Clare (& Tayshia?) Bachelorette Update w/ Reality Steve

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well guys they are only a little over

two weeks

into shooting the 16th season of the

bachelorette and already

it is the most dramatic season ever and

to sort through

all of this craziness we have brought


reality steve what is going on

can we just take a moment before we hop

into this to talk about the fact that


are stepping away from your

one-year-old's birthday to

dive into emergency bachelor news

steve that makes me look like a big

loser but

yes that's true you can see balloons in

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first birthday today but here we are

because we want to bring everybody the

real stuff more

more important stuff i know yeah so

what's going on

for those people who aren't caught up on

everything they've been filming for a

couple weeks and all of a sudden

rumors are things get shut down what's


yeah so they started uh two saturdays

ago so today would have been day

15 of filming and um there was a report

that came out on thursday

from life and style that was like

claire's founder man she wants to quit

or threatening to quit

and that was the first i'd heard of

anything like that i'm like that's kind

of weird it was the day after i had

announced who had received

the first impression rose if you want to

know i'll tell you if not you don't have

to know do we want to spoil that or no

no let's not spoil that we're still

trying to remain spoiler-free but this

is such a weird situation okay

so i had spoiled on wednesday of this

week who had received the first

impression rose the next day

life and style runs with a story on

thursday saying

that first impression rose guy is the

guy that she's apparently fallen for and

want and is threatening to quit

and then the next day us weekly on

friday us weekly ran a story about

hey we're going to we're hearing that

bachelor producers are asking guys

back who were either eliminated

or were part of those uh the list of

guys that 42 guys that they announced a

couple weeks ago

who never even made it on the first

night and that one i knew to be true

because i know of a guy who didn't make

the first night of filming

who was called by producers this week

and asked do you want to come back on

the show

but they didn't give him a reason why

they just said hey you want would you be

interested in coming back

he's like apparently he was just like

well that's kind of insulting like no

why would i you didn't want me the first

time around why would you why would i

come back now they didn't tell him um

now that stuff is out there maybe he

knows probably the reason now why he was

asked back

and so the late friday afternoon

uh it broke that um there was news

posted that

tasha uh from colton's season has been

brought out

to palm springs essentially to film and


recast as the bachelorette which means

well what happened to claire why would

declare season why is tasha now the


the thing is we don't know enough yet uh

right now but

tasha is definitely in palm springs

there's no reason for taysha to be in

palm springs

other than to film the bachelorette she

doesn't know

she's never met claire they've never

spoken so it's not like she's going

there to

you know talk to her guys and get some

scoop like

you know demi did and on hannah's season

nothing like that so

there's only one reason tasha would be

there now the question becomes

has she started filming is she waiting

to film

how long has she been there what did

happen with claire these are all

questions that nobody knows answers to

yet because this literally just came


you know about 48 hours ago

this ish is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s

yes i can't believe it okay

um we've heard everything from

she was a diva she decided she wanted to

quit the show

she's being fired she this she that

is it really just that she fell in love

after knowing someone oh no

actually this is the real question you

know where i'm going because we're

attached to the brain

dale oh

sorry rewind pretend i didn't say that


the man to whom she gave the first

impression rose

all right i'm so sorry everybody um

he was in the first group of men yeah so

had she been speaking to him and were

they already in love

that's the million-dollar question uh if

we look at this realistically

if the situation going on in palm

springs right now

is claire found her man and she wants to

leave and she's asking production let me

out of my contract i don't want to go on

a bunch of fake dates

this is the guy that i want

it would be realistic to assume

that she was speaking with this man

pre-show it could have been

right after she got back from filming in

march it could have started in april it

could have started in

june it could have started two weeks

before filming we just don't know

but let's just say she did it and the

story right now is she's founder man she

