Update: Nigeria's new president sworn in

President Goodluck Jonathan newly

inaugurated promised Nigerians that he

would unite them behind him by

implementing what he described as a

transformation program to deliver the

dividends of democracy that Nigerians

have been yearning for namely improved

power and electricity better

infrastructure access to education and

health care and the fight against

corruption he did touch on the

post-election mayhem that we saw in

Nigeria in which 800 people were killed

and tens of thousands of people

displaced he promised that there would

be a serious judicial inquiry to look

into what went wrong he called on his

political opponents to come together

essentially to work with him to build a

better and bolder Nigeria there was a

feeling throughout his speech and

throughout the ceremony among the elites

amongst that among people who work for

the president among diplomats and

ambassadors and other heads of state who

were present that Nigeria really isn't

punching its way remember it's the

world's sixth largest exporter of crude

oil it's caught on something like 2.2

million barrels a day but many people

still live in abject poverty