The Next James Bond Is...

as the latest double-oh-seven flicks

titles said there is indeed no time to

die for the legendary James Bond

franchise even if the showing of that

latest movie was pushed back to a later

date of 2020 however it looks like the

man currently playing him will be on Her

Majesty's Secret Service no more right

after this one so who would take on the

reigns and become the next martini

drinking man with a license to kill

let's see who's in the running

welcome to smash cut where we'll take a

look at the actors being eyed and

speculated to be the next James Bond the

world is not enough indeed to just have

one actor played James Bond for a

lifetime the lovable ladies man who's a

spy first and foremost who's working as

an agent under the British Secret

Intelligence Service known as mi6 has

had many incarnations since the

character debuted on screen in the 1962

film dr. no English novelist Ian Fleming

couldn't be happier and seeing his

deadly but dashing debonair of a

character come to life for the world to

see an admirer and to a point envy I

mean who doesn't want that Aston Martin

car huh come on that vehicle has been

the dream car of every kid who grew up

watching James Bond movies about a

special gadgets like a pan or a watch or

just some small thing that converts into

a weapon of mass destruction gotta have

those handy and of course his knack of

attracting the ladies is also legendary

what else could any closeted toxic

masculinity rear'd man once they want to

take James Bond's place of course and

perhaps actors feel the same way too

so the 60s had their share of the

Scottish James Bond in the person of

Sean Connery he's the very first actor

to play this memorable character on the

silver screen but rumor has it that he

wasn't immediately accepted by the Bond

author well whatever happened that time

there was also some movie magic that

sparked with the world and this man as

Sean Connery became a very memorable

James Bond a tough act to follow

with his smoldering looks and beefy bod

he could easily make any woman fall in

love with him while saving the world

doing his espionage duties yeah the man

is a multitasker indeed the Connery was

the first to give that kind of

characterization the definitive image so

it was indeed hard to shake off and even

the later ones who were considered for

the role still regard him as the

ultimate persona pig for double-oh-seven

reportedly Daniel Craig the latest Bond

referred to Sean Connery the former font

as a peg that he might not be able to

live up to however the English actor has

played the role since 2005 with Casino

Royale and when the world first saw a

blondish bond he was accepted

wholeheartedly so perhaps that offered

Craig some Quantum of Solace

that he could go on and do more Bond

films which he did if we're counting

he's the sixth guy to play the dashing

dude that's why the next Bond film which

will be his last is also equally

important since it is touted as bond 25

or the 25th Bond film to be made and

recognized officially what a way to go

for Daniel huh to be starring at the

25th film is cool

now the thing is who will replace him

well whoever will replace him will have

more than Sean Connery and Daniel Craig

to compare themselves with since there

have been equally dashing bonds in

between them Raj Moors perhaps one of

the more memorable of them all after

Connery at least to the mixed crowd of

the baby boomers and the Gen Xers who

saw more star in Bond films in the 70s

in the 80s

of course boomers had a head start since

they saw Connery in five Bond movies in

the 60s and one when the 70 started but

that's a lot of movies to work on with

only one role right

no wonder Craig got rather tired of it

even saying infamously that he'd rather

slash his wrists before playing James

Bond again which he actually did

actually after that iteration still more

on the role as if he was born to play it

like the man with the Golden Gun and the

golden touch of being double-oh-seven

another fan favorite is Irish actor

Pierce Brosnan who reigned in this role

in the 90s he added some slob and

sensuous air about him when he did for

Bond films starting with Goldeneye and

ending with Die Another Day in 2002 he's

had quite the practice of playing

detective roles since he was in that

famous 80 show called Remington Steele

playing a private investigator that's

why he was able to add on his brand to

that role when the time came for him to

become the spy we'd love so much it's

indeed such a tough lineage to follow we

know the pressure that's why there are

so many actors out there who also

vocalized that they want to play this

role sometime but there are also those

actors whom that people say would be

better for the role and then of course

there's the movie industry buzz on who's

actually being considered at the moment

at this point in time there are so many

speculations theories and talks that we

wanted to make sense of what everyone is

saying so here is our list of top 9

James Bond contenders number 1 Henry

Cavill The Witcher star seems to be the

biggest name with the loudest buzz to be

cast as James Bond in the near future do

you think our Clark Kent is ready well

if you can play such a duplicitous role

of hero and farmer's son combined then

perhaps he could also play this dashing

debonair of a dude who does spy stuff

he's also had roles in the past that

echo the actions of Bond and his

business such as being the espionage

enemy and Mission Impossible Fallout and

also as the Man From UNCLE let's see if

he could make this role fly number 2 Tom

Hiddleston Loki's name is not

loke when it comes to pitches of being

the next James Bond aside from cattle

