Can the Oldest Active NHL Players Win a Cup Together?? (NHL 20)

so as you guys know or if you don't I'll

let you know that we did a video seeing

if a team of rookies could win a Stanley

Cup well now it's time for the old boys

we're gonna take the oldest current

active players in the NHL and we're

gonna see how they I'm trying to find

season mode and I'm struggling thank you

I'm not quite sure which team I should

bully today and I think I'm gonna pick

on the who should I take out you know

what let's do it

no let's guess it yeah screw we're

taking out the Boston Bruins all right

I'm just gonna do it I'm not scared of

you anymore okay you know I haven't

taken them out because it's Boston

but anyway I did okay so they're gone

and the veterans are 87 overall so I did

not mean to hit wrong freaking button

let's toggle the user control not

substitute I'm gonna do this simulation

in both season mode and franchise mode

because truthfully I'm very interested I

can't talk

I really cannot talk when I make videos

and it has to be one of the most

irritating things of all time as I was

saying before I was rudely interrupted

by myself I am very intrigued interested

to see how many of these old boys retire

at the end of one franchise year so

let's go to edit lines and let's see

what we have so our first line consists

of Zach Parise Joe Pavelski and Ilya

Kovalchuk so a pretty okay first line

nothing really you know stands out super

Blee but you know he's listened to the

first line forward he's second line he's

probably a second as well yeah but what

can you do or second line we got Justin

Williams with Eric Staal and Dustin

Brown okay our third line is Mikko Koivu

with jumbo Joe and Patrick Marleau and

then we got Nate Thompson playing with

Brian Boyle and David Backes so

something I kind of noticed actually is

that a lot of the older players are

either centers or defenseman now I do

want to show you that I have these

players scratched and I understand that

you know they're 35 but uh I'm gonna put

them in are not you guys are gonna guilt

me into it Nate Thompson and Brian Boyle

are both 34 so I guess I'll put in

freakin Filppula and Nielsen because I

know someone in the comments it's gonna

be upset about that one so let's go

Center here we go

Nielsen yes there we go okay Philip EULA

and Nielsen 35 so do we have any 34 year

olds on this

you know okay we still do but they

belong there because overall I guess am

i missing people probably but too bad

let's go to the defense now where we

have Giordano playing with Duncan keys

so that's a very nice first pair and

then we have Zdeno Chara playing with

Jay Bomi stir very happy to see that he

has recovered from that very unfortunate

and scary incident in st. Louis well I

guess it wasn't in st. Louis but you

know what I mean anyway the final pair

we got Ron haensi and Dan Hamhuis and

then in net we have Henrik Lundqvist and

Ryan Miller yes I don't care this one

I'm keeping okay if you go to scratch

you can see Craig Anderson is 38 and

Hank is 37 I don't care I want to have

some kind of chance at winning here and

Hank is gonna give me that okay so if we

look at the lines here I'm honestly

gonna say that I think Kovalchuk is

gonna get the most points with like 73

and I don't think this teams gonna make

the playoffs they might in franchise

mode but in season mode I severely doubt

it I feel like the poise weighting on

this team has to just be through the

freaking roof alright the team did not

have the strongest start but they are

certainly rebounding here in a big way

so it's only a matter of time before

they go on a huge losing streak and

crush my hopes and dreams trade deadline

is approaching ladies and gentlemen too

bad I have zero intentions of making a

single trade okay come on let's let's if

we make the playoffs in season mode not

only will I be very impressed but I will

also be very impressed yes I realize

what I just said and it was entirely on

purpose okay relaxed so because of

course okay

because of course look at this look at

this we lose the last five games of the

season I think if we would have won a

single one of these we would have been

in the playoffs but that's not how it

works of course why would it work that

way I think I was very close I said

Kovalchuk I don't remember how many

points but I was close and the Toronto

Maple Leafs are your Stanley Cup

champions okay so the team finished

thirty nine thirty six and seven let's

see here so um maybe not maybe we

wouldn't have been in a playoff spot

actually because Montreal didn't make it

either even though we had this beside us

so who are we competing with then I

guess let's go to the what what team

should I take over again the Eastern

Conference okay and yeah I took over

Boston okay so the Atlantic as I just

saw there obvi

so yeah we were not even really that

close to a playoff spot I take it back

actually you know what we were only out

by what was it five points so

realistically that's either you know two

wins and an overtime loss or and then we

could go to tiebreaker possible meet

them there

or if we won three of these last five

games we would have been in so yeah that

that sucks

if we go to the player stats here you

will see Ilya couldja had 73 Pavelski

right behind him with 72 pareezay had 64

I'll just continue to go down the list

here so yeah the team didn't really have

any complete standout studs here but a

well-rounded effort I would say and

wrong one I always press the wrong damn

one Lundqvist went people 871

something's wrong here unless lungfish

got lit up that many times or they

started Miller who got lit up and then

they put Lundqvist in I'm not sure if

that's how it works but anyway this math

doesn't quite add up so anyway lunk fist

went 34 31 and 5 with 8 shutouts a 909

which is you know and 271 so I guess not

the worst thing in the world