wants to leave well that is a

really she's going to get a lot of

criticism for that or people will think

she is nuts

if she's never spoken to this guy before

and the first time she ever talked to

him granted she knew what he looked like

so there was probably a physical

attraction there but

never spoken to a guy in your life

before you meet him two saturdays ago

and now you already want to leave

and and let's let's also remember this

it would be under the

bachelor window of meeting somebody for

two weeks where

it's not like she's talking to him every

day and texting him every night and

calling him before bed every night

this is you get to go maybe he's had a

one-on-one by now we don't even know


if not he's been on a bunch of group

dates so he gets what

some time during the group date with a

bunch of other guys around

some uh some group date with uh you know

the after party where he gets maybe five

to ten minutes with her

you know um it doesn't uh

it doesn't make sense unless they were

talking pre-show

i i just don't see i i know claire in

the past for the four seasons that she's

been on

juan pablo season bachelor in paradise

one and two in winter games

there are times where she falls kind of

fast and falls hard

but this would be totally totally out of

the blue

and i don't think even

similar to her character that we know

for after two weeks

on this edited television show where she

barely gets any time with these guys

that she's just like yeah this is my man

i'm done let's go

so unless they have spoken before i've

got to believe that she spoke to him


and um and then all it took was yeah let

me just meet you in person

i'm sure it'll go fine all right and and

kind of go from there but

we just don't know at this point she is

the first and only contestant to ever

have access

to her people yeah she's the only one

because of

because of coven so she knew she knew

those initial 32 she also knew when she

came back those were not going to be her

32 guys she probably

honed in on a few that she maybe liked


and so still when she got out there

there were

25 new possibilities even though all 25

of the new guys that were

released in that list of 42 didn't make

it on

she knew that there was going to be new

guys so

it just seems a little short-sighted

maybe a little stubborn of claire to

just be like i don't want to no nothing


it's just a guy that she met two

saturdays ago since this is the first

time this has ever happened do we know

what kind of a violation this is as far

as the contract goes

i mean does it do they say you're not

allowed to to be in touch with any

contestants pre-show

yeah see that's the thing another thing

we don't know because covet has done

stuff that we've never had to deal with

before when no nobody's ever

i mean chris harrison has mentioned in

interviews i'm sure claire has looked up

her guys but he never mentioned she's

not allowed to talk to them

but he's never said she is allowed to

talk to him they just never addressed it

um so we don't know in that aspect in

terms of her contract

look if if she is allowed to leave and

this is the story that's going on that

she has found her man and wants to leave

or she's refusing to film

and she does leave it's because she sat

down with production and somehow

convinced them or

or they agreed to to be like all right

look we'll let you out of your contract

it's not like she's just

doing this on her own it's something

where she's maybe just put up so much of

a fight maybe that's

maybe it's both she's difficult

and she's fallen for a guy maybe the

reason she's being difficult

is i don't want to film anymore don't

put me out on a date with so and so

because i don't care

i want this guy and as a producer sorry

to jump in there steve but as a producer

in my mind i'm thinking we've been doing

this show for 40 is it 40 seasons 41

seasons what is it

this this is 40. yeah okay we've been

doing the show for 40 seasons

she's being a pain in my butt she seems

to have found her happily ever after

right so this is actually what we were

going for

way early so why not make that the big


and have someone else come in and finish

out this you know big romantic thing

with keisha who everyone else also

wanted oh my

it seems like like claire is taking a

lot of heat right now

on social media because i don't think

anybody knows all the details

but what if claire has been speaking to

this guy for three or four months

heading into the show she met

him she they hit it off this is what she

wants to do and leaves

and she's gotten her happy ending and

they're just bringing in a new

bachelorette what's

what's the negative in that i i you know

some people will be like she's still a

little st she still could have at least

given other guys a chance but

i i don't think it means it would mean

that we would actually have a chance for

possibly two

happy endings this season claire and

then assuming uh

tasha so look i'm i don't want to jump

