Who is the Strongest Ninja Kid? WWE SuperStar Challenge!

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mattel rock paper scissors shook

got ya one two three

i beat you payton i beat you dad

can we do something today

i don't know what do you want to do


hello hey ninja kids what's going on

it's honorary wwe superstar steven

sharer guys it's stephen share what what

what's up stephen i just completed drew

mcintyre's wwe summerslam camp

challenge now i want to challenge you to

join my tag team

that's right i want you to create the

coolest backyard

fitness challenge anyone has ever seen i

left an encoded message

in your backyard with all the

information you need to get started to

bring wwe summerslam camp challenge

to your home and it's your job to find

it oh yeah

good luck have fun let's do it

everybody spread out the clue has got to

be here somewhere



oh there's a letter okay what's that say

brian it says

if you complete these challenges you'll

get to meet a wwe superstar

live watch out oh

these must be the challenges yeah yeah

okay payton draw out


handstand what oh yeah i'm gonna win the


guys i guess we're doing a handstand

challenge stay tuned to find out

who is the strongest most powerful ninja


i'm definitely gonna win the handstand

challenge let's do this no way i'm gonna


you can't beat me all right who's up

handstand challenge right here right now

okay tim

versus paxton oh twin versus twins

handstand challenge over here over here

paxton let's do this

are you guys ready yeah let's do it set

go oh you got this you guys got this



ashton it's you and me i've got this

ready set go

come on it's going to win question

i'm totally gonna win this okay final

championship round of the hanson

competition are you ready

yeah let's do it set

go come on you guys got this um

okay they're pretty steady who's going

to take it what do you think pastor

oh are you brian looking wobbly

i don't know oh



good job pay i'll get you next time that


peyton is the winner of round one

and your round one prize is lacey evans

awesome whoa all right guys it's time to


the next challenge

let's see what i got push push ups

oh i've got this let's do it i'm doing

let's go guys challenge number two

for this challenge we're gonna make it a

little bit more challenging instead of a

regular push-up

they need to go down to their chest lift

their hands up off the ground

and then push up are you ready yeah

are you small enough to do that let's do


all right they have 60 seconds to do as

many as they can


set go

all right they're moving quick off to a

fast start i'm not sure who's in the

lead right now we'll put a counter up


let's go they're doing an awesome job

keep rocking it guys are doing awesome

come on 30 seconds left

go paxton go big tim go brighton go


let's go we've got 20 seconds left

they've got to be burning by this point

they've got to be getting tired

they are working those muscles

all right guys down to the last 10

seconds time's almost up let's go let's


and time okay

they've got to be tired shake those arms

out you guys

worked it those push-ups are no

joke all right guys who do you think won

the push-up challenge

i think i did okay the winner

with 45 push-ups and these are

challenging push-ups

is paxton

paxton and he takes the john cena

you can't see me oh good job paxton

we gotta win on to the next challenge

what is it ashton let's see

oh team squads let's go

all right guys for the next challenge is

a team challenge

they must lock arms sit down

straighten their legs out and then stand

back up okay

are you guys ready yeah sure every time

they stand up

counts as one point they have 60 seconds

ready set

go one two three let's go let's go

oh we got one right here it's tied this

is a close match

the twins are pulling ahead a little bit

oh it's tight again

oh they're doing good they're moving

quick this is good teamwork right here






and the winner of the team squat


with 13 team squats is

breaking ashes

yeah seth rollins yeah

burn it down aj styles

always phenomenal oh yeah we won

yeah are you guys ready for the next


yes guys i don't know who chose these

challenges but brighton drew out so i'm

gonna let him tell you what he drew

i drew arm wrestling

whoa ryan is super good at arm wrestling

and i'm gonna win unfortunately brighton

has an arm wrestling table

because he likes to arm wrestle so good

luck guys

round one paxton versus peyton twin arm

wrestling challenge

they're going right arm but not many

people know paxton is actually a lefty

so how do you think you're gonna do

i usually be paying so i i think i'm

gonna be paying this time

what do you think peyton i'm totally

