God of War - The Story of Tyr the Norse God of War


so why was tear helping Oh Denis with

the jackets best was when the long war

was young victory was still a thing

dreamed of and the yacht naw might have

tipped the balance between a seer and

Vanya Auden had persuaded tear that the

hammer was merely a deterrent that means

to broker peace from a position of

strength tear was hopeful to convince

all parties they would prosper best

through peace

he knew the Giants were deeply concerned

about the hammer a super weapon in hands

they did not trust but they trusted tear

tear always believed the best in people

and taking ordinate his world and his

desire for peace he brought the Raven

king to Jotunheim from there things

unraveled quickly the Giants anticipated

Odin's trickery and exposed his true

agenda to spy and steal their secret

wisdom with magics expelled Odin from

their realm and custom never to return

frustrated Odin visited his fury upon

the giants of Midgard Thor Unleashed me

or Nia's might upon any giant he could

find none could stand against the tide

of slaughter that followed and at last

it seems with tears aid they retreated

the tower disappeared no Giants could be

found in Midgard and no man nor God has

set foot in Jotunheim since the middle

panel is missing wait I thought tear was

a god

not a giant ah but he was loved by

everyone including the Giants other than

me he was the only one they gifted with

this special site hey I wonder if the

Giants left a triptych about me

somewhere too I wish I'd known I was

have gotten alpha I wouldn't have felt

so bad about killing so many out well


not sure that's the lesson you've done

nothing to regret

the elves force their affairs upon us no

I get it out we had God thinks in it and

they were on the way dragging us into

their little problems again we just

leavin that there I mean just knowing

where God's makes me feel so much

stronger maybe you feel a little too

good right now with power comes a big

choice lad you can either sell yourself

or put your godhood in the service of

others like TM dead people really loved

him up I the God of War the one who

fought for peace had a reputation for

being heroic and lawful using his power

and knowledge to stop wars rather than

stop them so their argument

once in a moon it's been known to happen



this one munches places I've never heard

it seems to really like to travel do you

believe the mind not might was key to

preventing war chaos

and he also knew visiting other cultures

would give in perspective staying in one

place could not while olden always

hoarded knowledge

guarding it jealously TR was open and

sharing with his landing in his wisdom

for this mortals adore dia showing their

love by bringing him gifts the world


so whatever happened to tear wooden came

to regard him as a threat to his rule he

suspected TN of collaborating to aid the

Giants instead of helping to steal their

secrets for the ACM same thing he

accused me off frankly tears case I

believe he was right

you think jer was open the joint

he felt responsible for the suffering

visited upon them by ordinate I suspect

he had something to do with helping them

cover the tracks

whatever happened to it I believe it

could only have been done with tear and

the Giants working together









would you find enough distraction you

might forget why we are here



that's from a great desert land very far

from here the gods live there

Oh My yes many many gods good or bad and

not as simple as that

I'm afraid father why did you need your

home and come here does it have to do

with the other gods there

it's just you hate the God so much but

tear proves that God can be good and

you're good you only killed those

deserving right


yes ah but who's worthy enough to judge

quiet head we are we know been huh

sounding more like your DA by the moment

ready ready boom look at that it's the

missing panel about tier totem must have

stolen it but why he always has his


right to have a look wow this is most

unexpected why what does it mean I

haven't the foggiest

isn't that unexpected good look clearly

that's tier traveling somehow perhaps

magically but what's that to do with the

Giants that they should have bought a

shrine to it I'm afraid that is none too

clear what are those drones in the

corners no rooms symbols from different

lands they mean war I how do you this

one I know too well


his eyes they are jewels like yours no

doubt signifying the gift of sight

the Giants granted us give me a closer

look interesting


very interesting what is that secret

plans concealed by tear so none could

access by Hema and those few others the

Giants trusted and right under Odin's

nose hahaha I did promise I'll get you

to your name what do you mean head you

said we were out of options

don't you see brother Odin never gave up

hope and neither should we

he knew there's a clue in here but we

are the ones who found it these plans

are for a key to some chamber tears kept

hidden I don't know where it's leading

or what we'll find but it's a path how

do we make this key

I suggest we ask a dwarf

can you make it is it a weapon armor or

likewise an instrument of war of which

I'm a master in shaping No then forget

it even if I wanted to make such an

insignificant Google I'm liable to cheat

my tools working on something so

delicate and ladylike then shingle it

how did well the item was scaps like

keep the layers thin alternate the

overlay okay smart guy and where do you

propose to find a lump of quality scabs

lag last time I saw one I could still

get rigid down south such your mouth is


I had to get my hands dirty let's do

this what you you're fine with working

on something that's not a weapon

well why not what I can grow - Oh watch

watch the spine keep your wrist loose

don't you keep your wrist wounds [ __ ]

