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since its premiere in 2005 God of War

has given us mythology with a heavy dose

of hack-and-slash in the most recent

installment Kratos finds himself pitted

against the gods of Norse mythology this

time with his son by his side but who

are the new gods that Kratos has to

contend with

hi I'm jet-set from the leaderboard and

we're going to give you a rundown of all

of the Norse mythology in God of War


Freya in God of War

Freya first appears as the Witch of the

woods she agreed to marry Odin to stop

the war between the two factions of gods

the acer and the Vanya has Odin's wife

she was the warrior queen of the

Valkyries and the master of satyr magic

Odin picked up one or two things from

her when Freya left Odin and fled to

Midgard he placed a curse on her

preventing her from harming any living

creature a prophecy foretold that her

son by Odin Balder would be killed

leading her to place him under a spell

of invulnerability god of War's Freya is

a friend to Kratos Anat Reyes she's one

of the first people they encounter who

recognizes them for the gods they are

and she proves a useful companion

Freya's magic reanimates me mares head

and she heals an injured at Reyes

Freya's counterpart in Norse mythology

is the goddess associated with love

beauty fertility satyr magic war and

death to be fair almost every Norse god

ends up being associated with war and

death she rides in a chariot pulled by

two Greek hats when warriors die in


Freya chooses half of them to go to folk

of onder and the other half to go to

Valhalla with Odin Balder God of War

players will recognize Balder as a

tattooed villain who just won't die he's

the son of Freya and Odin half-brother

to Thor and tear and uncle to Modi and

Magni the game makes much of the fact

that he's impervious to pain to make

things worse he can't handle pleasure

because of a spell cast on him by his

mother Freya god of War's Balder is a

manic restless character who not only

brings some serious battles but also

shows god's softer side when he pleads

with Freya to lift his curse in Norse

mythology Balder is the son of Odin and

Frigg the best-known story about Balder

deals with his death

which leads to the beginning of Ragnarok

his closest mythological analog is

Apollo and he's described as beautiful

bright shining and loved by all in the

story of his death Balder begins to

dream about his demise worried his


promises that all things on earth will

not harm her son except mistletoe

low-key tricks Boulder's blind brother

Hodor into shooting Balder with a

mistletoe arrow killing him some

scholars believe our christmas tradition

of kissing under mistletoe is about

Balder which is not only morbid but

fitting given how horrendous holiday

parties can get loki if you're watching

this video you're probably deep enough

in God of War to be immune to spoilers

but if you're not turn back we've got a

big spoiler coming your way in the form

of Loki so it turns out at Reyes is Loki

son of the Jochen Fey and Kratos the god

of God killing and QuickTime events he's

a young boy who's intelligent and

compassionate but once he learns of his

true nature as a god he gets way cockier

it was Fay who taught at Reyes the

languages of the nine realms in archery

she wanted to name him low-key but

Kratos argued against it naming him

instead after his friend and fellow

Spartan at Reyes

he's not especially tricky or prone to

lies or disguises but he's still young

who knows how much he'll grow into his

namesake I don't know about you but

sassy got atreya seemed much more like

the classic trickster God than the suite

at Reyes we met in the beginning of the

game Loki's parents are the Giants love

fray and fall BOTS see he's referred to

as the blood brother of Odin not of Thor

Loki is the father of Hell goddess of


he'll German gun the world serpent and

Fenrir the giant wolf that devours Odin

at Ragnarok

Loki is a trickster sometimes helping

sometimes hurting but always playing by

his own rules a trace is not a character

in Norse mythology but in Greek

mythology he was king of the city-state

mycenean he was also the father of

agamemnon and menelaus who was married

to Helen you know of Troy in Greek his

name means fearless god of War's at

Reyes is certainly fearless but only

time will tell if he embraces his

trickster roots Thor Thor in the game is

one of the leading antagonists even

though he barely appears in the

storyline at all Thor is the son of Odin

father of Modi'in Magni brother of

Baldur and all-around colossal jerk his

primary goals are to wipe out Jotunheim

and Odin's request thinking without the

Giants that the gods can prevent


and murder the crap out of Kratos

Annette Reyes however he ends up leaving

this task to his sons in Norse mythology

Thor isn't a blond Adonis he's a ginger

but he's the strongest of all the gods

and becomes twice as mighty when he

wears his magic belt he's the son of

Odin and a yatin or giant sometimes

called yourhd not only was Thor the

ideal warrior but he also was invoked to

bless weddings and father's fields he

rides a chariot pulled by two goats and

if he gets hungry he can kill and eat

his goats bless their remains with

Mjolnir and resurrect them so they can

pull his chariot again Thor was the most

popular God among warriors and ordinary

people in North Society who often wore a

hammer charmed the same way Christians

wear a cross me mere in God of War me

beer stands as a god of wisdom and

knowledge he is Odin's counselor and

ambassador he's imprisoned by Odin until

Kratos cuts off his head and carries it

around with him wherever he goes he

claims to be the smartest man on earth

so sharp that Balder doesn't believe he

doesn't know Kratos his whereabouts

Emir had previously advised Odin to

marry Freya to end the Aesir von e'er

war in-game me Mia is Kratos his

sassiest accessory while cruising around

the lake of nine he tells at Reyes much

better stories than what Kratos was

capable of and also plays a key role in

interpreting lore that's uncovered

throughout the game meme ears uncanny

knowledge of the past and seemingly the

future makes him an essential member of

Kratos as crew the Mamere of Norse myth

is slain by the venire because they

believe him to be cheating on behalf of

the Aesir they sent his head back to the

Aesir Odin preserved the head and

carried it around with him frequently

calling on its wisdom me mere possessed

a well that feeds the roots of Yggdrasil

the World Tree

Odin wanted to drink from the well but

me Amir would not allow it

perhaps mimir of myth is as sassy as the

head in God of War

syndra and Brock are two dwarf brothers

who forged Kratos as ax Leviathan Sindri

is also responsible for creating Thor's

hammer Mjolnir the brothers have

opposite personalities with Brock being

aggressive and crafts while Sindri is

nervous and cleaned to the point of

obsession many refer to them as the

holder brothers a Hall drah is a

seductive female forest spirit similar

to a nymph or a mermaid so maybe there's

a side of the dwarf brothers we haven't


who's your favorite brother let us know

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we love Sindri that fastidious little