the gun yet maybe claire is

in violation and she is being a diva and

being difficult to deal with we

we don't know yet but she's getting an

awful lot of criticism

online social media wise for something

that we don't know the answers to yet if

she's found

her man and wants to leave with him and

she's happy who are we to tell her

like it's almost like woman empowerment

like good for you woman

you were able to do something that no

other lead has been able to do because i

guarantee you if you went out if you

went to pass seasons and you asked

rachel if she could have left after week

three or week four knowing she wanted


she would have been absolutely i didn't

want to date other guys and hurt their


same with probably uh ally and roberto

and jojo and jordan like

claire for some reason if this is the


has been able to do something that no

other leads been able to do

and maybe the show and production was a

little more receptive to it

just because of the situation that we're

in this was probably going to be

more of a boring season because of the

location and no travel and all that so

it's like

well here's our twist this season we

have two you know

bachelorettes claire starts out the

season tasha finishes it off now in

terms of tasha and what

what guys she gets and why is it fair to

her to just be like oh here you

these are the guys that were left for

clear season you have to finish off with

these guys she's like

i didn't why can i get some other ones


you can't get a happy ending from

someone else's man you know what i'm


yeah absolutely i feel like yeah if you

want to cheat

i was waiting for him to say something


yeah i mean honestly though could could

they at this point even bring in new


if that was the case because if i was

tasha and i was coming

i would be like i would feel very much

like second choice second

seconds in all aspects of it and this is

you're the bachelorette like

it needs to be some type of personal to


yeah i i think that she would be able to

overlook being

second fiddle as the bachelorette

because she still gets the lead job

even though it's you know halfway

through a season or whatever i think she

can overlook that

it's the guy portion in terms of who her

guys are

which makes it a little bit different

for her that would be the thing that

would be like okay

claire had let's say 15 guys left why do

i get those 15 like what if i wanted

guys declare limited i might have been

in do so which brings me back

to what us weekly reported on friday and

what i had heard previously

was that a week ago i heard they were

calling guys that didn't even make it on

claire's season i was like that makes no


well now hearing this it does make sense

they're trying to bring guys on

who maybe didn't get a chance because

they were set to cla cast for claire or

something and now they think

maybe they're a better fit for for tasia


if you do that knowing the way this is

going with quarantine you fly guys out

there they would have to quarantine

well put it this way claire's cast

quarantined for a week before they

started filming so these new guys

would have to quarantine for at least a

week which means i'm guessing production

would have to shut down for a whole week

and then the guys that are left for

claire's season what do you do with them

do you say hey taste is our new


do you want to stay or go if they say i

want to stay then they have to just go

back to their bungalow for a week and

wait around until

everyone's cleared quarantine again it

just seems like a hot mess down there

literally and figuratively because it's

110 degrees out in palm springs right


well i'm just going to say i mean the

thing is is we

love tasha so she's turning 30 in

september she's the perfect age for this

it is the perfect situation to bring her

in yeah and i do have to respect claire

a little bit if this is true for her to

be like listen i'm not going to waste

any of y'all's time if you want another

dull season

then cool let's keep filming so i do

respect that aspect of it

but i'm very i cannot wrap my head

around how this is going to work for

tasha well and this isn't the first time

claire has

quit or pulled herself out right season

one of paradise she decided

she was leaving because she didn't feel

the real connection with whoever that

guy was

so she seems to be really in it for love

whether or not she fell in love with

this person this season

in 14 days 10 days whatever it is

or if they've been talking for four

months she seems to be in it for the

right reasons

yeah and probably and it makes more

sense that she's a little more in it for

the right reasons because if you look at

claire's instagram she's never been an


i mean she's done a couple products here

and there when i looked on her uh page


but not like the recent contestants

she's 39 years old

so she is later on in life where she's

just like look no bs with me i don't

want to

i don't i'm putting my foot down i don't