Miller went five six and two zero

shutouts 875 so well-well sub of 9.0 and

we got three point six one I'm starting

in the franchise mode I'm starting Craig

Anderson as the backup I don't care

starting as the backup that makes a lot

of sense here are the overall stats I'll

just show you guys this real quick all

the pointy game players just in case

someone wanted to know this information

there's someone out there trust me let's

have a quick look at the awards here so

the Toronto Maple Leafs are your Stanley

Cup champions and if we go to the

individual trophies okay let's go

through this real quick here a lot of

Chicago players here so far Andre of

course of course he wins a trophy once

again you want to know why that is it's

because I'm not doing a career

simulation that's freaking why there you

go there's all the individual trophies I

guess I could show you the playoff tree

real quick but then we're headed over to

franchise mode so we can do this again

with a less crap mode okay I've decided

that randomly we're gonna pick on the

Anaheim Ducks today I'm sorry I'm gonna

substitute you out to any Anaheim fans

out there and any Boston fans walks it's

the same video I sincerely apologize

from the absolute bottom of my heart all

right well let's see how the squadron

can perform in franchise mode will it be

better and how many people are gonna

retire let's find out maybe no one will

retire let's you know let's keep that

open to that possibility

perhaps everyone's gonna love this whole

season and be like you know what I loved

playing with my fellow elders okay you

know what I'm gonna leave Backus out

this time I know he's 35 but too bad

okay I'm leaving him out we're gonna put

Boyle in and this is the lineup it

recommends for me and our defense okay

so let's go so we got presiding ski

Williams Kovalchuk Stoll Brown Marlowe

Koivu Thornton Nielson Phillip EULA and

Boyle on defense we got Giordano and

Keith Bomi sir and Chara haensi and Hamm

he was I think that's the same and then

I'm getting rid of Ryan Miller for that

horrendous season performance and I will

be subbing in Craig Anderson all right

I'm gonna be extremely bold with this

prediction Henrik Lundqvist gets the

most points no I will be bulldog say

Giordano is gonna get the most points so

we're gonna go to here and we're gonna

see how many people retire but like I

said we have to keep open the

possibility maybe they won't maybe no

one's gonna freakin retire no I am NOT

stop all right let's get this regular

season underway and let's see if they

will do better which I'm assuming they

will they always do in franchise mode

well my Theory's not looking great right

now I'll tell you that for free yeah

playoffs starting to look like a little

bit of a stretch again here maybe they

just can't do it okay to be fair team

going out on a pretty strong note here

if they can take some these last two

games I was gonna say some of these last

three nope uh-uh no of course not why

would they do that we don't want to make

the playoffs no that's not our goal here

well there's your answer no no was your

answer here it is boys the big day

actually I don't want them to retire I

want to check the stats first and then

we'll see who decides to call it quits

Perez a 65 that's not very good that's

not very good at all

but anyway so 40 34 and 8 was our final

record and you know we still get better

than some teams here so yeah that's not

the worst finish in the world 19th in

the entire league I'll take it I suppose

individually we got Zach Parise with 65

Pavelski with 62 Giordano

I'm 57 Keith got 51 we got Kovalchuk

with 50 still with 47 okay so yeah

pretty much the same thing no studs

whatsoever but pretty well-rounded

efforts we can call it so I don't know

where Craig Anderson went but Hendrick

lent fists now 38 years of age 36 30 and

6 played 73 games six shutouts a 902 and

a 3 saber 3 save percentage that would

be grounds for not only firing but never

to strap up skates ever again in your

life so if we look at the entire league

here we got Tyler Seguin with 107

McDavid 107 dry saddles up there with 98

and yep the usual suspects up here

here's all the point a game players

there you go all right so franchise mode

didn't really do me a whole lot better

if I'm gonna be honest it's did worse

actually I think I'm trying to remember

no I think we had 39 or 38 wins in

season mode so we might have did a

little bit but holy crap Dallas just

sweeping here and Tuukka Rask takes home

a couple trophies not a big deal

and yeah Wow Dallas just cleaned up shop

this year especially Seguin holy crap

here is the playoff tree for the maybe

one individual out there who wants to

see it okay if you're out there I hear

you go that's all I'm gonna say so now

if we go to what was I gonna go - oh yes

retire let's see sim - draft

who is pulling the plug how many of you

are going to go out okay imagine I hit

continued siming I would actually cry on

this camera Wow

okay so we got Chara he might be one of

the only ones actually it doesn't look

like there's oh there we go him he was

retired as well okay so can we oh we can

sort by team so I'll just go to our team

then that's all I care about I don't

care what anyone else so let's go to the

veterans here so char and ham goose

those are the only two okay if we go to


we got no he didn't go all right

interesting so there you have it guys if

you have any other video ideas for me

cuz I'm running out leave them down

below and like each other's comments

okay because I don't know what else to

make and clearly that state of hockey

the Minnesota

all stars and I haven't seen how the

Michigan one has performed yet but yeah

clearly that one wasn't a fan favorite

but yeah let me know what you guys want

to see and as always I appreciate you

guys for watching this video if you

could click like that would be sick and

I'll be seeing you later