gonna win i got this okay here we go

three two come on one go

all right paxton payton took that round

how do you feel

well she made me this time but next time

let's do left off

oh a left arm challenge i'm gonna get my

left arm stronger

yeah so peyton advances and instead of

branton and ashton going against each


we're going to save right until the end

and payton gets to go against ashley oh

i like that let's go okay let's see it

honestly i want peyton to win that would

be so awesome yeah

our second match payton versus ashton

let's do this

ready straighten that wrist out

ready go

oh oh she's holding him come on let's do

it oh i think he's toying with her a

little bit

but is she gonna surprise us let's go

come on facetime

okay good match it's over

hey okay

i'm gonna meet you next time okay keep


and that means we're at our first place

championship match

brighton versus ashton

okay what are you doing you're getting

up on my fingers

like all right let's not even in there

dude what is this

no funny business final match brighton

versus ashton

ready set

go oh god

and peyton versus bryton oh yeah okay

lock it up

and how about action two what are you

doing against one

okay let's go that's just work you're in


have you guys ever seen three against

one arm wrestling before oh

wait wait i can't even do it one hand

there's already three of us yeah i can't

do it

you just gotta get your elbow down

here we go paxton peyton and ashton

versus brighton this is three siblings

against one

are you ready yeah set let's go


i'm the champion and brighton takes

the arm wrestling round yeah i can't

believe i just beat

all three of them that means you get the

braun strowman

oh yeah get these hands and

now it's time for our final ninja kids

challenge to see who is the strongest

ninja kid

it's the last one


all right guys we are on to our final

challenge this one is worth

two points two points that means anyone

can take it

are you guys ready yeah let's do it got

it paxton is going first

you must go all the way up chin above

the bar

one two

two you got this facts in

three three five

one eight


we know you're already sore you got it


it's from those push-ups how many you


11. oh come on back she got it

come on

okay let's go peyton come on you got


all the way down yeah that was quick




holy moly this is insane and these are


really good twenty three

twenty one how is she doing it

she just keeps pulling her out that's




amazing that's gonna be tough to be i've

gotta beat you

i'm gonna win it all i am the best ninja


let's go what are you the strongest one

two three

you got this this is the same one peyton

paused on too

they're going on the same track 10.


don't give up don't let go

19. oh you're from southwest everything

he's got for this 20

oh shake it off

come on it's getting nervous

i don't think ashton's ever hit 20 this

good before 21

you can do it action twenty-two


i honestly can't believe i beat that my

fingers are still like

clamped shut i'm feeling nervous but

everyone's beating their record today so

i got it

oh there's no way he's going to beat


brighton has the previous best record on

this bar

with 19 and three-fourths of a pull-up

he almost made 20.

but now he's been passed by both peyton

and ashton

and i don't think he's too happy about

that no i mean

if i beat my record like actually beat

his record i'll get 30

so i got this all right let's find out

what happens

one two three

four five six



needs three more to tie peyton four to


ashton 21.

i think ashton and peyton are getting

nervous you can come down and rest right

just keep keep


what is he gonna stop oh he's not


come on

all right maxed out five and a half

25 and i have a new personal

best yeah let's go i'm the champion

that means that brighton is the

summerslam champion

oh guys it's wwe superstar drew mcintyre

awesome whoa what's up ninja kids fam

congrats on your title win hey what's up


you've unlocked your status as an

honorary wwe superstar

no way that's awesome

and the only way to defend your status

as a champion is to keep training

and stay active there's more work to be


and we may need you on call for your

next mission

until next time my friends yeah

yeah let's do awesome awesome job guys

they did so epic at the summerslam

summer camp backyard edition

and you're all champions but this time

brighton is taking home that

championship title yeah i got the title


you guys better work harder because yeah

i do awesome

i'm gonna work hard and that title is

gonna be mine

so much i am gonna win it no way

good luck guys hope you enjoyed the

video make sure to like and subscribe

and thank you