want to play your games i don't want to

go on dates with guys i'm not interested


i have found my guy the flip

side to that is again since we don't

know yet

if her and this guy were talking

pre-show is where is his stance on this

is he all of a sudden gonna be like oh

yeah i'm totally interested

in a girl that i've known for two weeks

or no we've been talking and i have a

little more

deeper connection than that but he has

to sign off on this too

and i nobody's reported what this guy

thinks of the whole thing

uh does it is he really ready for this

is is he really

i know that's another 31. he's 31 he's

also on the other side of the country

claire is a for a 30 year nine-year-old

hair stylist in sacramento california

who's got a mother who's dying and in a


i i don't know if either of these have

people if this is if this is the case i

keep having to say that but

if this is the case have they thought

about this long term like let's just say

they are released from the show

with covid going on where are they going

where how often are they going to see

each other

is this thing even viable considering

they are on opposite ends of the country

and he has a job as an influencer and a


it there's a lot of questions that i

don't have answers to that i'm really

hoping to get or hear you know but

look he has to sign off on it too that's

the thing the other thing that i think

people are forgetting if claire's fallen

for him

great but what if he's just like oh this

is a little

it's a little too soon for me this is a

little too like really after two weeks

we're gonna

we're gonna bolt out of here uh you know

he's a

he's a good looking guy of all the guys

that were released in march and then

re-released in july

social media wise he's probably been the

number one guy that has gotten the most


in terms of just his looks like

everybody thinks oh my god this guy's

you know the hottest piece of meat out

there and all this stuff

and it's like yeah he's a good-looking

guy i mean the guy models and he's an


so it just seems like

there's more to the story that we don't

know yet but the little that we do know

it seems just like a mess going on out


i know well hopefully you'll be getting

some more info soon

so that you can solidify with your

following and then we can solidify with


what the htc i know i know

it's um this is something this could be

like i said i think i think on a season

like this where they're stuck in one

location and there's no travel

and a lot of people are already like why

are you even trying to film a show

during coven

this is going to be so boring or all of

a sudden and all of a sudden you know


this did get a lot of negativity before

they even started filming with claire

season oh you're giving claire a fifth


maybe this is their twist they're just

like okay we're we're

we're appeasing the people who didn't

like claire and we're also appeasing the


who like tasha you're going to get both

and maybe both end up with a guy at the

end of this thing

i'm assuming that tasha is going to be

taking over as the bachelorette because

there's a possibility that they are in a

they're like filming is on halt with

claire and they're trying to talk her

into resuming this but because

they're not sure they had to bring

taisha aboard just in case

claire they decide to go a different way

with claire so it could just be tasha's


she's definitely being there to brought

it to be there

to possibly be the bachelorette we just

don't know for sure if it's 100

certain that she's in 100 she's

definitely there

but what if she's there because they're

they don't know about claire yet and

they're still

figuring out a way we don't technically

know that either

i love it i love all of it drama i hope

that it's true i hope it's happening

because i would love a two-for-one a

twofer i'm always good for a twofer

these players happy which is what we've

always wanted and perhaps

you will usually yeah and then the guys

the guys who don't go to either of them

maybe oh geez you know we're doing a

little bachelorette for our

right here steve oh okay

we're trying to find a nice man

so uh bennett i believe oh no he lives

in new york

we'll discuss this later anyway it's

close it's close to you guys

closer than closer than claire and her


i know but we need atlanta we need

there's uh who who is in atlanta was

there anybody from atlanta on that list

i don't know from atlanta but look my

hair i'm finally growing my little baby

hairs back out i know this is so boring

to you steve but it's

so annoying what is this um bennett is

from atlanta but now he lives in new

york so

and there's probably a couple others

right uh yeah i think there was a

quite a few from elena anyway steve

i gotta get back to my wife yes go back

to your party

thank you so much for your time and

we'll catch up with you soon

bye everyone bye everyone how do i stop

this thing i don't know

bear with us end bye guys