The Oldest Humans to Ever Live


if books wrote themselves the people in

this video would have

dozens from their life experiences that

are spanning into over 100 years

flossy dicky flossy dicky found her way

into the hearts of thousands in the

united states in february 2016 after an

interview with fox 28 in spokane

washington where she was drinking her

coffee and declared that she was tired

it might have been because she had had

three children 12 grandchildren

20 great-grandchildren and 15


during the interview flossie was clearly

not amused by being talked about like

she wasn't there and she instantly

became the hero for

all of us when it comes to aging she was

made an honorary airman at 110 years old

and is currently the oldest member

of the air force israel cristal

in march of 2016 israel castle was

declared to be the oldest living man

cristal was born on september 15 1903

and had survived two world wars

he was even put in the infamous

auschwitz concentration camp and


after he was freed he was relocated to

israel when asked how he lived for so

long cristal said that he didn't know

the secret to long life and that

everything is determined from above and

he will never know the reason why

violet brown as a super centenarian

caribbean woman who was born on march 10

1900 violet brown is currently 116 years

old as of april 2016

and the oldest verified person in


she is the last living daughter of a

sugar boiler and married in the 1960s

she and her husband had one daughter but

he later died in 1978 to spend the time

she plays the organ and reads her bible

every day suzanna mushat jones

in july of 2015 susana mushat jones was

named the oldest person

currently alive at the age of 116 years


jones was born on july 6 1899 and while

she's lost her eyesight and her hearing

isn't so great

she only takes two medications a day and

isn't bound to her bed

her secret to her long life is sleeping

jones also has over 100 nieces and

nephews and clearly has a big family

there to support her

misao okawa born on march 5th

1898 misawa okawa was known as the

oldest living person in japan until her

death in april of 2015.

she lived to be 117 years old and died

weeks later in her sleep

initially misao went on the record to

say that she felt that life was too

short and she inspired those around her

to live their lives to the fullest

in 2013 she was named the oldest living

person by guinness book of world records

her husband died in 1931 and she was the

daughter of a japanese kimono maker

marie luis mayor

marie luis mayor is known as the oldest

canadian to have ever lived mayor was

born on august 29

1880 and passed away on april 16th 1998

at the age of 117 years old

she had two marriages and she was

smoking well into her 90s

by the time she died she was living in

the same nursing home as her son

and her daughter was 90 years old

indicating that perhaps a long life

was in the jeans emma morano

born on november 29th 1899 murano is the

oldest person in italy and europe

and the second oldest person currently

living in the world as of april 2016

murano is still alive and kicking

during the course of her life she

watched italy's government go from a


to a republic as well as a stint in

fascism she has been eating three raw

eggs a day since she was a teenager and

has been single for most of her life

after an unhappy marriage

and the death of her infant son lucy


lucy hannah was born on july 16 1875 and

passed away on march

21 1993 making her 117 years old at the

time of her death hannah was born in

linden alabama and passed away in

detroit michigan

she is verified as the third oldest

living person in the world and the

second oldest person to ever live in the

united states

sarah naus sarah knaus was born on

september 24

1880 and died on december 30th 1999

making her the oldest person in the

united states to have ever lived she

lived up to the age of 119 years old and

lived through

seven wars and saw 23 presidents take


when her family informed her of her fame

due to her longevity for life

all she said was so what jean louise


jean louise calment was born on february

21 1875 and died on august 4th

1997 making her 122 years old at the

time of her death

during her lifetime she witnessed the

opening of the eiffel tower at the age

of 14.

she met vincent van gogh when he visited

her father's shop in arlas france and

she also witnessed

two world wars the french woman soon

started to gain some fame as she got

older and the world started paying

attention to her she is named by the

guinness book of world records as the

oldest person to have

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