The presidential race for 2020 draws near

to the race for 2020 just four days now

until the iowa caucus is hard to believe

in polls tonight showing joe biden

and bernie sanders in a close race with

pete butterjudge and elizabeth warren

joining them near the top

eva pilgrim from iowa tonight where it's

clear the candidates sense that this is


just four days until the iowa caucus and

tonight joe biden is making the case

that he

is the man to beat donald trump does it


if a president has no moral compass

does it matter if a president believes

he or she is above the law

donald trump has proved he believes the

answer to each and every one of these


is no biden facing republican fire at

the impeachment trial today taking on

the president hours before the president

touched down

for a rally in des moines i know you

probably heard

donald trump is coming to iowa i never

saw another party have

so much interest in a democratic caucus

several recent polls show it could be a

dead heat between biden

and bernie sanders sanders is now the

target of a new ad from a pro-israel

democratic group

challenging his electability and his

health i do have some concerns about

bernie sanders health considering the

fact that he did have a heart attack

sanders firing back on twitter arguing

the ad is a sign the democratic


is getting nervous the big money

interest can run all the negative ads

they want

but it's not going to work tonight

several democratic candidates remain

trapped in washington for the


senator elizabeth warren asked when she

is going to iowa

ask mitch mcconnell but on the ground in

a tight race

biden acknowledges one thing even if he

doesn't win the nomination

himself do you think bernie sanders can

beat donald trump

oh i think anybody can beat thompson all

right eva pilgrim with us live tonight

from iowa she's at president trump's

rally the president clearly knowing full

well the timing there just days before

the caucus eva

and on the democratic side as you

reported there the polling is very close

still a very fluid race that's right


a lot of the voters that we talked to

say they still haven't made up their

mind maiden and sanders are leading the

pack but warren and buddha judge

are right behind them buddha judge today

going directly at his rivals

and the president as you can see making

a statement of his own with this large

rally here in des moines tonight

david here we go david pilgrim tonight

eva thank you

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