Gavin Rossdale: New judge on The Voice has found two stars already

Gavan hello sir I'm very well and very

well good evening you're steppin into

one of the most popular television shows

on TV

you've been involved we've been involved

the music industry for a long long time

but like coming into a show like this at

this magnitude I mean this must make

even you nervous yeah I've weird like

ability to go through processes and I

have like an flatline through them at

the same time I'm really eternal I love

it I love going to work every day

brilliant opportunity when you get

involved in a show that's usually

popular already but this is going to be

a reinvention of some source as a new

platform people don't know quite what -

its immense yes can we expect

I gotta say that it's really musically

based because between all the four

coaches everyone's in their Lane is to

be strong in their Lane right wheels

amazing producer Jen is an incredible

singer diva star Tom as Sir Tom Jones

you don't do it right and I'm some guy

in a band written my songs on my life

and toured so everyone's got their Lane

so it's made it really reasonable John I

mean it's not there's no

there's no weak links on the show with a

contestants we had to fight to get the

best singers we could because there's so

many that we heard so it's I think it's

gonna be surprising in that way and one

of the biggest criticisms of the show of

the last few years it's obviously

comparing people from things on the

x-factor not creating sustainable

careers for some of the stars of the

show speaking to will a few weeks ago he

was saying it's important for this

series to kind of rectify that there

with your background that surely must be

a high priority view that's the reason

why I wanted to do it because it's the

thing that I thought was the biggest

challenge I like a challenge

anyway you're confident you confident

that this side at least two superstars

on my team hundred percent even if they

don't win the voice Jennifer came

seventh in American Idol and is now a

global icon so it's not to me about I

just know our to suit

thank God great voice

I'll just leave it at that I haven't met

each other yet got some weeks duty