Matt James is the next Bachelor! (And What You Need to Know)

we have our next Bachelor just this

morning on Good Morning America it was

announced that Matt James is going to be

the next franchise lead and the first

ever black bachelor very excited the new

bachelor Matt James joins us now Matt

congratulations now perhaps you don't

recognize him or know anything about him

and perhaps you're surprised to see this

announced when we haven't even had a

bachelorette season and likely won't for

at least a few months but with pressure

mounting from members of bachelor nation

saying enough is enough it's time for

this franchise to start representing the

diversity of America and a petition

created by the Batchelor diversity

campaign that at the time of the

announcement had almost eighty five

thousand signatures ABC made the


Matt James a model and luxury realtor

from North Carolina is our next Bachelor

and while I'm delighted that ABC Warner

Bros and the team behind The Bachelor

have taken this much-needed first step

this decision would likely never have

happened without the countless members

of bachelor nation speaking up

especially former Bachelorette Rachel

Lindsay who has been a leading advocate

for diversity in the franchise a task

she's had to champion as the only person

of color to ever be a franchise lead now

many of you might not recognize Matt

simply because you've never seen him on

TV but if you follow tyler cameron on

instagram chances are you know a lot

about who he is

ever since tyler cameron shot two

bachelor nation stardom and won over the

hearts of countless bachelorette viewers

many flocked to his instagram page and



this is Tyler's best friend and business

partner Matt James who together run a

charity organization called ABC Food

Tours which organizes food tours for

underserved and underprivileged kids in

the New York City area their goal to

inspire and motivate these children by

exposing them to restaurant tours

entrepreneurs and immigrant business

owners who've all overcome similar

hardships but before moving to New York

Matt came from Raleigh North Carolina

and went on to play football for Wake

Forest University after that he tried

out for the NFL with the Carolina

Panthers and New Orleans Saints before

eventually moving to New York and taking

a position as a research analyst at a

commercial real estate company called

CBR II and you may also recognize Matt

from the quote quarantine crew where

Tyler and Hannah Brown were self

isolating together back in March see

there's Matt James wearing what I hope

will be his night one outfit and matt

has been gaining a following ever since

Tyler season of The Bachelorette so much

so that Matt was cast to be on Claire

Crawley season that's right Matt was all

ready to head to California and vie for

Claire's heart that is until the

horribleness of 2020 happened and

everything was delayed which I suppose

turns out to have been ultimately a good

thing for both Matt and Claire as one

Matt is now the bachelor and two Claire

season has been recasting and you might

also remember some of the drama that

occurred with Matt and Claire before the

season even aired as Claire Crawley

tweeted out this if you are doing

interviews and creating cameo accounts

before you are even on my season you are

in it for the wrong reasons

respect the opportunity you've been

given respect the rules respect me and

many fans quickly gleamed that she could

be talking about Matt who had already

created a cameo account but Claire soon

received backlash for this tweet as Matt

James was actually pledging all of

earnings from cameo to the Robin Hood

Foundation an organization that provides

food for frontline workers and those in

need in the New York City area during

the pandemic after that Claire then

clarified in another tweet that she was

actually addressing multiple men now of

course with Matt now slated to be the

bachelor it means that he won't be on

Clair season at all at least as a

contestant does this mean I don't get me

I don't get to meet Claire you know I'm

sure they might find a way to throw Matt

into the mix for some extra TV time and

promo but hey think of this with the

next Bachelor already in place perhaps

that might weed out some of the men on

Clair season who aren't there for the

right reasons maybe and any potential

drama between the two will be coming out

now ABC has also come out and made this

statement on the announcement of Matt as

the next Bachelor saying we know we have

a responsibility to make sure the love

stories we're seeing on screen are

representative of the world we live in

and we are proudly in service to our

audience this is just the beginning and

we will continue to take action with

regard to diversity issues on this

franchise we feel so privileged to have

Matt as our first black bachelor and we

cannot wait to embark on this journey

with him

they've also stated that because of his

casting on Clair season and with the

amount of time that the delay has

created ABC has had enough time to get

to know Matt better which made them

confident in their selection of him as

the lead now in his interview with Good

Morning America the 28 year old

describes how he kept this a secret from

everyone including his mom your mom is

finding out with the rest of America

that you're the bachelor so what do you

think her reaction is going to be she's

gonna be excited which implies to me

that this was in the works for a few

days now and this has been the second

time the people at the bachelor have

announced a lead on Good Morning America

and that lead being someone different

than their typical choice we've had

Claire Crowley's announcement

Bachelorette in her late 30s and now

Matt James a black man

in both situations the call for the new

lead seems to have come suddenly and the

announcement made shortly afterwards and

on GMA which means the people at the

bachelor in some way are listening to us

when we called for a more mature cast

clar season came out and when we saw the

cast of men and went hmm still not


they began recasting even if it was only

because the show got delayed and when we

came out saying we wanted more diversity

in the franchise a change has been made

even if it was way overdue so take note

if there's enough talk

ABC and Warner Bros do listen so let's

not take this as a win and walk away

from it let's keep our voices heard but

let's now talk about the other man who

many were calling including myself to be

the next Bachelor before Peter season

Mike Johnson and a lot of people have

been wondering before this and will

still wonder now why wasn't Mike

selected now Rachel in an interview with

ET which I'll post in the description

below has said she's talked to

production after Mike wasn't picked and

asked why why not him I'm told they have

a reason cuz I definitely was up in arms

and I found that it wasn't gonna be him

now Rachel was told there was a reason

what that reason maybe she doesn't know

but she wasn't given a specific answer

and she's also stated that she thinks if

they could tell us they would because it

just looks so bad that they didn't pick

Mike which I suppose means it looks like

until cast and crew contracts expire all

we can do for now is speculate alright

though to finish off this video Matt

James described in his interview with

Good Morning America what he was looking

for in a future partner and what he'll

be looking for in his future season of

The Bachelor a selfless honest caring

compassionate and those are qualities

found in women all shapes sizes and

races whoa whoa wait a minute

what is Matt wearing

is that what is that jacket where have I

seen this before what's happening here


Dillon Jed Connor Matt James the salmon

jacket my goodness were barely even

announcing The Bachelor and we already

have a conspiracy on our hands could

wearing this jacket be a cheeky little

easter egg thrown in by a man with a

sense of humor or could it go deeper so

deep it goes all the way to the top I


don't know what you are Sam and jacket

but I'm on to you and I will find you if

it's the last thing I do

so that's it for this video on our new

bachelor Matt James it's exciting to see

change in this franchise and a positive

step in the right direction I'm hopeful

for the future and from everything I've

read about Matt so far he seems like

really good people so here's to hoping

we finally have a season with a happy

ending let me know what your thoughts

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bachelor fan take out re excited the new

bachelor Matt James joins us now Matt