The Next Doctor realises he is not a Time Lord. - Doctor Who: The Next Doctor - BBC

he found the Cybermen too and just like

you exactly like him

he took hold of an infostamp but he's


Jackson Lake is dead Cybermen murdered

him you said no body was ever found

and you kept ill with suitcases but you

could never bring yourself to open them

I told you the answer was in the fob

watch I say

Jael the watches Jackson likes Jackson

Lake his you sir

I'm the doctor

you became the doctor because the

infostamp you picked up was a book about

one particular man beside men's database

start from the Daleks inside the void I

say but it's everything you could want

to know about the doctor

that's you Time Lord TARDIS enemy the


one of the only

see the infostamp must have backfired

streamed all the information about me

right inside your head

I have nothing but a lie no no no no no

infostamps is just action figures

library saving Rosita defending London

town hmm

the invention building a TARDIS that's

all you but what else tell me what else

there's still something missing isn't


I don't mind you tell me sir tell me

what they took sorry

really I am so sorry but there's an

awful lot of luggage for one man because

an infostamp is plane technology is not

enough to make a man lose his mind what

you suffered is called a fugue a fugue

state where the mind just runs away

because it can't bear to look back you

wanted to become someone else because

Jackson Lake had lost so much midnight

Christmas Day

I remember


Caroline they killed my wife

they killed him