Meet every Superstar who has won the NXT Championship


Rollins has new momentum, black out.

Black out he hit it.

Rollins hit it.

>> Seth Rollins has become the first NXT champion.

Big E is the NXT champion, my God what a match.

Bo Dallas seized the opportunity, and Bo Dallas made the most of it.

Its a race to the top of the ladder >> Yes, yes, Neville's got the title.


Sami Zayn has done it!

Sami Zayn has done it!

He is the new NXT Champion!

>> No, no!

[CROSSTALK] >> No again, this is my goodness.

>> Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing!

Out of the way, no, he got it!

Finn Balor is champion, Finn Balor is NXT champion!

Congratulations to the new NXT champion, Samoa Joe.

Shinsuke has done it, Nakamura is champion!

The truth remains, there is a new

NXT Champion and it is glorious.

>> From the chosen one to number one in NXT.

>> We got a new champion here at NXT, Drew McIntyre.

>> Andrade "Cien" Almas now

sits a top the NXT mountain.

Only fitting that Aleister Black has become

the 13th different NXT champion, and

he did it courtesy of Black Mask!