nerd in myth Brock and Sindri also

called Brucker and a tree are best known

for one story

Loki bragged that another clan of dwarfs

myths the son of Ivaldi were the best

craftsman Brock challenged the sons of

Ivaldi to a contest to see which

brothers would make the most splendid

gifts for the gods if Brock and Sindri

won they would receive Loki's head as a


despite Loki's best effort to sabotage

them Brock and Sindri were judged to

have created the best gifts but Loki

would not let them take his head saying

it would damage his neck instead Brock

sewed Loki's mouth shut so the trickster

couldn't brag of his cleverness Modi and

Magni unlike in God of War for where

Modi and Magni are Thor's children

originally their sons of Odin they first

show up with their uncle Balder trying

to intimidate me Aamir into revealing to

them some important information Magne is

boastful and cruel while Modi is crude

both sons have power over lightning just

like their divine father they are always

fighting each other over Thor's hammer

Mjolnir but get this it seems that Thor

favors Magni over modey modey plays a

crucial role in at Rao's development we

see at Reyes embracing his godhood by

stabbing Modi right in the neck in myth

Modi and Magni are the sons of Odin and

a giant is called yarn Saxa their names

mean brave and great respectively after

Ragnarok the end of days Modi and Magni

7he return there but they aren't

tremendous players in north mythology

otherwise Odin Hugin and muninn while

Odin doesn't appear in the game his

influence permeates throughout the story

Odin is the king of the gods father of

Balder tyr and Thor and the one who

imprisoned his advisor minier he's

bright but also cruel and paranoid his

son tears set up traps to keep Odin out

of the realm of the Giants knowing his

father wanted only to destroy them in


Odin murdered tyr Odin's Ravens are

glowing green spies scattered throughout

the game and when you killed him you get

XP in Norse myth

oh D is the ruler of the gods the god of

wisdom magic and of course war and death

only Freya is more skilled at magic than


even though among Germanic people magic

was the purview of women it was

considered shameful for warriors to be

sorcerers many call Odin all-father

because he created both the

and humankind unlike many gods that are

depicted as the peak of physical


Odin is missing an eye he plucked it out

in exchange for a drink from the Emir's

well one drink from the well gave him

knowledge of the past present and future

instead of sitting in the Hall of

Valhalla in Asgard Odin prefers to

wander the nine realms to see what's

going on with his eye

Odin is sometimes called the Raven God

the most well known of those Ravens are

Huyen and muninn who Ian means thought

and while moon and often translates to

memory it's more accurate to say desire

they are sent out every morning to

collect knowledge for Odin tear tear is

the son of Odin Thor's brother and

boulder's half-brother like Odin and

Thor he does not appear in the game but

has a prominent role in the story unlike

Odin who is feared and distrusted tear

is well loved by the people of the nine

realms he is very wise and cunning and

willing to share his wisdom while Odin

keeps it to himself

Tyr wanted peace between the Giants and

the Aesir unlike his father Odin who

only wanted to defeat them the Giants

work together to build tears temple one

of the central regions you explore in

the game from which you can reach the

other realms tear is the god of law and

justice oh and also war because they

didn't already have enough gods of war

in some sources he's the son of Odin but

in others he's the son of the giant hey

