Home Improvement: Believe It or Not Clip

well the manufacturer says it looks like

an alien spaceship I think it looks like

a big Jiffy Pop container you know I

tend to agree with you a real spaceship

would have some form of internal

propulsion right it should look like a

saw yeah you got kind of an iridescent

glow and a low hum yeah yeah 26 little

diamond-shaped windows what fine start

you talking about 100 Forbidden Planet

or The Day the Earth Stood Still I

wasn't talking about boubier what were

you talking about

well nothing are you talking about a

real UFO maybe have you seen a real farm

maybe this is this out here maybe you

know Tim I have never told anybody this

but one night when I was living with my

parents outside the Turkish city of

Cappadocia I saw an alien craft

did you see little green men come out of


these men were bluish-gray assuming they

were men I didn't see any sexually

distinguishing features

well you had just met

oh I tell you it was an amazing thing

I'll never forget how the night go some

cocktails and a quick probe