Meet Journey's New Singer - Arnel Pineda | People

I finally just took it in my own hands

and I said I'm gonna go on the internet

I went onto YouTube after two days of

searching in and completely thrown my

arms up I stumbled upon one video of his

and so I went wow yeah that's a great

sound sounding noise you know you're

looking in at this little picture and

the screen and you're going how are we

going to do this how do we get in touch

with them it's going to be tricky

he told me so you are auditioning for

the journey I mean yeah I have the

letter there so you're the guy huh

you're auditioning okay already know

wheel in this play of course I know that

wheel in this guy gives intern Anna

looks like okay okay I'm convinced okay

go today they're more poor poorer than

me there I mean very literally living

living in the gutter and you know just

eating food from from the concrete and

from the floor we're almost two years I

was like that until until I

I auditioned for this band called a hose

and there was the beginning it redefines

the song in a sort of street way and

when the lyrics were going down and you

see the scene and Tony and his family

and all the stuff going on it just made

it different you know and it it was one

of those moments you go I just never

went you know when I wrote the song with

these guys that's kind of what I had in

mind but I never saw it you know until

they portrayed it that way and it was a

really cool thing

well it's timing everything is happening

at the same time we have this triple

disc album just happen to find our nail

in time to record it we've got all our

heads together we've got the right

missing Lincoln and so we feel

rejuvenated completely