Mir he was once the leader of the gods

but over time his role was overtaken by

Odin and Thor he's often called the

bravest of the gods but he's only got

one hand as he sacrificed one to the

giant wolf Fenrir when the gods tried to

bind him nine realms

Yggdrasil and the Bifrost in God of War

the Bifrost is a device that holds the

light of all time using the device you

can travel to any of the nine realms

which are intertwined with the world

tree egg drasil you move an actual

physical realm travel bridge using the

Bifrost to connect two towers in each of

the nine realms only gods could travel

via the Bifrost and legend mortals would

burn up if they set foot on the Rainbow

Bridge but the nine realms are connected

by the world tree egg drasil egg Drasil

was the tree odin hung from for nine

days and nights in return for learning

runes the magical writing system of the

Vikings it's the most beautiful and most

significant of all trees the nine realms

at links are Asgard home of the Aesir

were the honorable dead rest in Valhalla

and folk of anger vanaheim home with a

veneer Alfheim home of the lydell's


the world of humans Tolkien was inspired

by this term to call the world

middle-earth vital time home of the

dwarves and the Dark Elves which are

thought by some scholars to be one in

the same mu spell hime the realm of fire

nifflheim land of ice Jotunheim the land

of the giants where meemers well can be

found and helheim home of the dishonored

dead Fafnir

sindri tells you Fafnir is a dwarf he

has a storeroom full of treasure

including a whetstone syndra wants you

later find a chained up dragon that me

Amir calls Fafnir when a trance asked

why he's a dragon now Mimar answers

merely funny how life works in him in

myth Fafnir was the son of a dwarf king

he was the most reliable and most

aggressive of his father's sons so he

took up the task of guarding his

father's treasure eventually becoming a

dragon he ends up slain by the mortal

heroes stigand the foster son of his

brother regan the story of Fafnir defeat

is actually the inspiration for vogner's

opera Siegfried world serpent

jörmungandr the world serpent can be

found encircling Midgard the which tells

you he's destined to battle Thor at

Ragnarok world serpent scales are an

essential item used for upgrading your

weapons in God of War you can find the

scales around the lake of the night the

name of the world serpent is your man

gaunt which means Great Beast it's a sea

serpent that encircles Midgard the world

of humans ancient people believed your

Mangan's movements caused earthquakes

your manga is the great enemy of Thor

during Ragnarok Thor and Yurman God have

their showdown and eventually kill each


your man God is the child of Thor's

other nemesis Loki and the giantess

anger boda

Seder Seder is an evil type of magic in

the game used by enemies like Reavers

and revenants to the ancient Norse say

there is a type of magic that focused on

learning and changing destiny

practitioners would go into a trance and

travel outside their bodies through the

nine realms to gather information and

bend fate sader was a woman's magic and

men who practiced it gave up traditional

masculine roles in Norse society Freya

was the goddess most associated with

satyr sorcery but Odin was also quite

adept at it Seder was concerned with the

Norns three deities analogous to the

Greek fates fate was a much looser

concept in Norse than Greek mythology

and was subject to change at the will of

the gods

elves and even humans with Kratos moving

from Greek to Norse gods it's anyone's

guess who's next our vote is for ancient


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