Wonder Behind the Scenes - The Makeup (2017) | Movieclips Extras

he has a complete silicone neck and chin

and cheeks and then a complete face and

nose fake years under skull wig then he

has contact lenses and teeth I don't

think a lot of people realize what he's

he's completely covered in the end

really you know his arms are his own

that's it

every morning I get to makeup chair and

Robert pen Dini

combs my hair back so they can like put

the prosthetic on and then after he does

that but I have to sit in the chair for

an hour and a half so every morning we

put on a movie and I'll do you watch a

movie while they put it on first they

put on the helmet and then they start to

glue on the neck the chin that the cheek

pieces and then after that they glue on

the head the headpiece and then Robert

Penn Dini comes again and puts on the

wig we would start painting and

finishing the makeup and we put the

teeth in and then the lenses were last

we wouldn't pull the eyes down to where

you're actually on set to save that

extra half an hour before you would

actually film and he had this system

whereby he would attach these things

here and if you were to click in the

back of the head it it would do this to

his eyes he has it underneath the wig it

had a mechanical device to pull his eyes

down so they're not rupee and we could

lock it and unlock it because I knew it

would be very uncomfortable throughout

filming if he if he constantly had that

glued down that was practical I couldn't

wait to get to spend the whole summer in

this you know why because sometimes I

got HD but other times if you really

didn't think about that much it was like

there was a nice cozy warm cocoon around

your head