The World's Oldest Man Li Ching Yuen Who Was 256 Revealed His Secret

all humans have the potential to achieve

something incredible

but there are a select few who not only

fully commit themselves to excellence

but if enough people are so lucky as to

hear about them and their wisdom

become legends in the eyes of the

generations to come

stories are constantly unfolding of

humans who strive to push the boundaries

and help us redefine

what is possible individuals who pushed

the human limits

by seemingly defying nature will inspire

you with their dedication

and the mysteries surrounding their

lives will fascinate you

so today here at unexplained mysteries

we'll be taking a look at three

incredible individuals

li ching yuan us humans have always been

captivated by the idea of dodging our

own mortality

looking in ore to those surpassing even

the 100 year mark

the 250 year mark then seems

mind-blowingly unachievable

however in the 1920s it was reported

that one chinese man

li ching yuen had done the impossible

and surpassed 250 years of life

this is one of the longest human

lifespans ever reported

apart from greek legends and other myths

and while this achievement is not

entirely proven

it is backed up through more than just


according to the new york times a dean

at minkowo university discovered records

documenting leeching yuen's birth

at chongqing china in the year 1677.

since his death was reported in 1933

this puts his total living years

at 256. other evidence for his

impressive lifespan comes from


in lee's neighborhood where the elder

men claimed to have known lee as a grown


when they were just children to put his

longevity into perspective

the united nations estimates that the

global average human lifespan

is 72.6 years the guinness book of world

records formally recognizes a french

woman who died at 122 years of age

as the longest lived person the 256

years which li cheng yuen has reportedly


is such a long period of time that he

allegedly married 23 different women

it is also reported that he fathered 200


legends says that on his deathbed he

told his friend

i did everything i was supposed to do in

this world i'm going

home adding to his impressiveness was

his wisdom

lee ching yuen passed down what he

believed to be the secrets to his


one way he kept himself extremely fit

was through his practice of the martial


qi gong which he learned from an

apprenticeship with a hermit that he

believed to be 500 years old

lee went on to teach others this art at

the ripe age of 71.

qigong improves both physical and mental

health incorporating posture

exercise and breathing techniques

leaching yuen's diet

which consisted mainly of herbs and rice

wine may have also helped to extend his


he was a herbalist himself a career he

started at age 10

foraging for and selling plants like

goji berries and ginseng

descriptions of lee ching yuen have him

standing seven feet tall with impressive


extremely long fingernails and a healthy


which certainly aligns with a physically

nourishing lifestyle

however these practices of the body are

not what he himself identified

as the reason for his long life he

attributed his everlasting health to his

peaceful mind

when he asked the secret to his

longevity he replied

keep a quiet heart sit like a tortoise

walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep

like a dog

this quote lives on to this day and

captures his eternal wisdom

the mummified monk you may associate


with ancient egypt but it turns out not

every mummy is found inside of a


in 2015 the siberian times reported the

discovery of 200 year-old remains of a

mongolian monk

frozen in the lotus position it seems

the powerful and

natural process of decomposition was no

match for the icy mongolian climate

though the cold conditions may serve as

the explanation for this phenomenon

the preservation of human remains for

two centuries is still a rare feat of


even in the chill and the monk's resting

lotus position

seems to symbolize a meditative state of

eternal worship

the lotus position is also known as the

varya position

in tibetan buddhism and it is achieved

through sitting in a cross-legged


with each foot being placed on the

opposite thigh

the position of the feet should be as

even as possible

the soles of the feet are meant to face

upwards and the heels of each foot are

instructed to be positioned near the


the buddha is commonly depicted in the

lotus position and this position is said

to stabilize the body

increasing stamina and facilitating

proper breathing

the pose is meant to resemble an actual

lotus flower which symbolizes purity

and an enlightened mind in buddhist


due to this meditative state he was

discovered in senior buddhists declared

that the monk was not actually dead

but in a deep trance called

perhaps his resting position does not

merely symbolize eternal worship

but is a sign of it in certain buddhist


it is said that a person can remain in

the tukdam meditative state

even after complete physical death for

many days

it is believed that from this state of

meditation where the body shuts down and

the mind goes on

one can become a buddha recognizing how

rare and incredible the condition of the

monk was

a man actually stole the corpse to sell

on the black market

the transportation of the monk

fortunately led to the intervention and

discovery by scientists which thankfully

in turn

caused the monk to be reported

internationally for the whole world

to marvel at the mystery behind the

monk's identity adds even more intrigue

to this story

it is speculated that the body belongs

to the teacher of lama

dashidorzo itigilov who was also found


it is said that itigilov warned his

students of death

began meditating and then also died in

the lotus position

according to legend the llama was buried

and unearthed

twice well preserved each time

today his final resting place is in a

buddhist temple where he will be

worshiped forever

whoever this mummified monk is it seems

that even in the seconds before his


he remained peaceful and connected to

his way of life

zuo c pushing the limits of longevity is

one thing

but what about breaking the laws of

physics in many

ancient documents humans are reported to

perform incredible acts of magic

one of these historical mystical humans

is zoo c

zuo c was a legendary man of the chinese

eastern han

dynasty the second imperial dynasty in


although his birth and death dates are a

mystery historical texts

claim that he lived to be 300 years old

it is believed that he achieved this

through a mentorship with taoist sage

feng heng who taught him magic and


duo c is thought to have studied atop a


in taiji where he practiced taoism

and also studied confucianism and


one of his paths to longevity was

through taoist sexual practices

which supposedly enhanced health and

spirit and extended life

taoists referred to these sexual

practices as joining energy

semen was thought to contain a lot of

jing which was the energetic matter in

the body

jing was also thought to be connected to

life force known as

chi the goal was to conserve as much

bodily fluid

as possible because the depletion of all

the jing in the body through the loss of


led to death therefore it was a goal for

men to avoid ejaculation

however it was believed that when men

and women had as much sex as possible

women would extend the life of men when

men absorbed jing energy from women

female satisfaction was extremely

important because it created more jing

to be transferred to the man so that's


zuo chi pulled off 300 years zuo chi was

also taught alchemy and applied his

knowledge to medicine

gaining notoriety for performing

healings and extending the life of

others with his cures

he was also known to have gone extended

periods of time without food

and to have displayed divine powers

reports of his magic acts include

walking through walls

teleporting and summoning various


many of his practices did not completely

align with confucianism

and this led to his prosecution by

strict confucians

such as the warlord sun shi who tried to

kill zoo c

by chasing him on horseback it is


zuo c escaped by manipulating time or


as the horse never caught up to him

despite him seemingly walking slowly

it is also reported that cow cow the

grand chancellor of the han dynasty

tried to execute him as well with zuo c

once more using magic to escape this

time hiding himself

among a flock of sheep while many may

not believe these acts are possible

and that the reports of zuo see's life

are just stories

it is incredible enough that he

displayed the discipline required to sit

atop a mountain and dedicate his entire


to studying so many different practices

he makes an impact on the present day

through his appearances in pop culture


zuo c appears as a character in the

historical novel

romance of the three kingdoms and is

also a playable character in the video

game series

dynasty warriors

but what do you make of these incredible

humans and what they have achieved

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