Oldest Characters in the Universe

last week we learned about the oldest

living animals in the universe today we

are focusing on the fictional universe

to this list we are only adding the

movie characters so the beams like

Vandal Savage and beerus will not be

included here

likewise Galactus and my arse and the

Lord of the Rings series will also be

removed as they don't have any physical

embodiments let's start with the 20th

Wonder Woman

danos Doctor Who apocalypse and

Highlander Thor and Loki hella

Steppenwolf Surtur

now the top ten number 10

Odin Odin is the all-father of the Norse

gods and the former ruler of Asgard his

exact age cannot be specified but his

oldest recorded fight was said to be

with Surtur half a million years ago

number 9

Malekith and his dark elves Malekith was

born in a realm of complete darkness

this race of beings are older than the

universe itself it is stated that

Malekith is older than Odin which makes

him at least half a million years old

number eight


guardzilla one of the ancient things on

earth known as Godzilla Soros who

somehow survived the extinction of the

dinosaurs he is claimed to be at least a

million years of age

number seven ego ego is regarded as a

primordial and extremely powerful

celestial being

egos origin remained unknown by Nature

although he remembered himself being

born as a cosmic entity millions of

years ago number six


Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots

he is a noble robot that believes

freedom is there right for all sentient

beings his age is not specified but it

is said that nine million years ago he

was upgraded to the state of Optimus

Prime when he was known as Orion Pax

number five

guardians of the universe a race of

immensely powerful immortals living on

the planet OA and claims to be the first

intelligent life-form in the DC universe

since they were born with the creation

of the universe there are at least

thirteen point six billion years old

number four Lucifer one of the most

powerful beings in existence he governed

health for more than ten billion years

he was created by presence at the

beginning of the universe which makes

them at least 13.7 billion years old

number three Jade Emperor also known as

the god of gods

Sakura devanam he is the ruler of heaven

and Monkey King universe an extremely

powerful immortal being who claims to be

as old as the universe that's 13.8

billion years number two

Grandmaster and the collector they are

powerful extraterrestrial beings who are

among the oldest sentient beings in the


both are survivors of their respective

species which evolved just after the Big

Bang technically they are older than the

universe approximately thirteen point

nine billion years old

well before we unmask our number one

let's get into some honorable mentions

first Captain America the Winter Soldier

egg Smaug Chewbacca Wolverine Monkey

King ancient one okay let's get to the

number one you must be Bruce who are you

I am God God even Bruce Almighty he

claims to be the first being in the

universe who created the Big Bang and

now Falls the creation of knowing

universe he has no beginning and no

ending he is eternal timeless and

immortal which technically makes him the

oldest being in the universe now you

know the oldest in the fictional movie

universe what should be our next

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