his name has been on this virtual list

for so long - can you picture our

long-haired Marvel Cinematic Universe

villain and the clean-cut shaven role of

James Bond well you can also play a

hotel manager who does spy stuff on the

side and the limited series the night

manager and he can pull this one off too

if as he could pull off anything

especially with that background of his

studying at the Royal Academy of

Dramatic Art and even winning the

Olivier Award for Best Actor English

actors are just great by defaults you

know let's see if he can avenge his way

into this rule soon number 3 Richard

Madden will a young wolf roar and the

role of Bond Game of Thrones actor

Richard Madden is also in the running

apparently for the role known to TV fans

as Robb Stark the world is also waiting

for a stint at the Marvel Cinematic

Universe as one of the Eternals with his

credentials on film and TV as well as

the stage it's obvious that he could

also beat the living daylights out of

other competitors will he also become

eternally tied to a future movie role of

cast here let's wait for the Skyfall of

news to come if this Scottish actor

could make the cut number four Idris

Elba what a black bond why not it's

already 2020 and get with the programme

as the James Bond franchise has also

been doing ever since Craig took on his

share of screen time James Bond movie

producers were quoted before and saying

that as the world progresses so too

should the franchise so the biggest

revision that could happen when bond

interest is second quarter of existence

is to have a black Bond movie and Idris

Elba is in the lead in this category as

we saw in his hefty work credits both in

TV and film the world knows that this

English actor is more than capable of

handling this role if given the chance

and the world will definitely not die

another day if he gets cast in here it

could even be such a gem of a casting

call and you know what they say about

precious gems diamonds are forever right

right number five Tom Hardy our former

max ain't that mad if he's to be

considered for the James Bond role many

industry insiders are also saying that

Tom Hardy is indeed another contender

worth considering his name has been on

this wish list for so long too that

perhaps the world is just waiting for

the chance to see him get shaken not

stirred while some say that Hardy might

be too hard for the role and a

street-smart hard type of way one could

just take a look at the vast array of

his acting experiences and you'd see

that he is flexible enough to play this

role - so in the meantime we recommend

having a Tom Hardy movie marathon and

imagine how he fits into this bond

picture who knows number six Nicholas

Hoult BAFTA Rising Star Award e Nicholas

Hoult might be the youngest Bond

tender on this list but he also has been

in other lists when thinking of which

younger actors could properly mature

into this role and take it on for a

decade or two since he already turned 30

he could already be primed for the role

not too young not too aged it's just the

right age to attach oneself and another

famously popular franchise and Holt is a

veteran in that department having played

beast in the x-men movie franchise films

he's British and boyish for sure but he

could also make for a great bond and

drop a great big Thunder ball of a

portrayal let's see number 7 Aidan

Turner the star of the BBC historical

drama a Poldark Aidan Turner had a great

turn in playing the lead role in this

series the reason why his name also came

up as a contender during the time that

the series was airing perhaps being

viewed by many TV viewers and many other

TV roles in film roles as well as have

given people the idea that Turner too

could be perfect fit for a view to kill

being James ba that we shall see number

8 Damian Lewis in the world handle at

ginger-haired font they tolerated a

blonde bond how about this kind of a

chap Damian Lewis is another name that's

being thrown around for a phone role

familiar with him the British actor

formerly played American actress Steve

McQueen and Quentin Tarantino's Once

Upon a Time in Hollywood but his

filmography is far reaching than that

film alone you could currently witnesses

thespian tricks of the trade and the

Showtime series called billions and try

to spot him again in his Emmy Award and

Golden Globe award-winning acting role

in homeland maybe he could be a

Moonraker too and rake in the euros and

the dollars when he plays the next Bond

for the box office

just saying number nine leshawna Lynch

and last but not least people have been

toying with the idea of a gender flip


I mean hey they can consider Idris Elba

they can also consider leshawna Lynch

who happens to be cast in the latest

Bond film of no time to die

the British actress doesn't play the

usual femme fatale of a Bond girl she

plays a better role she's know me

another double O agent who came in the

service when bond retired yep in this

bond 25 film the story starts from his

retirement from service so since she

already has the acting chops and the

action kicks creds here maybe it's high

time to have a female play barn Jane

bond to anyone if she's familiar to you

MCU fans

she's the best friend pilot of Carol

Danvers dudes aka Captain Marvel yep

that's the one let's see if this one

could also fly so who do you think will

be pointed at by a Goldfinger of luck

and chosen as the next James Bond

we're sure that once the decision has

been made the privilege to see who's on

next won't be for your eyes only but for

the world to see

and since Tomorrow Never

we'll be in touch to tell you the tale

for sure check back tomorrow for another

mind-blowing video this has been smash