him such a great time I've

been here all along

and then the father says well you never

lost that's why you know so being lost

is just you know being on the wayside

and then you come home just a moment

that's why all these stories are

excellent actually what you do is to

come home but what you and I are doing

is we are learning to sow the seeds and

the seed is the word and to sow it by

the way sign there you are so by the

wayside means to you know you're picking

it you're picking things up on the

outside you're not picking things up on

the inside and you'll never get it

you'll never get there but after you've

had your fill of the outside had your

tongue being servant and the merchants

and all that mess you know being a horde

all that time to change mine and it's as

simple as that going upstairs and if God

so be it we'd be changed you know but

the stories of you know like opening the

eyes of the blind you heard here that

the Brethren complains that you should

shut up this outside the outside world

again saying you know you should be shut

up and these guys cried even higher you

know and they would say the eleven are

being the 10 the 10 brethren

clean about the two that wanted out and

so this is the stories of you know okay

so those two go out this would be Moses

and Aaron to bring his people out only

to have them complain because they're

gonna be destroyed they're gonna go

hungry and they're gonna be killed

that's the way it is because that's the

way the story goes this to people that

you send out which is your witnesses you

know to go and see what's going to

happen and bring it all back to home the

brethren the skin ain't gonna like it

this was why you know you're not happy

you know Jesus says the Prophet is never

you know welcome in his hometown I hope

people are understanding this you know

but only those people that are in the

group here if you don't understand that

you know this you know it's just not

ready you're not ready yet this is not

your time but you understand that you

know it comes about by hollering out I

need you I need you God you know and you

had to have some some grips with him

when you actually had some belief in it

you know have long time and some fear in

it at one time and that that when when

God finally reveals himself to you you

just kind of laugh can you sit down all

that help all that help my head so

that's your earthquakes with once you

get over with them you you learn to

smile a lot just to know about yourself

know more about God and the only way to

do that is to be out of mind to be out

of body so when someone says you are out

of your mind

you say thank God alright and that they

should try it anyways I love you guys

the best to you so good gets up the our

Comcast has been out almost all day all

night again

we just can't get it you know its keeps

me from being able to do these things on

a timely fashion

anyways I sure hope the best to you guys

and happy journeys out there side of

Delta is ready when you are