The Outsiders Video Summary

the outsiders by s e hinton

is a coming-of-age story about class

rivalry between two

teenage gangs the novel tells of the

violence that ensues between the


who make up the lower class gang and the


their middle and upper class rivals the

boys suffer tragic consequences

as they resort to violence still their

loyalty and kinship

grow stronger the novel is said in the

early 1960s

in a fictional city loosely based on the

author's hometown

of tulsa oklahoma financially and

socially disadvantaged

the greaser gang members are referred to

as hoods or juvenile delinquents

they include the following characters

ponyboy curtis

is the 14 year old narrator of the novel

who loves reading books and watching


he lives with his older brothers sodapop

and dairy curtis

as their parents have passed away in a

car accident

sodapop is a happy-go-lucky 16 year old

always grinning and getting high on life

while abstaining from drinking alcohol

dairy is the oldest curtis brother a

roofer who takes care of both ponyboy


sodapop derry won an athletic

scholarship which he had to give up

because his family could still not

afford to send him to college

johnny cade is a nervous 16 year old who

comes from a violent home

his friends treat him like a kid brother

dally is the toughest of the gang

he is a jockey who rides horses which

the narrator tells us

is the only thing he does honestly

he is hardened by his fight for


the others know they can count on dally

for help if they are in trouble

two-bit matthews is a wisecracking

shoplifter who carries a switchblade and

enjoys both fighting

and school steve randall is soda's best


whom ponyboy dislikes

the rival gang the sox are richer kids

from the west side

they include the following members bob


a bitter enemy of the greasers who

harasses them every chance he gets

randy adderson is bob's best friend

cherry is bob's girlfriend whom ponyboy

enjoys getting to know

despite their class differences

one night at the drive-in theater


johnny two-bit and dally meet cherry and

her friend marsha

ponyboy and cherry enjoy watching the

sunset together

it is a bond that crosses their social


and links their worlds on the walk home

bob and randy the girls sock boyfriends

accost the group and then take the girls


later that night ponyboy and johnny

accidentally fall asleep in their

favorite vacant lot

ponyboy runs home but when derry scolds

and hits him for the first time

he goes back to find johnny later

ponyboy and johnny are jumped by bob

randy and other sock gang members

during the fight johnny stabs and kills

bob to stop him from drowning ponyboy in

a fountain

panicked ponyboy and johnny find dally

who they know will help them dally gives

them some money

his jacket and a gun and tells them to

get on a train to wendricksville and

hide out in a deserted church

ponyboy and johnny stay at the church

for nearly a week

cutting their long greaser hair to

disguise themselves and eating bologna

dally meets them and takes them for


johnny decides to turn himself in but

when the three return to the church they

find it is on fire

a school group had been having a picnic

there and some children are trapped


johnny and ponyboy heroically save them

although one of the panicked children

bites ponyboy on the hand

a burning piece of timber hits johnny in

the back after ponyboy jumps from a

church window to safety

ponyboy and dally go to the hospital but

because ponyboy was wearing darry's


he has only suffered a few burns and


soda and dairy arrived to pick him up

there they learned that dally has a

burned arm from his attempt to pull

johnny through the church window

worst of all johnny is in critical

condition with a back injury

and third degree burns the boys leave

dally and johnny

at the hospital to recover the greasers

have planned to rumble against the socks

ponyboy feels sick but decides to go


dally escapes from the hospital to fight

in the rumble

and the greasers win dally takes ponyboy

back to the hospital to visit johnny who

is dying

before he dies johnny tells ponyboy

stay gold he does not want him to lose

his childlike

innocence and become hardened like dally

dally who loved johnny especially runs


overcome with grief ponyboy feels

even sicker but goes home to tell the

rest of the gang

that johnny is dead dally calls the

curtis house from a pay phone

to say that he has robbed a grocery

store and the cops are chasing him

the whole gang runs to the vacant lot as

dally approaches from the other side

followed by cop cars dally pulls his gun

on the cops and they shoot him killing


ponyboy passes out from exhaustion

later ponyboy wakes up in bed delirious

and sick from a head concussion

he is in denial about johnny's death

soon he goes to court to testify about

bob's murder

telling them honestly that johnny killed


the judge goes easy on him ponyboy is

allowed to continue living with dairy

and soda

rather than being sent to a boy's home

but things are not the same for him

his world is upside down and his grades

start to slip

darry confronts ponyboy about his grades

and they fight

soda is upset by all the fighting and

runs out of the house

dairy and ponyboy find soda soda tells

his brothers he can't stand how they

fight all the time

since they'll only survive if they stick


all they have is each other darry

and ponyboy hadn't realized their

fighting upset

soda so much and they vowed to get along

and take care of each other

ponyboy has to decide what to write

about for a semester theme in english


and he decides to write a story warning

at-risk boys to turn their lives around

it's called the outsiders