Don Harman On the Day He Died - Last Forecast - WDAF Fox 4 News

seven degrees here on Signal Hill all

right we're in the 30s we're actually a

little warmer North alas a little bit

more wind out there kind of stirred up

the atmosphere a bit so mid 30s compared

to low 20s yesterday actually a weak

little cold fronts moving in although

it's not going to be colder than

yesterday so kind of weird right there's

that northwest wind already about 15

that'll be up to 20 probably as the

afternoon wears on not much for us

got a few high clouds skipping by should

be a pretty nice sunrise really look

what's going on down here I'll take you

down here in a second with a separate

sector showing the snow down into Dixie

northern parts of Mississippi Alabama

couple inches of snow near cape

girardeau Caruthersville Missouri

picking up some snow wrapping around

that upper-level low so it's a heavy wet

sloppy kind of snow but you get three

four or five inches of that parts of

Tennessee Northern Dixie this time of

year they start to wonder what's going

on so that's kind of the big deal there

you can see that on the water vapor with

that big orb it's kind of spinning over

the southeastern states pressure is

lower here therefore the temperatures

are lower there so whenever you

dramatically decrease atmospheric

pressure that's why you can cool things

off quite a bit we're really quiet for a

while still have our next system now in

the Pacific Northwest and that's the

next thing we got to watch there's not

one upper-level low got a few high

clouds nearby here's the system we

chatted about yesterday looks fairly

impressive it really is kind of

impressive and it's going to scoot like

this and kind of drop into the

southwestern states the big question is

what does it do does it why I'm gonna

get to that yeah that's the big question

what does it do I think it's going to

give us rain I'm going with a certain

solution that is rain oriented 34 now if

the other pans out we're gonna have six

inches of snow i I just flat out I flat

out think that's wrong okay

there's the long range I should have

shown you temperatures for today we're

gonna be the four days 52 by Thursday it

comes that next system with rain on

Saturday and I think it's gonna move out

maybe a snowflake Sunday morning but I

think that's it I am specifically going

with one bottle well now hang on the

current system over the southeastern

states was much better hammered by the

European model than the American model

I am therefore going with the European

model with this next system we like the

Europe as well that I tell you you can't

cya the viewer wants to know what we

think is going to happen not what could

happen you know what I feel coming on

I'm gonna prompt the psychic in the room

I feel the live shot coming on of how to

prepare your car for winter as well