Tom Hardy To Be The NEW 007?! Report Explained!

let's talk about what happens after

james bond

no time to die and i realize the movie

hasn't come out yet but it was supposed

to be out already at which point we

would be discussing

who is going to be the next james bond

we've had many james bonds over the last

25 movies that this franchise has been

made up of

but this time it's a little bit more up

in the air and unclear who is going to

be taking the man to love 007

now for the purpose of this video i want

to be transparent with you guys we're

here to have good times talk about

movies and enjoy the speculatory values

of what is

the conversation of these movies so this

isn't confirmed news this is something

that is a little bit more than a fan

cast but also something that a lot of

people are talking about

all over several different media

platforms so it's not something that i'm

making up but it's also not anything

that's been confirmed

but the talks around many different

media sources including a lot of

different british news media sources is

that tom hardy

will be introduced as the next 07 after

james bond no time to die which we know

is the last of the daniel craig james

bond era

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isn't the first time we've talked about

tom hardy

being the new double07 it was actually

anticipated that after the release of no

time to die

that we would get an announcement about

tom hardy taking over the mantle

this year in november obviously all of

this got pushed

around and eschewed due to coronavirus

pushing all of these films

out of whack and kind of throwing off

the timeline for all these movies

and now we're expecting to get no time

to die in november this year instead

but as soon as that film ends there will

be talks about who is going to be the

next james bond and

for the moment the front runner for this

was and continues to be

tom hardy although discussions about who

will be the newest james bond have kind


pitted away due to the pushing back of

the film and the movie industry coming

to a screaming halt

but it is a very very important topic as

the james bond franchise is one of the

world's most

proud movie franchises and the actor who

plays james bond has an extremely

important role to play because that is

an icon in the movie world who to this

day is still out there

kicking butt and taking care of business

now there is one particular detail that

should be discussed

and that is that there are a good number

of people who believe

after james bond no time to die james


will actually die and we will see him be

replaced by

a new double07 now that seems like a

crazy idea and it's pretty far-fetched

but in a world where james bond has had

25 films

six different actors and a lot of money

come its way

there are those who think it might be

time to spice things up and start anew

however it seems the overwhelming

majority would not like to see james

bond come to an

end and they do not want to see a new

double 07

rather they would like to come see tom

hardy for example come and take on the

mantle of james bond and continue that

legacy that we have had

for many many years but there are those

that believe come the 26th installment

of this franchise we will be seeing

a new o7 at the helm and that is all

going to be up for discussion

after no time to die does release in

november and although i feel tom hardy

would be a perfect pick it is by no

means a

done deal and he is not cemented as the


007 just yet so let me know

what you guys think who would you like

to play james bond or if you're on the

other side of spectrum who would you

like to see as double 07 in the next

installment of the franchise

there are a lot of options out there and

a lot of really really good candidates

but prior to covid19 tom hardy was the

front runner and we were anticipating to

be hearing pretty soon

that he would be taking over the double

07 mantle

but let me know what you guys think in

the comments down below this is a fun

video with no confirmation and it's not

cemented news so let's get creative with

it let me know who you would cast for

double 07.

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