109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile | Short Film Showcase

yeah I read a lot of things that God

kept you here to help others but I don't

know why hit me I can't kill you he

talked to me he talked to me

my name is Richard oven Overton I am a

hundred and nine years old

stillwall I still talk and I still drive


I just got my license renewed this year

yet they give you a kiss

everything they're given our passion

I feel good going on driving

I like to drive myself cause other drug

they drive crazy

I am always wore to read

I went in the Army at 1940 making mo

braver stronger I could see could ever

do is opening here not a lot going hasty

no you don't know boy yeah you see a

soldier would have gone y'all see him

turn around go back this way

they go side way but he ain't gonna come

around go back okay I can put his airs

you ain't gonna go back there yet when

you go in there USA we're dodging got me

now see you got to take care of your

time to go

hey buddy don't get you if you take your

time to go

that brother going over you hey I think

I hit you go man a killer but God you

want to keep you alive


it wasn't it wasn't good but we had to



I built my house and that's 45 that's

where I've been ever since

it's a nice face of the earth


yeah I'm happy with my own I saw what I

need I bought one thing I will use that

one thing I was about one thing go buy a

nut and go buy a new I've got a crook

after any run just like I wanted so I

just keep it


but I don't fool with a credit card

never be everything are you paid cash

for it I got 50 cents a day that's way

back in but I lived at that I was ever

staying with nickel and dime three cents

I meant when the man get your face

forward like that

Epping it up I take a pink car Danny

heard he gonna get a car we know what a

car would with later back we know what's

come to town much my first car was a

little boy

t-ball forward that didn't front cranky

you remember him car no you weren't born

their way no I know you would


I just said in smoke some time twelve

cigars a day maybe sometime Monette


anybody share what you smoke them for I

guess I guess it makes you feel better


but you came in here just to go ahead

and just go to that letter going

forget about swathi sorry no taste to it

just make you cold

I'm going to health away every time I

get up in the morning that cat sitting

there waiting either go to V it sometime

they're sitting up there waiting because

they want to get to supper and then they

want to go to be


but you don't feed a cat too much cause

he will eat a rat


I have those casting to keep me happy

I tell a drill a team habit I want to

see my cats alimony

I wake up one o'clock or you know wake

up it two or three any time I wake up I

just get up

get me a cup of coffee sometime I drink

I broke up the coffee in the morning

this morning I drank about that much

whiskey I love me up a fish corn and

soup I love soup

a lot of people don't like soup

don't break me up but I've been drinking

milk for over writing all my life and

ice cream I eat ice cream every night it

makes me happy

he put butter for cars you're bowing to

buying and you buy butter pecan

it is the old tinnitus anybody died

there Maureen



Church is a wonderful place

lovely place


keeps me going

makes me feel good I think that helps me

push myself at all


you're lonesome eh too

you know how to live better I'll treat



we don't have old and I just say someone

asked somebody else to do and singing I

know that you're saying it beautiful


Church is just for everybody


you have to go for one person that's


good have a speck July but you got



they make you feel better to have it

first man you're like this

we get along real nice though he 91

years old you know I'm kind of 9


yeah we goes to the hospital to see

people go to the grocery store we go

shopping sometime and register

stretching and take a different place is

she just a nice person

yep we have fun together


I've seen large large live


I'm still living good and suffer nothing

gets what I want

sure and she live it all right




don't give up you're through you just

found yourself I am I'm giving you some

my secret to a long life if you ever use

it if you don't use that you're better

off not coming got ya yet and I don't

know when I'll come here and I don't

know where I'm going

you eat dear one I was going we going I


may give out but I never you up