The truth about the Ball brothers' unknown sibling LiDicky Ball aka Lil Dicky | ESPN

if you know anything about college

basketball then you probably know about

the ball family

there's lamella who scored 92 points in

the high school game this year and Lee

Angelo had at UCLA next year whereas

older brother Alonzo took the world by

storm this past season and of course

there's lebar but did you know there's a

fourth ball

the Dickey ball University of Richmond

spiders we're supposed to say our

college or now I mean doesn't it bother

you that the world doesn't know that

there's a fourth wall brother I mean I

don't really care what the world thinks

you ask any of my brothers they know

there's a fourth ball brother

ronzo he's probably getting shots up why

have we never heard of a Dickey honestly

I don't know I mean you heard a little

Dickey right you know the rapper I don't

talk about no rappers I talk about

ballplayers in the B ain't nobody we're

all really good and I think he just kind

of like the odd man out I'm still like

really good at basketball I'm not a

first-round pick in the NBA or anything

but I you know like have you seen me

when I play in my rec league I'm I think

people will view me as like an elite

player like when I walk in everyone kind

of feels it there's a presence in the

gym and I score a good amount I'm one of

the better scorers in the league he

can't shoot he can't pass he can't

dribble he has no hops basically why did

you start rapping honestly so he would

see me my whole life it's kind of always

been about Melo jello andso and you know

he goes to every one of their games I

don't think he's ever come to a concert

of mine in fact I know he hasn't come to

a concert of mine I said I don't think

but I know he hasn't he's never been

there the deke what would it mean to you

while you're in the stage performing

look out in the crowd and see your dad

standing there yeah I mean if if that

happened it

it'd be cool maybe good to see that I

mean I rap on the side you know it's

just for fun but in my opinion you know

I think I'm just as good as a little

dickie 909 yeah that's my talent and

when I hope I got to hold it down cuz

you hear my name when you ask around and

I just want to make my mama proud all

right it was great it was great I think

you guys sorry I put you on one day I'm

not your little brother your big brother

you remember him what your big brother

hey yeah does lavars attention on the

boys and lack of attention on you does

that take a toll no you know on the

famous rapper so yeah I'm living the

real dream here I don't put a lot of

stock in what pops thinking last week I

hung out with Drake so you know every

player in the NBA will tell you they

want to be a rapper

I'm living the actual dream here and so

yeah you know I'm I'm good it's you know

how easy it is for me to get girls at

this point it's so easy Vinnie chase I'm

famous rich and got afro if I want a

diet coke someone brings me pain I'll

tell you about that man keep that

outside I hear I have to hear them

dribbling all the time

kids are out of control you need to

figure out how to run a house on you

know I and you know what the whole world

knows it must be fun being number one

did I leave my phone charger phone

charger you left once before leave again

we got this specially for you now who's

ordering pizza at the end of the day

we'll always be brothers you know we

look out for one another and when I make

it to the league I want to be not known

as lavars son but 'la Dickies brother

honestly and Boo is special he can be

the world's greatest rapper I'm just

giving him tough love for this rap game

he's built for this girls walk by de

blushes no cosign no budget don't say