The role of the national security adviser

24 days that's how long michael Flynn

was president Trump national security

advisor the shortest tenure ever for

someone in that position but what does

the National Security Advisor actually

do and how important is the job for you

know national security well the office

is in the West Wing and the heart of the

job is monitoring the pulse of the

National Security Council which brings

together the State Department Pentagon

the intelligence community and military

advisors in order to formulate foreign

policy the National Security Council is

sort of the president's friend and

helping him or her figure out what

policy options should be considered and

then making sure overseeing the process

is very implemented until you traipse a

lot of the big decisions in history

especially in the last several decades

the National Security Council has really

been at the center of framing the

choices and then figuring out how

they're going to be implemented critical

decisions like reacting to the Cuban

Missile Crisis escalating the war in

Vietnam responding to 911 invading Iraq

and killing Osama bin Laden there is no

part of the government that's more

important town 4,000 person preferred a

different national security advisers

brings different strengths and

weaknesses to the job Henry Kissinger

was a brilliant academic who was so

simpatico with President Nixon that he

was considered more powerful than the

Secretary of State the big new

Brzezinski had President Carter's ear

but he didn't always get along with his

colleagues which resulted in an

ideological split inside the

administration these are two examples of

those who use this position to push

policy and convince the president they

were right but other national security

advisers were much more like referees

than quarterbacks Prince Tokra who have

the job under presidents board at Bush

41 saw his role as coordinating policy

making sure everyone felt heard and that

the process was fair you can go through

history and each adviser had the

relative strength

this is but I would kind of put out

Brent Scowcroft at Exhibit A for exhale

three national security advisers

Kissinger Colin Powell and Condoleezza

Rice went on to become secretaries of

state meanwhile like his campaign

president Trump's national security

council is anything but conventional

especially after he gave chief

strategist seed Bannon a seat at the

table this is unprecedented its

controversial controversial because

presidents in the past have always

believed that it was important to

separate politics from national security

with that controversy took a backseat to

the explosive news that Trump national

security adviser michael Flynn was

stepping down his resignation took place

following revelations that he had

discussed lifting sanctions with the

Russians and hadn't been forthcoming

about that conversation especially with

vice president Mike Pence the issue

purely simple came down to a matter of

trust and the president concluded that

he no longer had to trust or the

National Security Advisor the question

now not just who president Trump takes

to succeed Flint but what kind of

advisor he hires a Kissinger or a

Scowcroft so when it comes to picking

the National Security Advisor and

understanding what that job entail at

least you can say no to get it