yeah I need more heat coming up you can

attempt that steel longer they don't

need to

I triple punched it with Drago

and sanitary you clever little beaver

it's never too late to learn a new trick

is it no it's not yeah here it is

nope don't forget this no quit your

grinning it's downright unsettling it's

just nice to see you together but now

the run on your brand looks different

price if reforging something what broke

I knew it

I'll cut it out Francis you're gonna get

me old weed I like the new and better

don't you

we have work to do


one side but what is this place

your guess is as good as mine oh brother

the tree or underneath the road travel

room but why is the floor on the ceiling

those realm doors seem to mirror the

ones above

up there tear use the same magic to

protect the black room the clue we seek

may be inside oh right next to the unit

on door interesting but can we reach it

not from here

whoa who are they

boy this is the room for your name

that's right

and look we're on the other side of the

door the upside-down door what are you

thinking stand back okay

extraordinary the whole room is built on

some kind of axle

there's chains on both sides without

those we can flip the temple I'm doing

what now

okay I don't think they're attacking

oh boy on the statues I see them

it says boy hmm ominous go on read

before the first after the last nothing

between no shadow cast

are you quite sure flipping the temple

is the only way janista whatever it is

you said there would be a path the

temple can be flipped therefore we put

the temple the logic is not sure what

happens when we recklessly offend a room

that's rooted to eat other realms I'm

curious of course it's a leap to imagine

it gets us to your name I don't mind a

leap well who knows perhaps you and tea

rather seemed kind of mad

an army of statues I don't think they're

the kind that come to life if that's

what you're worried about

do you often said that in the world of

peace he envisioned the only soldiers in

need would be statues bless his heart

but the backup to take himself rather

seriously didn't he

where where the change meet we must find

a way around

brothers I know what I promised but in

case this doesn't work

just remember tear had good cause to

create these obstacles he's kept

Jotunheim out of Odin's reach but the

world is hardly a piece no but it's got

hope we're all working together now we

have unity that's what the run on the

door to this place was telling us we're

on tears back

lift with your legs brother he knows

just trying to be helpful


on the day that brute force is the

answer I'll be quite happy to be on your

side brother and we're not dead that's a

plus on the left I think we can climb

back up to the round travel room from

there oh he's right you know

I see it dude a place to climb up back

when he did the flipping see that Mamere

nobody could do all this alone all these

obstacles they're just chances to prove

were the ones who can beat them we may

argue me and father you and Freya Brock

and Sindri but when we all work together

we do make a good team and that's tears

tests that's why we're gonna make it to

you my dear hear that brother what found

his equilibrium what's that mean he

means you speak wisely at Reyes and that

is good to hear


I guess the temple was me to be flat

well they trees upside down or are we

boy your knife

well well if we got some sort of travel

stone let me see

to rate our Dom lisara's that's the

unity stone you know it I wasn't sure

existed if tear possessed this that

explains how he could visit all the

realms and other lands to boot he held

this in the panel at Holmes library yes

yes that's it I understand now

it shows tear walk in the realm between

realms you know how you must never stray

from the path well tear always followed

his own path if you catch my meaning the

wrong between realms

Sears thank your shrine shown stepping

off the branch of the World Tree and

you're thinking to reach the secret path

Vietnam that's what we need to do I am

if you're thinking about huddling a soul

into the void I hope you're quite sure

right bollocks this is where to step

beyond and the unity stone protected him

ready ready

well this is it lads it's been an honor

our faith head

how can I be so nauseous with her

stomach come on that was great Nick the

tower I knew there was something down

here amazing how do you hide something

that exists in all realms cast it out of

any realm to the space between clever

old tear is your name on the other side

can't be that it's not like you go

through vanaheim to reach them at guard

peak well how do we use it

I suggest we look inside and stay

allowed tears little challenges are

never as simple as they appear I have

noticed this is sparse the pedestal

teller it's absorbing the stones energy

something's happening is it moving it's

moving it knows what to do the stone

served his purpose we're fulfilling tear

spell what happens now

no idea brother but after that fall I'm

sure we're past the worst of it

well back in Midgar there's the bridge

we did it the towers back where it


now tears travel room can take us to

Jotunheim how did you do this

Walden suspected the Giant secretly

possessed some remnant of primordial

Newton our creative essence the stuff

all realms are made of the unity stone

must have been fashioned from the

essence to trust an outsider with an

even tear tells you just how desperate

they wear and look now we can finally

let all the braziers and see what

happens all right last one

Boyd oh no we could have used that when

we fought the back earthly

I don't know what we'll find when we get

to your name but we must cover our


Odin's Ravens will tell him of the

towers restoration and we mustn't let

our efforts be to his benefit very well

hold on wait a minute this isn't going

to work work this new travel crystal

here must have used his own eyes to the

fact the energy it was his final feel


one food important mother I precisely to

keep me from traveling

sorry Lots thought that would work what

did wouldn't do with your other eye

you'd have capped it any of a hundred

places I'm afraid we've come so far

there has to be a way look bit of a long

shot for years that's decently

sometimes block looking around in that

mountain when autumn came for his visits

maybe they know something Rockets injury

hey guys question for you

anyone know where we can find the meters

other i/o that's yeah I'm sorry

as a matter of fact Odin asked me to

halt yeah he wanted me to build it oh oh

he showed it to me you see and I owe the

clink sorry will you excuse me oh well

that was useless you know it was about

that same time that Odin came around

looking for me to build a statue with

some sort of hidden compartment now that

not being a weapon in the Aesir being a

bunch of box Peko talkers I too saw fit

to decline but I know we got it built

just the same Oh what was the statue

good said one of Thor out there flashing

it's actually the statue that the

serpent ate sorry about that

doing much better how are we supposed to

look inside the snake inside we'd better

go see what the world serpent has to say

about that

what's more to the horn



oh stop weenie seasonal farm


this is that you lost to us he thinks it

might still be in a stomach and he's

open to letting you go into his mouth to

look inside

yeah really by-the-by he's no wild about

that I though I've been to many strange

places but this will be a new we should

expect that sort of response at this



yep that's an eye maybe you should stick

that in my head for safekeeping gently

now gently thank you brother

you don't miss depth until it's gone

well if things work according to plan

go ahead and lock in your name and we'll

be on our way

boy your head

get ready oh right got it

let's hope this doesn't cause you to

explode or anything

oh I haven't consider that maybe we

should talk about this a bit more nah

I'm sure you'll be fine ready I'm poison

now boy we must be close well what are

we waiting for Phoenix for we will see