Top 10 Things You Never Knew About the Jonas Brothers

the Jonas Brothers are reuniting and we

couldn't be happier well I think is

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things you didn't know about the Jonas


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this list we're looking at lesser-known

facts about this famous trio number 10

their breakup was bad it all became

individuals in that moment and we came

back as a band and we realized very

quickly that we were different people

than we were before anyone who has gone

through a breakup knows how hard they

can be but have you ever gone through a

breakup with your family members I think

it was time and for us you know it took

some time getting there but we feel like

it's time that the Jonas Brothers comes

to an end as you can imagine the

decision the Jonas Brothers made to go

their separate ways had to be a hard one

and in a 2013 interview with vulture Joe

Jonas went into detail about just how

difficult a time it was he said that

when they started talking about ending

things quote he didn't know whether to

pick up and leave or just punch

something because he was furious at the

same time he admitted quote there were a

lot of dysfunctional things going on I

said look I feel like we've had some

complications within the group for a

long time without addressing them

I think this train will fall off the

tracks without really getting real about

some of the concerns and and some of the

limitations that we may feel number 9

Joe wanted to be a punk singer Joe Jonas

also spoke to vulture about his early

music experience watching punk shows in

small venues he said he had the jean

jacket and band pins and everything he

said quote I'd stand there watching the

singer running around the stage owning

the crowd I didn't even notice whatever

else was happening on stage all I could

see was the singer he tried his hand at

a solo album with some rock influences

but it wasn't picked up by the label

there are definitely a couple of songs

in the jonas brothers repertoire that

show off this pop punk sensibility like

hold on and

SOS number eight Kevin testified in a

FIFA trial Kevin Jonas may be the least

talked about in the news but he's not

without his share of drama in fact in

2017 he was called as a witness in a

trial that rocked the sports industry

the FIFA corruption bribery scandal was

major news at the time and Jonas took

the stand to assert that he'd attended a

Paul McCartney concert in Buenos Aires

all the way back in 2010 in order to

prove that it actually took place while

the lawyers certainly could have found

other ways to prove that this massive

concert took place they knew they'd have

some great name recognition if they

brought in this well-known boy band

member number 7

Joe auditioned for wizards of waverly

place while the jonas brothers have

plenty of connections to the house of

mouse it turns out that it still wasn't

enough to get Joe a starring role on the

Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly

Place before it began airing in 2007

Jonas reportedly auditioned for the part

of Justin Russo which would have seen

him play Selena Gomez his brother of

course any fans of the show know that

the role ultimately went to David Henry

and to be honest we can't really imagine

it any other way

time traveling can be very hazardous

whatever we do in the past can

negatively affect the present day by

causing ripples in the fabric of time

besides we don't even have to worry

about that because we don't have a time

travel device actually we do come again

number 6

Jill broke his purity valve even if you

weren't the biggest fan of the Jonas

Brothers you undoubtedly knew about the

famous purity valve that they made when

they first became famous promising to

save their virginity's until marriage

and is that always very easy especially

when you're stepping out with incredibly

beautiful women like Taylor and Camilla

and all those sort of things that know

whether the purity ring gets kind of hot

and itchy or whether it's always this is

okay I'm a good Christian I can handle

this I think for us you know it's about

just taking all of us one step at a time

and they had the Rings to prove it it

seems like a strange thing to promise in

this modern age but they had a religious

background and were representing Disney

it didn't come as a huge surprise though

that not everyone stuck to that promise

Joe revealing in a 2016 reddit AMA that

he lost his virginity in 2010 to actress

Ashley Greene number five they didn't

like their original name it's hard to

imagine this musical trio performing as

anything other than the Jonas Brothers

but it turns out there were a few

potential names bandied about before

they settled on this one

they included sons of Jonas and j-3

neither of which they were fond of joe

said in his vulture interview quote we

hated the name i remember turning to my

brothers before that show and saying do

you want her name to be j3 for the rest

of our lives so he took matters into his

own hands and introduced them as the

Jonas Brothers and the rest is history

record labor the time lend our name to

be Jonas 3 and we weren't having it and

so we got on stage in the first concert

I ever had and Beyonce and said I said

hey were the Jonas Brothers and so he

kind of kept it number 4 Joe didn't

really want to be with Demi a lot of

Disney fans shipped Joe Jonas and Demi

Lovato for years because they played

romantic partners in the movie Camp Rock

yeah according to Joe it was for that

reason that they eventually dated but

Joe realized early on that they weren't

a good match he stayed with her because

he quote felt like he needed to take

care of her as she struggled with drug

abuse he says that in reality they only

ended up dating for a month

luckily even years later they remained

good friends thinking back to then where

did you think you would be today in 2016

I don't think we would have any idea

that you know we'd still be this close

and have done multiple tours number

three Nick needed therapy we already

talked about how rough the breakup of

the Jonas Brothers was on all of them

and Nick even admitted that it caused

him to seek out therapy to deal with the

issues he was facing that I feel among

friends I feel uncomfortable speaking

about it because I think it makes it

sound like I'm complaining about

something that that really was a success

story he revealed in his documentary

last year was complicated that he has

regrets about his time in the band with

his siblings saying that it may not have

been a good idea for them to be in

business together at such a young age he

said quote there were probably some

family issues that needed to be sorted

out seeking therapy and being open about

it is a brave act so kudos to you Nick

at some point need to be able to look at

it with with a positive angle because it

does suck that you know the the my 13 to

20 year old years are like come with a

lot of like regret number two

Joe dated fans you probably know that

since they entered the scene the Jonas

Brothers have amassed a veritable legion

of fans and while all three brothers

have had their dating history put into

the spotlight at various points in their

lives it may still come as a surprise to

hear that they've actually dated fans at

times as well as fellow famous faces I

was just wondering if you would ever

consider dating

fan I think absolutely I mean you want

you're the person you're hopefully in

love with to be totally into your music

I'm a crazy fan at the concert it might

have to tone it but down just a little

bit we're gonna be going on dates

Joe revealed to vulture that he's gone

out with several fans over the years

adding quote there were times when I

definitely took advantage of the

opportunities I had before we unveil our

top pick here are a few honorable

mentions how do you like gateway church

and it's great that it's right there

right in our town we you know it's five

minutes away and everyone's just so

loving and caring and you know churches

family and to have the family aspect in

the church is really wonderful

number one Disney influenced their

creative direction one of the major

factors that influenced the direction of

the Jonas Brothers career was their

partnership with Disney which helped

skyrocket them to near instant fame

along with the success though came

expectations to follow a certain

protocol and Joe revealed that often the

higher-ups would have them change lyrics

if they found them to be too provocative

he said it often went too far quote it

could be the most innocent reference

like I'm alone in a room with you and it

would have to go it felt like we

couldn't be creative so we stopped

listening to them now that they're all

grown up we have a feeling they'll write

about whatever they damn well please

I think as I grew up and sort of figured

out what was important to me and my own

belief system which we all grow up we

all live life and find out what's

important to us yes that's what happened

went on that journey myself and I'm now

comfortable with who I am and what I

believe in and I'm an adult yeah do you

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