GH: 1/29/21 - Nina Learns Nelle was Her Daughter Part 1/2


it fits

if it fits the half-heart necklace that

avery found belonged to my daughter it's

a piece of her that's been missing

all this time okay are you sure it's the

yes necklace

carly i am sure look at the clasp it's

unique it's custom-made and they matched

you see this michael michael where's

avery what happened to her

uh sasha's taking home the windermere

and she asked me to come back to check

on her

lucky necklace well i have it right here

and it seems to be a match for mine so

she said she found this

in the woods by a cabin what cabin is it

located where do we get a hold of ava

she might be able to i just no need to

ask ava because uh

avery told me everything

michael is avery upset about the adults

fighting over the necklace oh sasha and

i managed to calm her down and uh maybe

just worried you're not gonna give the

necklace back to her

what did avery say about the necklace

this is none of your business why are

you even here still because i'm the man

who convinced nina sasha was her

daughter and if she's gonna discover who

her real daughter is i want to be a part

of it okay okay michael what exactly did

avery say about the necklace she only

told me that she found it

in the woods near a cabin yeah yeah

that's right she found in a clearing

near our family cabin

so eva and avery stayed at the corinthos

family cabin

uh yeah during my grandfather's last few

days ava offered to have avery with her

my dad agreed but he didn't want abraham

windermere so he suggested the cabin so

uh yeah

baby took avery there for the night i

mean mom you remember this yeah yeah um

avery was very close to mike she adored

him and sonny didn't want

her around all the sadness that he

didn't want avery to see mike so sick

okay so could the necklace belong to

anyone else who stayed at that cabin

well the last time that calvin was used

before ava and avery was when now

kidnapped wiley